Mike Pence Promises Joe Biden’s Inauguration is Safe and American History Revived Page all

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com – Vice US President Mike Pence on Thursday (14/1/2021) promised to straighten out American history and ensure a safe transition to power elected president Joe Biden.

I swear Pence came out after 8 days of the siege Capitol Building by the masses of supporters of the President Donald Trump.

Launch Reuters on Friday (15/1/2021), Pence made that statement before briefing security at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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He said the same thing during a meeting with National Guard forces guarding the Capitol Building, where Pence was one of the top U.S. officials desperate to hide from last week’s mass attack.

“We all live that day, January 6. Dam as explained by the president yesterday, we are committed to orderly transitions and safe inaugurations,” said Pence.

“Americans deserve it,” Pence said in his first public event since the attack that killed five people.

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The loyal vice president then confirmed that the inauguration schedule Biden and Harris as elected president and vice president, has not changed, namely January 20, 2021.

Pence said the inauguration would be sure to proceed “consistent with the style of our history and our traditions, namely by paying tribute to the people of America and the United States itself”.

On that day, Pence also met dozens of guards outside the Capitol Building. He thanked them for providing security “at such an important time in the life of our nation.”

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Pence’s cautious public appearance on Thursday (14/1/2021) contrasts with Trump, who hasn’t visited the Capitol since last week’s raid.

In a video released on Wednesday evening, Trump denies involvement in the violence.

Trump, who became the first president in US history to be impeached twice by Congress, has also planned not to attend the inauguration of his political rival, Joe Biden.

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Pence has long been one of Trump’s most loyal associates, but has angered Trump by refusing to thwart Biden’s certification of victory over the Electoral College results by Congress.

During the attack, several Trump supporters called for the assassination of Pence as a traitor.

Trump and Pence sought to heal their rift during a meeting at the Oval Office on Monday, but assistants there said they were deeply disappointed by the way Trump treated Pence.

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