Macri signs a Peronist as a candidate for vice president


The unexpected appointment of a Peronist – the main opposition group – as a candidate for vice president with Mauricio Macri in the fall elections received on Wednesday the support of the financial markets. The dollar fell, stocks flew and country risk collapsed. Exhombre strong Cristina Fernandez in the Senate, Miguel Pichetto, who had been flirting with the Peronist Alternative Federal space-a third way, has finally agreed to accompany the current tenant of the Casa Rosada, who is running for re-election in October.

Among political analysts, most agree that it is a formula with options to win and that it can guarantee the governability of the next legislature, which is expected to be financially turbulent due to the heavy indebtedness, with short-term maturities weighing on the country.

But, in addition, the news, launched by surprise, was a way to recover the initiative lost since the former president announced her decision to nominate her former cabinet chief, Alberto Fernández, as a candidate for head of state and to place herself as vice president. The move to the side of Cristina, interpreted as a sign of moderation in her space, had upset the ruling party, which until then based its electoral strategy on the fear of a return of the exmandataria.

Meanwhile, the Peronist Sergio Massa, who was also part of Cristina's team and had left her to form a force of his own, agreed today to integrate an alliance with Fernandez without defining for the moment whether or not he will be a candidate or whether he will compete in the August primary. The union of Fernandez and Massa predicts a greater volume of support for the force that is favorite in the polls.

A man from Menem

Pichetto was deputy in the nineties forming part of the group of former president Carlos Menem. He joined the Senate in 2001 and due to his qualities as a good negotiator he climbed positions. With the mandates of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina presided over the block of Peronist senators.

But in 2015 he broke with the former president and her legislators, and formed a Peronist bloc of her own. From that space he voted and obtained majorities for key laws required by the Macri Government. In recent months, he set up the Federal Alternative space, which sought to represent a third way. Neither the formula Fernández-Fernández nor Macri, promised. Massa was then part of the game, although with his departure the campaign began to polarize and the sector was losing substance.

It was then when Pichetto began to send signals of approach to Macri and a few days ago he already declared that he would vote for him in a possible second round.


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