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Microsoft has filed for a patent for a foldable phone like the Galaxy foldable phone

In October 2019, Microsoft announced two new gadgets, Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Both of these devices were Microsoft’s attempt to produce folding devices for the market. While those devices were slated for release in 2020, a patent recently shows that Microsoft is planning to make more foldable phones this year.

Microsoft has filed a patent for a foldable phone and, by its design, is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Fold-style folding phone. The patent was titled “FOLDING DISPLAY DEVICE WITH SURFACE INTERFACE USER INTERFACE ON THE OUTER SHELL“. The patent was filed with the European Patent Office in 2018 and published in December 2019.

According to the patent design, Microsoft was considering adding a third screen to the back of the foldable smartphone that could be used as a small smartphone and that users could use to do different things without having to open the folded device all the way.

The aspects of the present disclosure provide a collapsible display device which includes a user interface surface located on an outer covering section of the collapsible display device which allows the user to interact with the user interface surface while the display device folding is in a closed state.

The secondary screen can allow the user to select the content they would like to see on the secondary screen while the phone is folded. In addition, the user interface surface can be configured to allow an object produced on the user interface surface to be used as a display photo, both on the primary and secondary screens.

Microsoft is also planning to incorporate the
capability in the device that would help the user transfer content to
bigger screen when you open the display.

This upcoming Microsoft foldable phone looks interesting but we must keep in mind that not all the proposed patents actually make it in production.

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