New York investigated the injury of 85 children with syndrome linked to Corona..and an official: the epidemic is developing

New York City Mayor Bill de Palacio said 38 children in the city have developed a new inflammatory syndrome that health officials believe is linked to the immune response toCOVID-19.

According to the New York Times, the number is more than double the 15 cases that the city health department warned in a statement to health care workers.

The new disease is an area of ​​concern for an epidemic Covid-19 The governor of the state, Andrew Como, said that three children have died from infection, including a child in New York, and that 85 possible cases are being investigated.

Dr. said. Howard Zucker, state health commissioner, said that among the three children two were of primary school age and one was a teenager, they lived in three different provinces and had no pre-existing health complications.

According to the report, the syndrome was first discovered in New York last week, but the city’s health commissioner said that the Ministry of Health had warned it on May 1 after cases appeared in the United Kingdom.

The health commissioner in New York told a news conference that this disease is still developing. The federal government has called for help to increase citywide virus testing to help identify children at risk.

It is reported that a few similar cases were reported in children in other states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, and California, and at least 50 cases were reported in European countries including Britain, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy.


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