Madrid closes the league with defeat


Despite the undeniable attempts of Zidane, the end of season of Madrid was as frustrating as the rest of the course, as disappointing as the performance of its best players and as unenthusiastic for the future as Vinicius's clairvoyance to the goal, back as the best of eleven and, again, without effectiveness. The Bernabéu, with fair interest, ended up devoting an integral whistle to close in the worst way a stage that will remain in history.

The day ofA farewell to a generation with a collection of Champions League, It began with a unanimous ovation to Keylor Navas, as if it were the first task on the list of the Bernabéu stands.

The Costa Rican goalkeeper is one of the few endorsed of a season that has not taken prisoners, only victims of an infamous course, starting with a Bale that did not get to jump to the grass despite entering the call, and following all those indicated for lead a shipwrecked project, from Courtois to Modric, passing through Asensio, Kroos, Varane, Marcelo or Isco, with the failure of the signings in tow.

Match without interest

The game was like a last day of school, with a mandatory presence but with the right interest to spend the day. Between the tiresome rhythm of Betis midfield and the laziness of Madrid, just some of Vinicius' career, like those he used to do, returned to remove a Bernabéu that ended almost as vacation as the team.

For the two teams, especially for Zidane's, it was the last day of a tortuous season, the exciting end of a prolonged stay installed in Calvary, although the future prospects are only based on an unconditional belief in what the French technician can invent with the patterns that the market indicates.

For the moment, Benzema crashed on the stick the best occasion he had to go to his appointment with the goal, after a gift, already wrapped, which gave him the Bético Francis. The French is the only white holder to live up to expectations, along with the news from Vinicius and Brahim, still with his way to do.

General suspense

In what would hardly be an outline of the Madrid of the future, with the extreme youngsters next to Benzema, two powerful midfielders physically next to Modric and offensive laterals, the result was a game without interest or attraction, amid the disappointment of an increasingly empty stadium.

The Betis, immersed in its own trance, was assimilated to the lowest level of intensity that was found in Madrid and barely bothered the rival, except for the speed of Junior that got in trouble, once again in the season, a Carvajal that should have been sent off after a foul on the Betic side of Dominican origin.

Even so, an unexpected demarcation of Guardado to the band was enough to break Madrid's irregular defensive line. Loren came alone at the far post and made a goal that finished digging the tomb of the Madrid season.

Between division of opinions entered Isco and Asensio, less enthusiastic than those who received the beret Jesé, but the little danger of the match remained of a Betis that left the Bernabéu with the attenuated depression after facing a discouraging and undone Madrid, recipient of the clear whistle of a weary crowd that had no choice but to react to the shameful image of the team, especially after the changes.

Match sheet:



Madrid: Navas (7); Carvajal (3), Varane (5), Nacho (4), Marcelo (3); Modric (4), Llorente (4), Valverde (5); Brahim (6), Benzema (4), Vinicius (7). Technical: Zinedine Zidane (6). Changes: Asensio (4) by Brahim (59), Isco (5) by Valverde (68), Lucas Vázquez (5) by Benzema (75).

Betis: Pau (6); Francis (3), Feddal (4), Bartra (5), Mandi (5), Junior (7); Carvalho (5), Kaptoum (4), Guardado (6); Lo Celso (7), Loren (7). Technical: Quique Setién (5). Changes: Jesé (6) for Kaptoum (m.67), Tello (5) for Loren (m.73), Sidnei (sc) for Carvalho (m.89).

Goals: 0-1 (m.61) Loren finishes at the second post with a save center. 0-2 (m.74) Jesé finishes a play by Junior in the small area.

Referee: Undiano Mallenco (6), Navarre.

Cards: Kaptoum (29), Llorente (36), Valverde (48), Carvajal (57), Isco (84)

Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu. Spectators: 56,900

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