Liguria, the idea of ​​the mayors: “Use those who take citizenship income to steward on the beaches”

There is also the possibility of using those who have citizenship income to steward on free beaches, in addition to the prohibition on frequenting street vendors, the possibility that beach resorts manage the free beaches, but with free admission and economic return with possible rental of deckchairs and parasols. An app and a site to book your place on the beach. These are the guidelines drawn up by the Anci Liguria Bureau for Municipalities. It is a proposal that Municipalities may not even share. And on the first option, destined to be discussed, there is the green light of the President of the Region Giovanni Toti: «If whoever takes the citizenship income makes himself useful, he does not harm himself or the country. It is valid for the stewards who will control access to free beaches as well as for agricultural harvesting in the countryside ». The governor advises the mayors to take advantage of the possibility and sees no contraindications: “They are people who have an income paid with the taxes of the Italians and therefore it is right that when there is need, like socially useful jobs, they make themselves useful”.

M5S MPs: “Even in Sicily”

The Sicilian MPs of the 5 Star Movement, Roberta Alaimo, Valentina D’Orso and Adriano Varrica, are on the same wavelength. “Like Liguria, Sicily also has the opportunity to employ citizenship income earners as a steward on the beaches since this summer. The ANCI has drawn up guidelines for the Municipalities, now only missing for the President of the Sicilian Region and for the mayors we invite to implement the proposal supported by the 5 Star Movement and shared by many trade associations. We therefore turn mainly to Nello Musumeci and to the mayors Leoluca Orlando (Palermo), Salvo Pogliese (Catania), Cateno De Luca (Messina) and all the other Sicilian mayors. In this delicate post-emergency phase Coronavirus may be useful for citizens to employ the beneficiaries of the DRC also for control activities in the territory of villas and gardens of our municipalities, to regulate entrances and distancing ».

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