Film “Father’s Night” won the jury prize at the festival “Echoes of Katyn” – Cinema

At the International Film Festival “Echoes of the Cat”, which focuses on totalitarian issues, the jury prize was awarded on Sunday to the film “Father’s Night” by Latvian director Dāvis Sīmanis.

The film, which premiered in 2018, is the story of a real person from Riga, Jean Lipki, and his family, who saved more than 50 Jews from death during World War II. The screenplay of the film is based on the motifs of Inese Zandere’s book “Boy with a Dog”.

The festival’s Audience Award went to German director Lars Kraume’s 2018 film “Das schweigende Klassenzimmer” (“Silent Classroom”), based on a true story of high school students in communist-ruled East Germany, who remembered the victims of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the far-reaching consequences of this moment for all involved.

The representative of the festival jury Pjotr ​​Škopiaks pointed out that watching such films, it becomes clear how many different stories have yet to be told.

“It’s not just history – these are issues that matter today, perhaps even more than ever before,” Škopiaks said.

During the festival, ten films competing for prizes were screened at the Muranów Cinema in Warsaw from October 22 to October 25.

The Echoes of the Cat first took place ten years ago at the national level in Poland. This year it was organized for the first time as an international event. It was organized by the Polish National Memorial Institute (IPN) to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.

In April and May 1940, Soviet interior troops killed more than 22,000 Polish army and police officers, doctors, professors and priests captured after the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 in the Katyn Forest, in the Smolensk area, in Kharkov and Kalinin prisons and elsewhere. .

As most Poles were killed in the Katina forest, the entire Polish massacre in the Soviet Union at the same time is called the Katina massacre.

NVIDIA to prepare an RTX 3080 Ti with 9,984 CUDA cores and 12 GB of GDDR6X memory

Faced with the Big Navi offensive, NVIDIA would call in new troops for reinforcement.

After evocation of RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3060 in China, the specter of a new RTX 30xx lurks: that of the RTX 3080 Ti. The latter would be based on a GA102-250 GPU. NVIDIA would equip this reference with 9,984 CUDA cores and 12 GB of GDDR6X memory. This RTX 3080 Ti would survive at the supposed RTX 3080 with 20 GB of VRAM, now canceled.

In fact, it’s very likely that NVIDIA was forced to revisit its plans because of AMD’s Big Navi GPUs. During the previous days, two leaks, including one supported by Igor Wallossek and ourselves, suggested that the current RTX 3080 would be beaten by AMD’s RX 6800 XT. Knowing that there is an RX 6900 XT left in reserve, NVIDIA may believe that its existing range of RTX 30xx will not match the armada that AMD will unveil tomorrow; that it is essential to bring fresh troops into the battle.

384-bit bus, like RTX 3090

Thus, in addition to the very recent RTX 3070, an RTX 3080 Ti, and also an RTX 3070 Ti, would arrive shortly. In addition to a larger number of CUDA cores than the RTX 3080 and additional VRAM memory, the RTX 3080 Ti would inherit a 384-bit memory bus, like the RTX 3090, rather than 320 bits. The site VideoCardz has gathered the data available in the table below.

Reference GPU Board (FE/REF) CUDA hearts Memory Status
RTX 3090 8nm GA102-300 PG136 / 132 SKU 10 10 496 24  Go G6X 384b Release September 24
RTX 3080 Ti 8nm GA102-250 PG136 / 132 SKU ?? 9 984 12  Go G6X 384b Reference not confirmed
RTX 3080 20 Go 8nm GA102-200 PG133 / 132 SKU 20 8 704 20 Go G6X Canceled
RTX 3080 10 Go 8nm GA102-200 PG133 / 132 SKU 30 8 704 10 Go G6X 320b Released on September 17th
RTX 3070 Ti 8nm GA102-150 PG133 / 132 SKU 35 7 424 10 Go G6X 320b Reference not confirmed
RTX 3070 Ti 8nm GA104-400 PG142 / 141 SKU 0 6144 16 Go G6 256b Canceled
RTX 3070 16 Go 8nm GA104-300 PG142 / 141 SKU 5 5888 16 Go G6 256b Canceled
RTX 3070 8 Go 8nm GA104-300 PG142 / 141 SKU 10 5888 8 Go G6 256b Released on October 29
RTX 3060 Ti 8nm GA104-200 PG190 SKU 10 4864 8 Go G6 256b Launch mid-November

Sinohydro signs a contract for the construction of the Kinguélé Aval dam – Agence Afrique

The company Asohna Energie and the Chinese company Sinohydro signed on Tuesday a supply and construction engineering contract (EPC) for the construction of the Kinguélé Aval hydroelectric dam, on the Mbéi river, in the Gabonese province of L ‘Estuary, according to an official statement.

Asonha Energie SA, a joint venture co-owned 40% by the Gabonese Strategic Investments Fund (FGIS) and 60% by the Meridiam investment fund, had launched, in collaboration with the Gabonese authorities, a call for international offer which led to the award of the contract to the Sinohydro company last September.

The future dam, with a capacity of 35 Megawatts, will produce some 205 GWh per year, or 13% of the current consumption of the agglomeration of Libreville. The structure will be built downstream of the two existing hydroelectric power stations of Tchimbélé and Kinguélé offering a total capacity of 120 MW.

The Kinguele Aval project will create more than 700 jobs. The works should start before the end of the year, with a first commissioning scheduled for 2023. The financing of the works will be provided by the FGIS-Meridiam Consortium and a few partner banking institutions.

These are the new measures – NRK Vestland

This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

Stay up to date in NRK’s ​​overview, or through FHIs nettsider.

Due to the infection situation, Bergen municipality introduced a number of measures, with effect from night to Thursday.

After the government yesterday presented its recommendations, or so-called “should” measures, Bergen came up with a number of “shall” measures:

  • Prohibition of private gatherings with more than ten people. Cohorts associated with kindergartens and primary schools have exceptions.
  • Prohibition with more than 50 participants at public events, where there are not seats for everyone.
  • Mandatory for face masks on public transport, where you can not maintain at least one meter distance.
  • Mandatory for bandages indoors in public places such as shops, malls, restaurants and restaurants, where one can not maintain at least one meter distance.
  • Requirements for identification and keeping a guest list at all restaurants, including places without alcohol.
  • For nightclubs with alcohol serving, people are not allowed in after midnight.
  • Liquor is forbidden to sell after midnight.
  • Nightclubs must not have a noise level higher than that guests can hold a conversation at a distance of one meter.

– Now we have to press again, and I think we are facing a demanding winter, said City Councilor Roger Valhammer (Labor) during the press conference.

The regulations last for four weeks from night to Thursday 29 October.

QUEUE: Many cars had turned up at the test station at Spelhaugen in Bergen on Tuesday, after there were no more free hours at the emergency room.

Photo: Helena Viktoria Johnsen / NRK

Recommends home office

The City Council further recommends that everyone who can have a home office should have a home office.

At the same time, they encourage everyone to reduce the number of contact persons in social contexts during the week.

– We support the national recommendation wholeheartedly. We must reduce the number of people we meet in one day and a week outside our own household and family, Valhammer said.

At the same time, Valhammer encouraged the people of Bergen to keep in touch and take care of each other in the time to come.

– We are entering a time where darkness sets in. We know that autumn depression is a real challenge for many. The corona pandemic will potentially amplify this, Valhammer said.


MOUTHBIND: City Councilor Roger Valhammer (Labor Party) asked people to take care of each other in the coming time. On Tuesday, the Bergen City Council introduced a number of new, comprehensive measures.

Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB

– Do not call strangers during Halloween

Health councilor Beate Husa (KrF) further said that no one should call strangers for tricks or gimmicks during Halloween in Bergen.

– The celebration must also take place in accordance with the rule that it is only allowed to be ten people at private events, Husa said.

An exception is made here for kindergarten children and school children, who can be with their cohort.

Highest infection rate in Bergen

On Tuesday, the municipality reported 77 infected, the highest in one day since the pandemic started. Most of the infected are young adults.

Yesterday, the municipality reported nine new cases of infection. Due to the large variation in the numbers, the municipality believes that the total of 86 cases must be distributed over the last two days.

On Tuesday, chaos ensued at the drop-in test station at Spelhaugen in Bergen.

The police had to help

The emergency room did not have more free hours for testing. The municipality encouraged people to test themselves at Spelhaugen.

The police had to move out to help direct the traffic.

– A queue had been reported towards Oasen, says operations manager Stine Mjelde in the West police district.

It is about one kilometer from the test center in the old premises of the Norwegian Motor Vehicle Inspectorate at Spelhaugen.

The police had a car on the spot, according to Mjelde.

– We must ensure that we get the traffic resolved if there has been a tangle, but we hope that the police can end soon, she says.


PROGRESS: People with symptoms become a priority in the queue at the drop-in test station at Spelhaugen. Those who are in quarantine are encouraged to wait to be tested.

Photo: Helena Victoria Johnsen / NRK

Announces new measures

Agency director Brita Øygard in Bergen municipality believes the shutdown of the test station after employees were carbon monoxide poisoned, leads to the great onset.

– We have had a period of shutdown due to air quality. A lot had to be done. Now we have a backlog of people who want to test themselves. At the same time, we have a high infection pressure, says Øygard.

Bergen municipality asked the police for help in dealing with the incident yesterday. They will prevent cars from queuing on the county road, while the Red Cross handles the queue down towards the test station.

Bergen municipality has announced a press conference at 3 pm today, where they will talk about new measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Activists Accuse Thai King of Ruling from Germany

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Pro democracy demonstrators Thailand ask the Chancellor German, Angela Merkel, to investigate whether the King of Thailand, Rama X Maha Vajiralongkorn, exercised political power during his stay in the country.

Activists say they have sent a letter to the German Embassy in Bangkok to investigate whether King Vajiralongkorn “has done Thai politics using his government’s prerogative rights from German soil or not.”

According to the demonstrators, if King Vajiralongkorn ran the government from there, it would be a clear violation of German sovereignty.

They also suggested that the German government consider the protesters’ request with the aim of bringing King Vajiralongkorn back to Thailand to restore the country “to the right path of constitutional monarchy.”

In addition to questioning whether King Vajiralongkorn carried out political practices of the German government, the letter also contained a number of demands made on the king.

The German government raised the issue in early October, when Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, responded to a question in parliament. He expressed concern over any political activity that King Vajiralongkorn might carry out in the country.

On Monday in Berlin, Maas told reporters that the German government was following the development of the situation in Thailand.

“We have checked this not only in the last few weeks, but we are continuing to look into it in the long term, and if there are things that we feel are against the law, then it will have an immediate impact,” Maas said. Associated Press, Tuesday (27/10).

Vajiralongkorn has lived in Germany for many years. He reportedly owned a villa and was accompanied by a number of concubines there.

The presence of Thai demonstrators at the German Embassy is said to have dragged protests to the international level.

The number of protesters is estimated at between 5,000 and 10,000.

They ignored police warnings that their action was illegal and continued to demonstrate at the German embassy. King Vajiralongkorn has in recent weeks been in Thailand with a busy royal schedule.

(CNN Indonesia / Timothy Loen)

(ndn / ayp)

[Gambas:Video CNN]


Intestinal inflammation: beware of food emulsifiers

According to a recent study, food emulsifiers present in processed dishes can have a deleterious impact on certain specific bacteria leading to chronic inflammation.

Almost twenty million people are affected by chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). These diseases, characterized by inflammation of the wall of part of the digestive tract, include many pathologies such as Crohn’s disease. Research has already shown that diet plays a role in triggering intestinal inflammation.

A French study goes even further and examines the impact of certain food additives. Researchers from Inserm, CNRS and the University of Paris have shown that “food emulsifiers present in many processed dishes could have a deleterious impact on specific bacteria in the gut microbiota, leading to chronic inflammation”. Their results are published in the scientific journalCell Reports.” data-reactid=”25″>A French study goes even further and examines the impact of certain food additives. Researchers from Inserm, CNRS and the University of Paris have shown that “food emulsifiers present in many processed dishes could have a deleterious impact on specific bacteria in the gut microbiota, leading to chronic inflammation”. Their results are published in the scientific journal Cell Reports.

Ubiquitous emulsifiers

An identified mechanism

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Because of these two players, Van de Beek only became a reserve at Man United


Manchester United midfielder, Donny van de Beek, showed an unpleasant expression when his team did not play in the match against Chelsea in the 2020-2021 Premier League, Saturday (24/10/2020).

BOLASPORT.COM – Former midfielder Manchester United, Owen Hagreaves, also commented on the situation being experienced by Donny van de Beek.

Donny van de Beek come to Manchester United after being redeemed for 40 million pounds (around Rp.765 billion) from Ajax Amsterdam in the summer of 2020.

Signing Donny van de Beek considered able to turn on the strength of the midfield Manchester United in navigating the 2020-2021 season competition.

However, these hopes apparently did not come true and even seemed to evaporate for supporters Man United to witness Van de Beek in action.

Also Read: Juventus vs Barcelona – Lionel Messi’s Momentum to Conquer Allianz Stadium

In fact, the 23-year-old midfielder has never tasted a start in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s line-up in the Premier League.

Van de Beek only got rations as a starter twice, even then in the Premier League Cup.

This condition seems to have received the spotlight from various circles such as the former Dutch national team star, Marco van Basten.

Not only Marco van Basten, former Red Devils team players such as Patrice Evra and Gary Neville also commented on Van de Beek’s condition.


We were able to test the new connected watch Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

On Tuesday, October 13 at 7 p.m. (Swiss time), Apple broadcast a press conference attended by several thousand people. The origin of this digital gathering? The October keynote and the announcement of the new iPhone 12s as well as the all-new HomePod Mini.

It’s over there – All online

Apple Introduces New Products – October 14, 2020

It’s over there – All online Apple Introduces New Products – October 14, 2020

Let’s start with the 4 new iPhones presented. yes, 4!

A “standard” iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Mini which has a… mini format, an iPhone 12 Pro with more advanced functions and an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the large format phone of the new range. But even though there are a lot of new phones out there, their innards are very similar. In particular, they are all connected with 5G!

Apple relies on 5G for the entire range of its new phones © KEYSTONE / EPA / BROOKS KRAFT / APPLE INC.

iPhone relies on 5G technology

Without going into the 5G debate. The new iPhones will be equipped with antennas capable of communicating in 3G, 4G and 5G. The phone will be able to analyze the user’s need for speed. If the load on the network is not very strong, the phone will use the 4G connection (less resource and battery intensive). As soon as a big download is detected, or if the phone is in a space where the antennas are overloaded, it will switch to 5G mode.

We can very well live without. But the possibility of accessing 5G is interesting for a phone that we will keep a priori 3-4 or even 5 years, and which costs not far (or even more) than a thousand francs. Since, a priori, if today we do not need it, we can easily imagine that in 5 years, the 5G infrastructure will be more advanced and technology will be part of our everyday lives.

iPhone Pro in its new color: Pacific blue © KEYSTONE / EPA / BROOKS KRAFT / APPLE INC.

How to choose?

The first way to decide between the different models is by the size of the phone. If we like small formats, we will go on the iPhone 12 Mini. Unique in the range, the phone is in the same proportion as the iPhone 4 that many regret. If we prefer a large phone, we will logically go to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With its 17 centimeter diagonal panel, pixel lovers will be served. On the other hand, if the size does not matter (it seems), or the standard size is suitable, we can choose from the small extras.

The iPhone Pro, for the pros… of the photo

iPhone Pro has better materials and better cameras. In particular, photos in dark conditions will be much improved. The catches have been redesigned compared to the previous models. The stabilization of the camera is no longer done at the level of the lens, as is the norm in smartphones. But at the sensor level, like a real high-end camera.

But there too, if the photo and the few additions are not an argument, the rest of the components are very much the same. So you might as well take the model below.

Last factor, the price

The iPhone 12 mini starts at frs. 779.-, iPhone 12 at frs. 879.-, iPhone 12 Pro at frs. 1129.- and finally the iPhone 12 Pro Max at frs. 1229.-. Your budget can also make the choice for you. The most upscale (iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB) costs frs. 1589.-! For that price, you can also buy a small used car.

HomePod Mini will not – immediately – be available in Switzerland © KEYSTONE / EPA / BROOKS KRAFT / APPLE INC.

Also new, HomePod Mini

Like the HomePod speaker presented in 2017, Apple introduced the HomePod Mini.

Same characteristic as the old model of connected speaker which remains available. It is controlled by voice thanks to Siri but in a Mini format. On the other hand, like the HomePod, the HomePod Mini will not be officially available in Switzerland on since Siri does not officially speak Swiss German. It is still possible to buy it from resellers, but it will not understand Swiss German but only real German.

This is also the case for French since officially Siri speaks French from France and not French from Switzerland. But this is a subject that I reserve for a future column, because it is not the first time that the German Swiss and their dialects have deprived us of the release of a product.

The entire Apple range: HomePod Mini, iPad Pro, Airpods, iPhone 12 and Apple Watch series 6 © KEYSTONE / EPA / BROOKS KRAFT / APPLE INC.

Real estate: is it time to buy?

The Covid-19 crisis is reshuffling the cards of an already seized real estate market. However, it leaves room for good deals for buyers. Overview.

One thing is certain, the Covid-19 has spared no sector. Real estate, which was already in difficulty in recent years, received a heavy blow with the cessation of its activity during the first months of confinement. Seized, the market has indeed had to cope with the drop in the number of transactions, housing production deficit, lengthening of time to market… How was the sector able to evolve during and after the confinement period? Now is the time to buy? “The situation is worsening for a market which was already in recession”, comments immediately Kevin Gormand, co-founder and CEO of Mubawab, electronic site specializing in real estate advertisements. Marked by a mismatch between supply and demand as well as a lack of price correlation, the real estate market was already suffering from a crisis of confidence. Pandemic context requires, the doubt about any prospect of recovery is therefore very present. However, this is “not entirely founded”, agree to say several experts, stressing that “the interest in stone is still there”.

For some, it’s even a good time to grab a bargain. The market is said to have regained some momentum, albeit timid. It would even be getting stronger over the months. “The situation is moving in the right direction,” emphasizes Kevin Gormand. To support his remarks, he relies on the September figures from the Mubawab portal. The site has indeed observed a strong growth in traffic since last May until reaching a historic peak in September with three million visits and 400,000 registered requests. The same trend is also observed on the side of the site, which operates in the classifieds segment. It has also seen an increase in traffic in recent months. Beyond the six million monthly visits recorded on the real estate section, the site received more than 3.2 million additional unique visits and collected 185,000 new real estate advertisements per month ……………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………


“Holy war in Macron”. Erdogan leads Islam, but now Europe is building a wall

Playing with fire risks getting burned. France is realizing this at least 10 years late. And not because of Emmanuelle Macron’s foresight, but because of her fear of giving more votes to a Marine Le Pen ready to take advantage of the wave of indignation raised by the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty. However, unlike his predecessors Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, who are always ready to flirt with Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, the French president has the merit of facing reality and denouncing the danger of what he has openly called “separatist Islam”. An Islam that, after having given over a thousand militants to the Islamic State and having sowed blood and death from Paris to Nice, is devouring cities and suburbs, taking them away from the laws of the state. But the dangerousness of that Islam and of the Muslim nations ready to flag it up shows its true face also on the international front. The most explicit, but also the most arrogant and aggressive, is the one exhibited by Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan. Yesterday, after having once again invited the French president to check his “mental stability”, the “pyromaniac sultan” – as Le Monde defines him – proposed a boycott of all French products. Then, not satisfied, he launched into a series of harsh attacks on Angela Merkel’s Germany and the European Union. After denouncing Islamophobia, calling it “the plague of European countries”, Erdogan accused the EU of fomenting an anti-Islamic lynching campaign “similar to that against Jews before the Second World War”. Singular words given that they are pronounced by an enemy president of Israel and an ally of Hamas.But the toughest attack is that reserved for a Germany which – also due to the presence on its territory of almost 5 million Turks – has always proved itself very tolerant of Ankara’s excesses. “You talk about freedom of religion, but you are the real fascists, the heirs of the Nazis,” Erdogan said, addressing Berlin. Immediately afterwards he again shot zero on Brussels claiming that “in certain European countries, hatred of Islam and Muslims has become a practice promoted even by presidents”. But behind Erdogan’s thrusts – defined as unacceptable by Angela Merkel – there is an array of Islamic countries ready to align themselves with Turkey and support the clash with France and Europe. Of course, in many cases the hypocrisy is absolutely gross. Qatar, already a great ally of Sarkozy in the war on Gaddafi and on Italian interests in Libya, is – today – one of the first to attack the secularist and anti-fundamentalist positions of the French president. And the hypocrisy of Imran Khan, the Pakistani prime minister, who is ready to accuse the Elysée of Islamophobia, would almost be funny – if it were not tragic – while the ignoble law on blasphemy remains in force at home. A law, used above all to persecute Christians, whose most famous victim was that Asia Bibi sentenced to the gallows and held in jail for ten years after being unjustly accused of having insulted the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed. Yet despite those past, Pakistan yesterday allowed itself to summon the French ambassador. A convocation during which “the most vigorous protest” was expressed for the “publication of blasphemous drawings” and for the statements of President Macron in defense of the cartoons on Muhammad re-proposed by Charlie Hebdo. According to Islamabad Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, “Macron’s irresponsible words add new fuel to the fire.” “Nobody – added Qureshi – has the right to hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims under the pretext of freedom of expression.”