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Luis D’Elía’s tweet after the death of Carlos Menem that he later deleted

The piquetero leader Luis D’Elía, convicted and in house arrest for taking over a police station, referred to the death of Carlos Menem and, after ensuring that he did not adhere to the three days of mourning decreed by the national government, published a tweet offensive against the former president who minutes later he deleted.

“May God have him in glory (and never let him come back …)”, wrote the piquetero leader during the morning of this Monday, at a time when the body of the former president is veiled in the National Congress.

However, his message lasted only a few minutes, as he himself decided to delete it.

The offensive tweet of Luis D’Elía that he himself deleted.

On Sunday night, the Kirchner leader, who on more than one occasion had spoken out against Menem’s management in the Government, had published another tweet explaining why he did not adhere to the national duel.

“Menem left us: labor flexibility, carnal relations with the United States, scrapping of the Argentine state, absent state, the AFJP scam and the PARDON for the genocidal”, he had written. And he finished: “I do not adhere to the three days of mourning decreed.”

D’Elía thus joined the city of Río Tercero (in fact, he retweeted his publication) for not adhering to the national mourning for the death of Carlos Saúl Menem and coincided with the criticisms of other Kirchner leaders, such as Hebe de Bonafini, who said that “no” regrets his death.

In a letter, the president of the Association Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo repudiated the pardon of hundreds of soldiers involved in the military dictatorship. “He issued a pardon for the murderers of our sons and daughters … Menem did a lot of damage to the country.”

D’Elía has been sentenced to four years and eight months in prison since November 2017 for taking over Police Station 24 in the La Boca neighborhood, but he is currently serving that time at his home in Isidro Casanova, after receiving ehome arrest for being a risk patient.



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