Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Montamat: “Without the tariff reward for inflation it would be much higher “

Daniel Montamat said in statements to radio Miter, that “electricity has to be generated, transported and distributed to reach homes; the same gas from its extraction to the distribution networks, and all that has a cost that includes the utility of the operators that are making this investment “.

“If we imagine that the cost is 100 and we transfer 10 to the final consumer’s rate, the other 90 are subsidies: that’s the first big lie, because those subsidies are also paying taxes or inflation, which is the worst all taxes, and if not, we borrow more, “said the expert.

In 2016, he recalled, the energy subsidies were US $ 15,574 million and were reduced in 2017, as a result of the tariff recompositions, to US $ 8,800 million.

The difference from one year to the next moved to the rates, “otherwise we would have had to pay with higher inflation, and if we complained that it is high, it would have been higher,” Montamat explained.

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