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Otto Porter Jr. came out of his fall. Will the rest of the wizards do the same?

ORLANDO – The simplicity largely defines the game of Otto Porter Jr. He runs, fills the wings and pulls three by three when he touches. So on Thursday, when asked to explain what had pushed him to score three points in the previous match, Porter had a direct answer.

"I'm just taking up the challenge and trying to give the example," said Porter, who had already struggled, on his 19 points and 5 shots on 6 from the three-point arc , his best of the season. "Try to play a good defense, stay strong, try to bring the energy we need because we are desperate and we have to play desperately every game from now on. We must go out and play desperate. "

Now, if it was that simple for his team mates.

Although poor quality defense has risen to the top of the Wizards' trouble in their 2-8 debut, three-point shots continue to hurt the team.

"It's a broken record. We need to play better in different areas on the defensive side and we need to better shoot the ball from the three-point line, "said coach Scott Brooks. "We really have good shooters who have not really managed to hit the ball."

In pre-season, when the Wizards were not able to connect remotely, the players thought it was a passing phase that would end once the real games started. But in their first 10 games, the Wizards rank 26th in the NBA with 31.3%. Moreover, they can not do the blows even when they are open.

As a team, Washington is trying to attack the third highest number of points while a defender is at least six feet apart, defined as "wide open" by NBA statistics. com. The Wizards shoot only 32.4% on these looks.

"We had a lot of very open shots," Porter said. "They just do not fall. I feel like we are beating when the guys are here to challenge. "

On Tuesday against the Dallas Mavericks, Porter did not care who he was in front of him. Porter made three of his four defensive attempts and six of 11 shots deemed very open, according to

"It's great to see him take the shots I know he can do," Brooks said. "The shots he's working on, the shots I think I can do, and our team thinks he can do it and it was nice to see him go. It does not matter how good you are as a shooter when you do not see him go by, you go after yourself. And Otto is no different from all the big shooters in league history. It's good to have done some of these blows. "

Porter, who had missed the previous match with a bruise on his left foot, managed to get out of his slump by returning to what he did best. No player from Wizards covered more ground in this game than Porter (3.01 miles) and he made the best of a lesser role in the offensive by receiving 49 assists, behind three other starters. But Porter has carved opportunities for himself. After resuming a defensive rebound, he pushed the ball twice on the field to attempt a shot. He missed both attempts but Brooks applauded the initiative.

"There is not a single time I will watch Otto's match on the offensive saying," You know, why is he taking this shot? "Why was he aggressive right now?" Said Brooks, "And he has to do that, that's what will make us a good team for the next games." He needs to play as he does. ;did [against Dallas going] towards the front. "

Porter felt his Dallas game was a good start, not a breakthrough. He would like his shots to remain constant for a few more games before declaring the end of a slowdown. And Porter thinks it's only a matter of time before other shooters on the team can say the same thing.

"If we continue to take the free shots, they will eventually enter. There is no doubt about it, "Porter said. "It's a long season. They will start going there.

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