MP requests information about vaccination against covid-19 in Iguatemi – Interior

Vaccination point against covid-19 in the city of Iguatemi (Photo: Disclosure)

The Public Ministry of Mato Grosso do Sul gave a period of five days, starting next Monday (21), for the Municipal Health Department of Iguatemi, 466 kilometers from Campo Grande, to clarify details about the plan of vaccination against covid-19 established in the municipality.

The request for clarification appears in the Official Gazette of MPMS next Monday (21), which is already available for consultation on the agency’s website.

In the order signed by the deputy prosecutor, André Luiz de Godoy, the prosecution questions, for example, how vaccine optimization procedures are carried out to reduce the loss of doses in the municipality.

In addition, the MP wants the secretariat to inform whether the municipality has an electronic registration system; what measures have been taken to avoid crowding and reduce waiting at vaccination points; how the storage and transport of immunizing agents is carried out; what is the strategy used for the vaccination coverage of the 2nd dose for the population already immunized with the 1st and what documents are required at the time of vaccination.

Regarding the application of vaccines, the prosecution questions how the reduction of the age group is carried out, how the leftovers of vaccines are distributed and whether there is wide dissemination of the vaccination schedules.

The administrative procedure sent urgently considers the need to monitor the measures taken by the municipal health management due to the risk to public health caused by the covid-19 pandemic.


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