Laso's plans for Madrid to win CSKA

Real Madrid and CSKA have been fighting for the European Cup for more than half a century. They are the two most awarded clubs. Ten titles contemplate the targets and seven to the team that one day was the Russian Army. Today (21:00) they are measured in the second semifinal of the Euroleague at Buesa Arena. CSKA have won the two games they have played this season. In November, in Madrid, 89-93 and in February, in Moscow, 82-78. Real Madrid won the semifinal of the Final Four last year in Belgrade, 92-83.


"Defensively we have taken a step forward in relation to last season", recognizes LA RAZÓN Gustavo Ayón. The Mexican center hits one of the keys that make Real Madrid even stronger. When the team works behind, the rest goes on wheels. De Colo and Sergio Rodríguez are the hard core on the perimeter of CSKA. At this point of the season if one of the two is unplugged, the Russians are not comfortable. El Chacho shone in the first game of the series against Baskonia. It scored, it distributed game and in defense it did not clash. He arrives with the memory of his weak paper in the semi-final a year ago. De Colo is his most decisive player. When it's on a roll, it makes it so easy that it seems like it's not killing you. The mission to stop the couple will be shared throughout the perimeter of Madrid, but Campazzo, Taylor and Rudy are the ones that set the temperature outside. His playoff against Panathinaikos was faultless on both sides of the court. Llull, Causeur and Carroll also have to say things back.


Inside no one has the arsenal that Pablo Laso has. Many kilos, many centimeters, a lot of talent, a lot of intimidation, a lot of rotation … Madrid has everything. Randolph and Thompkins act as open "cuatros" and inside they are Tavares and Ayón with the help of Felipe Reyes for any contingency. The two Americans are very big players for their way of attacking and can generate many problems for their peers. Tavares is unique. Nobody scares like him and his centimeters have no competition in CSKA. Ayón was one of the decisive pieces in the semi-final of last season. A torture in both areas for the Russians. Without the centimeters of Madrid, Itoudis team needs a plus of energy and intensity to counteract the white superiority inside. No one defensively rebounds like Madrid.


Many of the CSKA players are able to play in various positions. De Colo, Higgins, Clyburn, Kurbanov, Peters … Versatility is one of the virtues to unbalance rivals. It is not uncommon to have a quintet in which his center is Hines with his 1.95. The rest is already responsible for generating points with ease like nobody else in Europe. His 86.5 points per game are only followed closely in the tournament by the 85.5 of Madrid. His game what he will look for is that the weight of Tavares in the game is the lowest possible. They will try to charge him with faults as soon as possible so that his presence does not mark the semifinal.


They were the two best CSKA players in the win at the WiZink Center. Higgins often starts the game sitting on the bench, but is the highest scorer of the Russians. Few players in Europe are capable of manufacturing as many points as he does without the need for aids. Rudy, Causeur and Taylor will be responsible for not scoring much or at least not with good percentages. Clyburn is capable of playing for forward and power forward. Help in the rebound, you can score three, the track is very good … Randolph and Thompkins should be more focused than ever.


When Llull broke before the series against Panathinaikos, club and player decided that the goal was to reach Vitoria healthy. It was about not forcing in the recovery. To take advantage of the ACB as a test to shoot. Said and done. The early resolution of the tie against the Greeks gave Laso a margin of work that has left Llull as new. Last year he was in the Final Four away from his best physical form and now he is convinced that his time has come. Overcoming the physical problems, there are no two bases as productive on both sides of the court as he and Campazzo. "Winning a Euroleague is very difficult, so do it twice in a row …", says Sergi. The soul of the team reappears in Europe and does so in the Final Four.

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