February 14, 2020

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The increasing demand for thermometer guns and infrared cameras that can detect fever after worldwide shortages, from the outbreak in Wuhan to a small supplier in Texas.

Many Chinese companies carry thermometer guns, which became more expensive as demand from both government and private customers such as schools and factories increased.

Alicn Medical (Shenzhen), a manufacturer in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, makes 2.5 million guns thermometers per year and is one of only a few companies in China that can achieve that level of production, said Mo Yingchun, general manager. t Still, raw material costs are booming and many workers cannot circumvent the efforts of the Chinese outbreak to reflect their jobs, meaning the company is not producing fully.

“Even though the governments are fighting for the products between themselves,” said Mr Mo, noting that the prices went up to three or five times the normal level. “Local governments want to guarantee their own needs first.”

Usually, it added to the company 's thermometers to check infants. “The thermometer guns are only used for rapid screening and are not as accurate as traditional thermometers,” said Mr Mo. “It was a small industry and, if the outbreak was there, it won't be stressed.”

There are thousands of miles from the heart of the outbreak, a small technology supplier in Beaumont, Tex., Also known as Infrared Cameras Inc., depending on its demand. The company manufactures high-tech imaging equipment as well as infrared thermometers, which cost $ 25 apiece.

The company usually sells around 100 infrared cameras, according to its chief executive, Gary Strahan. Since January, the company has sold more than 1,000, providing schools, cruise ships, factories, offices, hospitals and theaters in countries such as China and South Korea.