Kim Kardashian advised Paris Hilton to undergo ‘in vitro’ fertilization treatment

The heir to the hotel empire, Paris Hilton encouraged by her friend Kim Kardashian, you have decided to undergo a fertilization treatment in vitro.

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With this treatment wishes to fulfill her dream of being a mother of a Twins with her current boyfriend Carter Reum, it reads in La Botana.

At podcast The Trend Reporter, the businesswoman and heir to the Hilton hotel empire, commented: “We have been in full fertilization treatment for a few days now. in vitroIt is the only way to have twins. I would like to have a boy and a girl. “

Paris thanked Kim for his guidance on these issues, even saying that he recommended the doctor who cared for her.

Hilton acknowledged that it is not an easy task, but has the support of his partner: “It is quite hard work, but I knew it was worth it. I have done it twice and Carter has been with me at all times.”

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“It is something that we are doing together, the truth is that I am fortunate to have someone who supports me so much, and who makes me feel like a princess at all times… So things are not so bad,” Hilton concluded.

For now Hilton is already shuffling some names, if it is a girl she will call her London, but for the child it does not yet have a name.


Paris Hilton and her partner, Carter Reum met ago 15 years back through some friends.

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In 2019, they met again at a dinner of Thanksgiving and since then they have not been separated again.

Hilton commented that he has heard about “The twin flames”, but did not believe in it until he met Reum, he adds that it is definitely his twin flame.

“My best friend, my other half, and I can’t wait for our future and spend the rest of our lives together,” Hilton said.


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