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Mailbag: prosecute Trump for his crimes | Letters

by drbyos

Donald Trump has committed crimes. We know this because Michael Cohen is doing three years in prison for conspiring with Trump on the crime commission.

The collusion between the two led in particular to cash payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in violation of electoral law. Given that Cohen is in prison for these crimes, Trump, as an accused accomplice, could be tried and sentenced after he has not been isolated from his office and can no longer control the Department of Justice.

Some will argue that it should not be prosecuted. After all, Richard Nixon was not; he was even pardoned, although many of his conspirators went to prison. In contrast, Trump’s crimes occurred before he became president and should not be ignored simply because he was elected.

Trump’s situation is more similar to that of O.J. Simpson. He was an unscrupulous and corrupt president, breaking practically every rule that has limited previous presidents. Although he will not be punished for those transgressions, this should include a ticket for the blockade, given the damage he has done. It appears that Simpson managed to escape with the murder of his wife and friend. But, when he was finally convicted of a relatively minor crime in Nevada, the judge threw the book at him with a 33-year sentence.

Trump deserves a similar fate once he is out of the office. And given his verbal abuse of judges and courts, I doubt he will find much mercy.


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