Meghan Markle must follow this real protocol for the names of real babies

Meghan and Harry will wait several days before revealing the name of the newborn. It was claimed. The members of the Royal Family do not immediately announce the name of a new baby as they should be sure of the surname, according to the actual commentator Victoria Arbiter. And the name must be revealed to other members of the Royal Family before it is made public, said Mrs. Arbiter He passed away in City and Country earlier this year, the real commentator explained: "Reasoning is perhaps twice." In one there is the desire to inform families before a public statement is made and any new parent values ​​having a little private time to know their new addition before the attack of the ads. "The real ones, however, also have to consider the great responsibility in naming a new family member and I hope they want to be one hundred percent determined of their choice before announcing the name and sealing the place of the baby in history." Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, announced the names of Prince George and Princess Charlotte two days after her birth. But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waited four days before revealing the name of their third child, Prince Louis. And the real admirers had to wait a month before The Queen announced the name of Prince Charles after his birth in 1948.Meghan announced his pregnancy while landing in Sydney on October 15 with Harry for the Commonwealth tour of the couple. In a post on Twitter, Kensington Palace said: "His Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the spring of 2019." His Royal Highnesses appreciated all the support they received of people around the world since their wedding in May and are happy to be able to share this happy news with the public. "The announcement came just five months after the couple got married in the chapel of St George, Windsor Castle Speculation is high among real admirers about the name Meghan and Harry will choose for their baby. Bookmarks among the bookmakers have included Diana, Victoria, Albert, Arthur, Philip, Alice and Alexandra.

Nintendo Switch Online NES Games for dated November

By Robert Workman
– November 6, 2018

It's November, which means that we will put our hands on some classic NES as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service.
The online channel, which was launched in September, already has a handful of classics that players can enjoy if they are going for themselves or playing against friends online or locally. These include the likes of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. 3, Ice Hockey and a handful of others.
This month, probably next week, we will have three more titles to join the rate by adding the value of the service, as it goes for only $ 20 per year (or $ 4 per month) and gives you online access to favorites like Splatoon 2 and Rocket League, among others.
Here's a summary of the games you'll see joining Nintendo Switch Online this month.
First, Konami's classic shooter, which we remembered, was not seen in NES in the US. UU. In it, you will shoot a variety of enemies with your lovely ship, while taking some powerful powers. by the way. If you are a fan of "shmups", add this on your list.
Mighty Bomb Jack
Next is this classic of the era of the old school Tecmo, in which it guides a hero around a stage to disarm the bombs while fighting with the enemies. Like Salomón's key, Mighty Bomb Jack is an acquired taste, but surely it's worth trying to prove if he is a fan of NES games.
Finally, probably Metroid is the "big one" of the group, since he can live the classic adventure of Samus Aran through the comfort of his Switch. Play for hours from an open world, taking out enemies and collecting new items (such as missiles and other goodies) to help you fight with your brain mother.
Even more games arrived in December, including Wario's Woods and the classic Ninja Gaiden; and we are pretty sure that a new slate of titles will be announced for 2019, including several first and third hits, including those from Capcom and Konami. For now, however, the service is worth checking out, especially if you were looking to resolve a rash on Balloon Fight or just want to beat Super Mario Bros. 3 again. And really, who would not want that ?!
The Nintendo Switch Online service is now available.


The New Zealand dollar has recovered from a maximum of three months against the US dollar after data from the labor market and expectations of inflation



Thank you for reading the news of the New Zealand dollar that has recovered from its highest level in three months against the US dollar following the labor market data and expectations of inflation and now with detailed details – Bassam Rashed – Forex News Today The New Zealand dollar fluctuated in a narrow range that slid into the Asian session to see its rebound from the highest since then The second of last August against the US dollar following the developments and economic data that followed on the New Zealand economy and on the eve of the launch of the meetings of the Federal Fotouh Market Commission in Washington on Wednesdays and Thursdays and in the middle of the anticipation of election results. Mid-term renewal of the US Congress. UU. At 0237 GMT, the New Zealand dollar fell 0.03% at 0.6737 compared to opening levels at 0.6739, after reaching a minimum of 0.6713 and a maximum of three months of 0.6766.

We continue the New Zealand economy to disclose labor market data for the third quarter, which meant a 3.9% drop in unemployment, the lowest since the second quarter of 2008 compared to the previous quarter and the expectations of 4, 4%, with the acceleration of the growth index of the change in the jobs to 1,1 Compared to 0.6% in the second quarter, in contrast to the expectations of a 0.5% deceleration. In the same context, we continue to launch the cost index of the labor unit, which shows a slowdown in growth to 0.5% in line with expectations compared to 0.6% in the second quarter, while the average reading of vinegar per Time showed growth acceleration to 1.4% versus 0.2% in the second quarter, Expectations reached 0.8%, and this happened before we see the Australia Bank of Australia reading the inflation forecast of the fourth quarter that showed a stability of 2.0%. On the other hand, the markets are now analyzing the initial results of the elections of the Congress in the 435 seats of the House of Representatives and in the 34 seats of the Senate and the launching of the meeting of the Federal Market Committee Opened on 7 and 8 November, Keep politicians Monetary interest rates in the short term between 2.00% and 2.25%.

Thanks for reading the news of the rebound of the New Zealand dollar from the highest three months against the US dollar following the labor market data and inflation expectations in Gulf 365 and pointed out that the content of the matter was written by Forex news Today and it can be totally transmitted or cited by it and you can read and follow the news of this source. The following link Forex News Today is not responsible for the content of this news with the best wishes of Happy Day.

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Results of live elections Blog: Kirkpatrick Helping Democrats regain control of the house – Phoenix New Times

Phoenix New Times will update you with the latest developments of Election Night 2018 in Arizona. For complete results, visit the Secretary of State's website. 8:45 p.m. CNN projects, Ann Kirkpatrick, won the 2Democrat of the National Congress, Ann Kirkpatrick became the District 2 Congress in blue, earning more than 55% of the vote against challenger Lea Márquez Peterson. The seat was previously held by US Senate candidate Martha McSally. CNN also projected that the Democrats had won control of the US house, collecting more than 23 seats. Otherwise, the congressional races were awaiting, with Democrats Tom O & # 39; Halleran, Raul Grijalva, Ruben Gallego and Greg Stanton and Republicans Andy Biggs, David Schweikert, Debbie Lesko and Paul Gosar, winning 8:15 p.m. Ducey takes command from the boss. Unconditional governor Doug Ducey maintained a substantial advantage over the challenging Democrat David Garcia and Democrat Katie Hobbs seemed to have a huge advantage on the part of Steve Gaynor in the career of the Secretary of State, but it must be a failure because Gaynor took a light driving. In the Senate race of the United States, the Democratic congressman Kyrsten Sinema led Republican congressman Martha McSally led by less than one percentage point, with more than 1 million votes counted. Democrats led in five races of the Congress and Republicans went ahead in four years with Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick carrying out an effort to bring Blue District 2 of Congress.7 hours: polls are now closed in Arizona. If you are online, stay online. 6:50 p.m .: Voters are still online at ASU Tempe 10 minutes before polls can be closed. The voting booths were added out to help move the line.

The voters of ASU Tempe are voting outside the voting center since the line is still long with 10 minutes left before closing the polls.
Benjamin Leatherman

5 p.m .: The first batch of states closed the polls. Arizona will not be closed until 7 o'clock in the afternoon. If you are in the queue at 7 in the morning, you can still vote. Do not leave the line. 4: 14 p.m. Arizona voters turn out to be mass for Election Day 2018.

A dog discovered outside the voting center on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University on the 2018 election day.
Elizabeth Whitman

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4:06 p.m. The Secretary of State gives an estimate for the release of results.

Maricopa County election workers will be busy during the next few days counting ballots.
Benjamin Leatherman

As in the years prior to the election, you can expect to start seeing the election results today shortly after 8:00 p.m. on the website of the Arizona State Secretariat. "The first batch of results will be from early ballots sent to County Recorders before today," said agency spokesman Darron Moffatt, in a prepared statement. "We hope there is a delay between the first batch of results and the second update since the counties begin to process polling places as of 8 at night." Moffatt recalled voters in his statement that voters may be online in one place of voting until 7 "Every voter who is online before 7 in the afternoon will be able to vote, no matter how long the line is," he said. "Any voter who is shown after 7 in the morning will be rejected." The agency expects more than 100,000 early tickets to fall into today's polls, which will begin processing on Wednesday. The county must verify the signatures and the validity of each ticket before publishing the updated results of the tickets and this could take days, added.3: 30 p.m. The students of the State University of Arizona are unknown for a long line. Students at the voting center of Palo Verde West at Arizona State University in Tempe strongly committed to voting on Tuesday despite the long line. The line appeared, which shook the center of voting towards the Starbucks east, from a loudspeaker installed on the lawn. In the middle of the line, Paige Snyder, a 20-year-old student, said she had waited for half an hour. She had left the class before voting and said that she appreciated being able to vote on the campus. "You can not make it easier," said Snyder. She estimated that she had done 15-30 minutes of research on candidates and proposals before voting. Hence the same was Indigo Harman, an elder of 21 years. "I am making my voice heard so that we can put our world back in the best order," said Harman. He added that he was not surprised by the long lines. "We would be doing the task right now, but I'm here …" I hoped. "Both students pointed out that despite the fact that the line was long, several organizations had been delivering snacks and electoral guides. They also said that the county had taken" a time "to send voter registration information in the mail. You had not found any of the candidates Democrats were visiting that afternoon. (Scroll down to see interviews with these candidates.) Other students said that their teachers were accommodated when it was about making sure students were voting. They would not punish students for being late For the class if they voted, said Ashai Thomas, a 21-year-old student studying English and Spanish language. Thomas, who wants to become a teacher, said he was strongly against Proposition 305, a ballot measure to expand a controversial school coupon program She said she had spent her time online talking to friends and others waiting in line, and using her phone to inv to tighten what was on the ballot. 2:59 p.m. The memory of Maricopa County says the first ballots are now home

691,000 ballots went through our central count until now in this election. These are all the previous ballots that were sent. Votes on 691k tickets will be informed at 8:00 p.m. this night. #ElectionDay– Adrian Fontes (@RecorderFontes) November 6, 2018

1:30 p.m. See our interview with Bill Pierce, Democratic candidate to the Arizona miner inspector1: 30 p.m. Interview with Katie Hobbs, Democratic candidate to the Secretary of State
Hobbs was among other Democratic candidates who made a demonstration today at Arizona State University in Tempe. 1: 15 p.m. Interview on election day with Kathy Hoffman, candidate of the Democratic Superintendent

"I am very excited and maybe a little nervous, but in general it is very enthusiastic," said Kathy Hoffman, a Democrat candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Schools. The first candidate, Hoffman said he hopes to win. A recent survey showed a certain contest, but the superintendent's career is probably one of the best opportunities for Arizona democrats to flee from a Republican state office. The dominant Diane Douglas lost in her primary election in August. Hoffman, a 32-year-old speech therapist, said voters are looking for a superintendent who will support a high-quality public education system. And he disapproves of how his Republican opponent, former California congressman, Frank Riggs, addressed himself, especially in the light of Riggs' rigor to choose online fights. "You have to have fair temperament and energy and passion and not be starting to fight with people on Twitter," said Hoffman. "In fact, it's very immature." In the fall of the teacher strike this spring, education is one of the many decisive problems in the Arizona elections. The #RedForEd movement has motivated educators to become involved in the political sphere: people like retired professor Minny Fischer, who on Tuesday was out of the voting station at the Tempe History Museum, encouraging people not to vote on proposal 305. If they were approved On Tuesday, the referendum would expand a controversial coupon program for Arizona students. "I believe in the public school system and I can not believe what happened in this state for politics and lack of funding for public schools," Fischer said. Activists gathered sufficient signatures to put a 2017 law into a referendum after the Legislature expanded a program called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, which allows students to attend private schools using public dollars. Fischer, who is 70 years old, said that most of the people whom he spoke support the cause. "There is no means of voting, correct what is broken before continuing," Fischer said. "And we have to have transparency."

1:07 p.m. Pizza – Even better than a sticker. Free pizza slices were waiting for voters on the line at the voting table at Faith Lutheran Church.12: 28 p.m. Action, man. In an update at noon, the Maricopa County record, Adrian Fontes, said 127,291 voters in the county issued a vote starting at 11:50 a.m. Sources also said the county experienced a "slowdown" of the entire system minutes before noon. He said the system was out of line for "a total of five minutes." State officials counted about 1.63 million early ballots for Arizona voters, or about 75 percent of estimates, according to analyst Garrett Archer. About 41 percent of the voters are Republicans, 34 percent are Democrats and 24 percent are independent. The average voter age is 61.

.@SecretaryReagan Early update of voting for Election Day: 1.63MM in (75% – 76% est.) Matches: GOP 41.2% DEM 34% OTH 24.1% (+ 7.2R). Women estimate 51.3% of the electorate. The average age in 61, average up to 57.9. The AZ Data Guru (@Garrett_Archer) November 6, 2018

12 p.m. The lines are growing at an Arizona State University electoral center in Tempe.
Cami Jetta, assistant communication with NextGen America, estimated that the line would be between 70 and 100 people, the vast majority of them students. It has grown since it arrived at 9 in the morning, he said, adding that at least 400 people have already voted, based on the number of "I voted" adhesives that were given, which have already been exhausted. The good news is that the wait does not seem too long. "Actually it moves relatively fast," said Jetta. The significant number of provisional ballots is being released to ASU, according to Jetta. Another NextGen organizer was taking names of those who had voted tentatively and shortly before noon the list had accumulated more than 100 names. Provisional voting is given to voters who are not registered, who are not in the list of voting locations or who can not provide a valid identification. 11: 50:00. Republicans have voting problems. Jonathan Lines, president of the Republican Party of Arizona, issued a press release that fought the elections of the County of Fontes and Maricopa due to the problems of vote that was seen this morning. "Unfortunately, AZGOP was aware of multiple problems in voting locations throughout the country of Maricopa, which reminds us of the problems we saw on the Day of the elections during the primary season," Lines said in the statement. "The record of the county, Adrian Fontes, turned the blame on these problems to external suppliers and promised that these problems would not persist. Although Democrats would be quick to claim the suppression of voters, I think this is a question of voter integrity." Given that this is the Day of the elections, we must resort to solutions and what the Republican Party of Arizona can offer as a resource. "As mentioned below, Fontes said in a press conference for one hour that the problems of the Election Day were" run-of-the-mill ".
Adrian Fontes wants you to vote.
Screenshot / Facebook Live
10:24 a.m .: 86,000 ballots issued so far. During an update at his office, the workers occupied early balloon tabulations behind him, driver Adrian Fontes told reporters that the problems at the polling stations were largely resolved. He argued that today's election operations have played in a very different way to the chaotic primary of August, when problems reached the polling places. "What we have experienced so far is a typical day of the elections, with typical problems of" run-of-the-mill "," Sources said. However, he did not have an update to provide voting at Chandler that was closed yesterday evening, which forced his office to send people to vote in the Chandler city council. The check-in times today were fast, about a minute by voter, he said. Glitches at other polling places "are all better or ready to go," Fontes said. As for the participation, Fontes said that the elections seem more than a presidential election based on the number of votes emitted. More than 86,000 votes were issued as of 9:50 a.m. today, a figure that does not include the first votes or tickets that have become late. "That is a surprising participation so far," said Fontes. Compare the participation of Mars in the 2016 elections, when about 350,000 ballots were issued throughout the day. The memories reminded the voters and we will also remember that whenever you are online to vote in your poll. Place when the clock arrives at 7 at night, you can still issue your ballot.

9:52 a.m. The AZSOS site is back. That's how it solves a problem. 9:43 a.m.: The Arizona secretary's website is down.

One day people will be on the site, it's down.
Screenshot / AZSOS

9:34 a.m .: The director of Progress Now Arizona tweeted anti-Trump banners spotted in the valley. 8:46 a.m. We lived with David Garcia on Facebook while delivering coffee to the customers of Fair Trade Cafe in downtown Phoenix. 8:46 AM: Sources reports that Chandler's situation is back online:

UPDATE: The location of the voting will remain at the Academy of Golf of America in 2031 N Arizona Ave, now we have access to the building and we are turning on the energy now .- Adrian Fontes (@RecorderFontes) November 6, 2018

8 a.m. More problems have been reported. This Twitter user's claim was repeated by other voters who were interviewed in the TV news this morning:

7:30 a.m.

UPDATE: We advise voters assigned to the Surveillance Inn in 2031 N. Arizona Ave in the Gila campus to use the Chandler City Chandler Voter Center, at 175 S. Arizona Ave, Chandler due to problems of access to construction. We will keep you posted. #Vote #ElectionDay– Adrian Fontes (@RecorderFontes) November 6, 2018

The record from Maricopa County, Adrian Fontes, told news stations that a polling place that was rented by the county had been excluded the night before, leaving electoral teams behind a closed door. While the officials tried to obtain a court order that allowed them to enter, Fontes told affected voters to use the Chandler City Hall Voting Center. Sources told Fox 10 (KSAZ-TV) News on Monday night that 72 polling stations may not be ready for the six-hour opening. .

Some definitions: The Cross

According to Alur's law call dated March 24, 2014, unhealthy means of housing "Places used for housing purposes and that are not suitable for this purpose and also (Des) Homes whose condition, or the building in which they are, exposes the occupants to obvious risks that may affect their physical security or health. "

The public health code it defines how unhealthy "Any house, urbanized building or not, vacant or not, group of buildings or block constituted by itself, or by the conditions in which it is occupied or exploded, a danger for the health of the occupants or neighbors".

The code of construction and housing it is considered in danger "Buildings or buildings of any nature that threaten the ruin and which, due to their collapse, may compromise security or where, in general, they do not provide the guarantees of soundness necessary for the maintenance of public safety."

They emphasize Bruno Fernando and Jalen Smith, but hardly it stays against Delaware

If Maryland fanatics at the Xfinity Center did not really know if Bruno Fernando returned for his season season with the Terrapins, he soon remembered us on Tuesday. And if someone doubted the role that the new student Jalen Smith could have in this team, he immediately showed his potential.

However, despite the brilliant performances of the pair of 6-foot front and 10, Maryland fought late and barely survived its seasonal pitcher against Delaware.

Again and again, the dice of Fernando caused a roar within the area, and he and Smith led the Terrapins in a 73-67 victory. Maryland led 17 points at halftime, but Terps struggled with the offensive in the second half and allowed Delaware to cut the deficit to only three points with a minute.

Fernando, who tested the waters in the NBA draft, teamed up this spring, scored 15 points in 6- for 6 firing against the Blue Hens while sharing the frontcourt with Smith, a five-star Baltimore recruiter. Smith scored twice in his Maryland debut with 19 points and 13 rebounds, including nine offensive rebounds.

"Once you establish your first double-double, what could happen in the first night we'll play," said coach Mark Turgeon last month of Smith, "national attention will come."

Before the show match against Lynn University last week, Smith was not practicing well, said Turgeon. But, then, the new player published a game of 22 points. Smith was a "different player from there," said Turgeon, adding that Smith and Fernando are still learning to play with another great talented man at court.

Four minutes for the second time on Tuesday, Fernando passed the ball to Smith, who finished with a bit. At the moment when both of them had made their way to the other side of the court, Fernando smiled and applauded before focusing on defense. Fernando registered the three blocks in the first semester, which generated a rumor between the crowd similar to his dice. Fernando laughed at the last minute of the game when the blue chickens were accelerated.

Terrapins' inability to maintain a significant advantage against Delaware could be a concern because Maryland continues its non-compliance schedule, which includes five teams that participated in the NCAA tournament last year and its Big Ten board. Terps had a drought of almost six minutes without a field goal in the second half while Delaware closed the gap.

Eric Carter, who finished with 29 points and nine rebounds for the Blue Hens, helped triple Jacob Cushing to shoot Delaware at 70-67 and Turgeon called a timeout with 1:21 to play. Maryland journalist Anthony Cowan Jr. made three free throws to secure the victory.

Maryland returned some key players last season as Fernando and Cowan, who scored 15 points on Tuesday. But for the most part, Terps will have young players like Smith in the 100th season of the show. The class of first-class students includes six scholarship students and eight minutes for the game. Turgeon has already chosen to use five of these players. Both Smith and Aaron Wiggins have won their debut in college.

In the spring, each Maryland player chose a word that would set his season out. Steward Darryl Morsell chose a "shooter", referring to the area he wanted to show, according to teammate Ivan Bender. Morsell scored the first Maryland points of the season against Delaware and did it behind the arch. Morsell only made three triples last season.

But after Morsell and Wiggins recorded three scores at the beginning of the game, the Terps fought deeply. Maryland finished the night 2 by 19 from three points.

In Tunisia, the schism gets worse at the top of the state

The president, Beji Caid Essebsi, challenges the cabinet remodeling announced by the head of government, Youssef Chahed.

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi (left) and Prime Minister Youssef Chahed in Tunisia on June 25, 2018.


The Cold War between the two poles of the Tunisian executive since spring – Head of State, Beji Caid Essebsi, and the head of government, Youssef Chahed, hardens more after the announcement, Monday, November 5, a remodeling of the cabinet still formally addressed "Get out of the political crisis". Mr. Essebsi indicated that it was not "I do not agree" with the approach followed by Mr. Chahed, who, according to the Chief of State's advisers, "I do not consult", Even when the head of the government assures himself "Prerogatives" which the Constitution attributes to it.

This step of the weapons at the top of the state may seem harmless if it does not wane the political climate at a time when Tunisia is preparing to return to the polls on the occasion of the double legislative and presidential elections of 2019. Mark the ministerial remodeling "The exacerbation of the tensions between the branches of the executive"by Moez Hassayoun, think tank analyst at Joussour: "MM. Essebsi and Chahed came in a rupture logic. This will hinder the end of parliamentary and presidential mandates. "

The contrast is surprising with the atmosphere that led to the appointment of Mr. Chahed in August 2016, under the paternal sponsorship of Mr. Essebsi, who had bet on the "Youth" of your protege. At the age of 40, the new head of government had to breathe a new life around the executive, provided that he complied with the repetition that Mr. Essebsi wanted to promote the functioning of the institutions. However, the 2014 Constitution, with parliamentary inspiration, gives the head of government broad powers. The contradiction will take less than two years to appear. The fact that Mr. Chahed comes from Nidaa Tounes, the so-called "modernist" party …

The energy bill helps to put the risk of data as “adherent customers” that could send emails from rival companies

The energy bill helps to present a risk of data as "adherent customers" that could send emails from rival companies to make them change

Victoria Bischoff for the Daily Mail

The plans to share loyal customer information with other providers to help households switch to better businesses may violate the data protection rules.

A "sticky customers" database, which has been with the same provider for years, has been suggested by the competition watchman so rival companies can send better deals.

However, the experts were concerned that the addresses would be torn with junk mail.

As part of the proposed plan, the data of faithful customers would be shared among the energy companies so that they can receive offers to change their suppliers

As part of the proposed plan, the data of faithful customers would be shared among the energy companies so that they can receive offers to change their suppliers

As part of the proposed plan, the data of faithful customers would be shared among the energy companies so that they can receive offers to change their suppliers

The energy regulator We have tried the idea and said that the letters increased the levels of change.

But an industry administrator warned that sharing client details without permission could break the rules of the General Data Protection Standard.

Now customers should "opt" before companies can contact them. The information manager, the information commissioner (ICO), is evaluating the plans of Ofgem.

An ICO spokesman states: "The ICO has participated regularly with Ofgem … to help ensure that any personal data processing involved in the implementation of these measures is in accordance with the data protection law.

A spokesman for Ofgem says: "Guaranteeing the privacy and protection of customer information is essential for our work to help these customers look for better deals. We will ensure that our work in this field complies with the data protection law.

"We will continue to work with ICO, information security consultants and our legal advisors as we progress work to obtain better results for energy consumers."


Airbnb assigned in justice for the hotels for “déloyale concurrence”

The main organization of the hotel-restaurant sector in France assigned Airbnb in front of the Paris commerce court for "flight attendance", estimating that the tourist location platform "violes sciemment" réglementation qui régit are activite.

Dans une assignation consultée per l'AFP, the company Airbnb Ireland dont le séège est à Dublin is accused of laisser en ligne des annonces litigieuses. A premiere audience devoted to the process will be held on 14 February 2019.

Ces annonces has lost the legal life of 120 days per year, not making the object of a decline of tourism or even "violent Rights of the owners, those who are victims of abusive sous-locations," it is worth the 'Union des métiers et des industries de l'hôtelerie (Umih).

He asks for a symbolic title, in "reparation of the moral prejudice", a condemnation of 143 euros that corresponds to the price of the night funded for a Parisian holiday who owned a sous-loué are a logement without the owner's agreement. The Court of Instance of the 6th arrondissement of Paris condemned the commissioning of the property to a value of 8,000 euros, on February 6 2018.

Elle also awarded 50,000 euros to the title of the remembrance of lawyers.

Selon the organization, "the non-respect of the regimentation by the company Airbnb is parfaitement assumed" in the measure où "sur are site, he explicitly recalls" to désactiver les annonces à Paris, au-de-120 annuals, which in the four arrondissements du center.

Ces violations of the previous regulation of the Code du tourisme et le Code de la construction et de l'habitation, constituting "necessarily from acts of concurrence of the law," argues Umih dans are assignation.

– Offered estimated at 6.5 millions of euros –

Umih accused the platform of "illicitly necessary pharaonic killings", resuming from "non-demented estimates" who made € 6.5million of euros to offer the proposed tourist lodging in France by Airbnb in 2016.

"Starting from the postulate that the company Airbnb proposes to the location 1% of illegal offers, I would give it a total for the profession (hotels) quantified in thousands of euros uniquement in an annual", made the organization.

"As a syndicate, the Umih does not have the opportunity to obtain reparation in place of your membership, but il peut faire reconnaître the devil contest. If you are new to me, the integrity of your members will be taken individually to a reparation ", accurate to AFP Me Jonathan Bellaïche, Umih's lawyer.

Pour Airbnb, "the lobbyists are continuing to protect their interests and attempt to restore the Rights of the French as beneficiaries of tourism", they are one-sided.

The platform is not surprised by this new tentative lobby of the French lobbyists, who are nowadays a series of actions in justice – touts unfruitful, "said the AFP.

In late October, a locaire who owned a sous-loué apartment in Paris on the Airbnb without the agreement of the owner to all of them was condemned to reverse the latter's totality from 46,000 euros that had periods of 2011 to 2018 and to be expelled

For a year, the platform was also condemned as if a locator had sous-loué are appartement via the auction of the legal drive of 120 days per year.

In June, the tourist location platforms were staggered "volontably" at a limit of 120 days for the location of major residences, by the end of the year there was an automatic blockage that came out in all directions mandatory on 1 January 2019.

Dans Paris intra-muros, Airbnb proposes about 65,000 properties, do not make 38%, they are 25,000, with the object of recording on November 5th, accurate to the AFP, the Ville de Paris, which offers the hotel's offer This is 80,000 rooms in the capital.

At the bottom of the France entière, a demi-million properties, not 10% in a rural area, the source of an item on the platform.

The communist Ischenko went to the elections for the head of Primorye by an independent candidate

On Wednesday morning, Andrei Ischenko presented documents in the election commission. On Saturday, the regional branch of the Communist Party decided not to appoint a candidate for the election of the governor of Primorye

Andrey Ischenko

(Photo: Vitaliy Ankov / RIA Novosti)

Andrei Ishchenko, who took part in the September elections of Primorye's governor as a candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, requested participation in the repeated selections of the head of the region as their own candidate. This was reported to journalists on Wednesday by the secretary of the regional electoral commission Natalia Kamaeva.

"On Wednesday morning, papers were received from Andriy Ishchenko, he goes to the polls as a self-promoted candidate," says Interfax Kamaeva.

Last Saturday, Ischenko said that the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation decided not to appoint its candidate to the new elections for the head of Primorye. The party explained this decision by refusing to recognize the cancellation of the results of the September elections and the reluctance to participate in the "farce" in the form of new elections. "The municipal filter would not be passed to our candidate. It would be offered to double and deliver everything. Therefore, it does not make sense to participate in the farce," Alexander Communist Party spokesman Alexander Yushchenko told the RBC last weekend.

The source of RBC in the headquarters of Ischenko said that the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation "merged." The RBC interlocutor in the party said that in the regional sector of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation many opposed Ischenko: it did not fulfill certain obligations for the party, during the campaign he created parallel venues.

Ishchenko, like the rest of the autorescendidos ones, will have to gather near 7 thousand signatures in its support of Primorye, as well as at least 140 companies of the deputies of the municipal bodies (municipal filter).

The repeated elections of Primorye's governor are scheduled for December 16. The results of the first, which took place in two rounds, were canceled due to violations found.

The material is complemented.