Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the youngest woman to reach the House of Representatives

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made history in Tuesday's election by defeating Republican candidate Anthony Pappas for the 14th District of the New York Congress. The 29-year-old democrat is the youngest woman who will take a seat at the Congress. He was born in the Bronx from two parents of the working class: his mother was born in Puerto Rico and his father owned a small business in the south of the Bronx. His experience is in the education and organization of the community and he worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. "It was not in the plans". Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had nothing to do with politics, at least not partisan politics. She was a young activist who promoted the causes of the community and that she volunteered for campaigns. He adjusted to the "normal citizen" profile he promoted in his campaign, Ocasio-Cortez is paying the student's debt for the economy and international relations career that he studied at the University from Boston. His family suffered the mortgage debt problem that affected millions of Americans during the 2008 financial crisis and had to work as a waitress to help with family income, which was affected by the death of his father that same year. of the legal labyrinth they had to pass to solve inheritance issues, finally, in 2012 they managed to pay off the debts and escape from the threat of eviction. "Even politics was not in the plans," says this 28-year-old in his promotional video, which never held public office and is defined as "niuyorrican", the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and that her father was born in the Bronx. 18 to 1 It's not that the girl had no instinct or political concern. In his student years he worked at the office of the iconic Democrat senator Ted Kennedy who helped in immigration matters. In 2016 he was part of the volunteer service that helped Senator Vermont Bernie Sanders in his attempt to win the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 elections. The moment of transformation for her was the protest in the Indian reservation of Standing Rock in South Dakota. against the construction of a pipeline that crossed territories considered sacred by the local tribes and that, despite the order to deepen the environmental studies that Obama ordered, received the green light of newly invested President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived at the White House. After participating in this rally with indigenous leaders, Ocasio-Cortez was contacted by Brand New Congress (Renewed Congress). For his work with Sanders, and with the remembrance of Barack Obama's experience in 2008, the candidate opted for a campaign that did not depend on political committees or large donors, but driven by direct communication with the components of and basic work. According to the data of its campaign, 70% of its funds came from contributions of less than 200 dollars. But money does not seem to be fundamental to its success, judging by the fact that Crowley raised about 18 times more than his opponent. What do you propose? Politically, Ocasio-Cortez is defined as a socialist, in a line similar to that promoted by Sanders in 2016. A member of the Democratic Socialists of the U.S. UU., A political organization of the left that is usually associated with the Democratic Party and other groups to promote liberal policies. In its electoral offer, Ocasio-Cortez proposes issues that are the basis of American socialists, such as universal public health, free education and protection of labor rights. In addition, it proposes the elimination of the ICE, the Customs and Immigration Agency, which considers a legacy of the beginnings of the so-called "war on terrorism" that was established after the attacks of September 2001 and the controversial Patriot law, with which many citizen rights were reduced because of national security. Alexandria Oc asio-Cortez: the "Niuoran" who won the establishment of the Democratic Party in New York (photos) Gallery Load

Inferno, which reached “Monaco” and Golovin. Terror continues

Mikhail Goncharov
Photo: Michael Steele / Getty Images

Inferno, which reached "Monaco" and Golovin. Terror continues
The club falls on all fronts. And they are not only the poor sports results.

November 7, 2018 3:54 PM


More recently, we perceive Monaco as a prosperous club with competent leadership, a strong coach, new progressive players, a brilliant philosophy and a bright future. With peace of mind, we accompany our most talented soccer player to the principality and for sure it was an excellent option for him to climb. But a few months have passed, and I want to yell out loud: "From there you run, Sasha! Run!"
Once again, remember all the circles of hell, through which passed the "Monaco" in the current season.
15 matches without a win in all tournaments
In the new season, the Monegasques reached the backdrop of a steep defeat against the PSG in the encounter of the French Super Cup – 0-4, and this failure was as an omen of a bleak future. Suppose that in the first round Monaco won against Nantes (3: 1), but that victory, dated August 11, remains the only championship in the Champions League. Since then, five ties and 10 losses in two tournaments with a total goal difference of 11-27.

Golovin is wrong without CSKA. "Monaco" in the background
Monegasques does not keep until a judicial error in its favor.
19th place in the championship
Of course, with such deplorable results, one can only speak of the struggle for survival. The headlines: "So you can fly!" In the first place, they have been perceived in the media as hyperbolic literary techniques to make the materials more expressive, but now they fully reflect the essence of what is happening. "Monaco" with seven points on the 19th, the penultimate place. The following neighbors – "Gengam" – the same, but worse goal difference.
Last place in the Champions League
From the fight for the playoffs, Monaco left after the first two rounds. But there was hope at least for the spring stage of the Europa League, because competitors are not the most formidable of Bruges. But first, the Golovina team played 1: 1 away, and yesterday managed to burn 0: 4 at home. With one point, she is now deep down, and getting out of there is almost impossible.
Dismiss the coach
"Monaco" collapsed, but it seemed that leadership would not make any sharp moves and would keep coach coach Leonard Jardim, who had done a lot of good things for the club. Unfortunately On October 11, the Portuguese were fired. It is unlikely that specifically for Golovin this is a very bad event. Yes, Zhardim believed in him and was interested in the transfer, but Alexander's level should allow him to play with any coach. Another thing is that Thierry Henry's legend does not work better, three defeats and two draws in five games. I wonder how long it will last.

Monaco refused the coach, who invited Golovin. But he is not a coach
Zhardim failed. No one could handle this situation.
11 wounded
Maybe someone does not know it, but Monaco has one of the strongest teams in the French Championship. It is the third party in terms of cost (296 million euros) according to the transfermarkt portal after PSG (867.7) and Lyon (373.4). But all this is virtuality. The reality is that the club of the principality suffers from injuries throughout the season. This also applies to Golovin, who lost the beginning of the championship due to the damage of the ankle for the first time and now he retired for two weeks due to problems in the ankle. Monaco could not count on Sidibe's main defender on several occasions (he returned more closely to September), Roni Lopesha (on the contrary, left in September and still does not play), Jovetich (lost all September, recovered, but again abandoned the game of house with Brugge). On Tuesday, the main center defender, Glick, also left, and in the hospital today there are 11 (!) People: Subashich, Traore, Raji, Golovin, Roni Lopes, Pellegri, Doram, Aolu, Goebbels, Glick.

Thierry Henry is the new coach in Monaco. Now Golovin will work with him.
The French did not start from the bottom.
Possible problems with financial fair-play
On Monday, foreign publications related to Football Leaks reported that the owner of Monaco Dmitry Rybolovlev invested large sums in the club, ignoring the fair game financial rules introduced by UEFA. According to the source, for that purpose, a contract with a marketing agency was signed, whose chief had promised to Monaco a total payment of 1,400 million euros in 10 years. At the same time, Rybolovlev had to engage in offshore companies in Hong Kong and the Virgin Islands, and the terms of the agreement with the company have been hidden from UEFA to avoid accusations of violating the financial rules.
The club denied the charges through the official website and UEFA has not yet commented on the information. But it is possible that the story continues.
Rybolovlev – under custody
On Tuesday morning, on the day of the match with Brugge, the owner of Monaco was placed in custody. The arrest is related to a judicial investigation against him on charges of corruption and traffic of influence. The lawyers of the employer demanded to observe the presumption of innocence of their client. Read more about this story here.

The Russian owner of Monaco is detained before the Champions League game. What for?
In the game itself, Golovin did not play due to injuries, while Monaco lost to Brugge at home 0-4.
On ahead: a match with PSG
On Sunday, the Monegasques will meet with the leader of the French Championship, who scored 12 wins in 12 rounds, scored 41 goals and only lost seven. There is a suspicion that this game will be for Monaco, drained of blood and with a broken psyche, the next round of hell. But Golovin, fortunately or unfortunately, will not play against the Paris superclub.

LADA Largus во вс вход версиях подорожала на 6 000 рублей из-за «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС»

Do you want to wear a LADA Largus truck at your disposal? Do you buy a motorcycle at 10,000? Теперь же ее ценник прибавил еще 6 000 рублей, за систему «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС».

LADA Largus and ранее продавалась с системой «ЭРА-ГЛОНААС», just like a little bit of a mommy with no money, and a little bit of money, for 6,000 reps. Теперь же система стала неотъемлемой частью машины, и потому Largus неизбежно подорожал.
Отныне стоимость фургона LADA Largus составляет от 540 900 рублей. 570 900 рублей. Largus Cross стоит 720 900 рублей. Моторный отсек модели занимает двигатель 1.6, который, в зависимости от комплектации, выдает мощность 87-106 л.с. Пару агрегату составляет 5-МКПП.

Система «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС» предназначена для вызова экстренных служб одной кнопкой из машины, не прибегая к использованию телефона. Кроме того, система способна сама вызвать службы спасения в случае серьезного происшествия. Ежедневное количество подключившихся автомобилей к системе составляет порядка 4 300 единиц. Общей сложности, сейчас количество подключенных машин составляет 2,7 млн.

The counsel of the county behind drives the transport selection around … – Oxford Mail

A wider transport selection should be encouraged to reduce the isolation of some rural people in Oxfordshire, the county council agreed.

More options for people to move around must be backed up by residents, including community bus services and potentially new taxi operators, the counselors said.

A move initially presented by the conservative cabinet member Eddie Reeves and modified by Labor counselor Laura Price asks the City Council of Oxford and other district councils to work together to ensure a "diverse variety of affordable transportation options."

As part of this, the new taxi companies could be encouraged to enter the market. Commercial and community bus services could also work together to "expand the availability" of such services.

Mrs. Price said the movements would give a way to "reconnect our county."

John Howson, Democratic Liberal Counselor of St. Margaret's Ward, said living in Oxford, can use his bus pass.

But lack of bus services in rural areas meant that other residents are currently excluded.

But Mark Gray, an independent counselor and cabinet member, said that the examples of extension of the potential measures mentioned by Professor Howson are already being completed as part of the projects that the board is part of.

At first, a bus route funded by developer contributions will launch in South Oxfordshire soon, he said.

Mr. Gray said: "I think these services could be sustainable so that bus services run by big companies were not."

While Liz Leffman, a Liberal Democratic adviser, said he was generally supportive and that the council should return community groups.

She said she was "behind to get more variety in bus services."

But she told councilors that she felt that the authority should "give support, and not just tell them to continue with that."


Virreina releases Lorenza Böttner from Paraphilippic Petra

What a paradox, in the last years of the artist Lorenza Böttner (1959-1994): after struggling not to be buried by tags of transsexuals and the disabled, the time that perhaps he had more public is when he played the mascot of the Paralympic Games of Barcelona, Petra, designed by Xavier Mariscal, a representative character of the integration policies against which he relented tirelessly. "Petra eclipsed Lorenza Böttner as an artist," says philosopher Paul B. Preciado, curator of the exhibition Requiem by the norm, which can be visited at the Image Center of the Virreina until February 3. "Commissioner" is short because, besides bringing Böttner's legacy to the light, he gave him a theoretical body that he drinks from the reflections that the artist made to escape an institutional machine that canceled it. "Lava" It is not a regular show, rescues and gives visibility to a work that has been hidden by the institutionalized history of art, "says Preciado.

Lorenza Böttner was born like Ernst in Chile. At eight, he was amputated by electrocuting when he approached a pole of light to raise a child, and received treatment among German children affected by thalidomide. Then he graduated in plastic arts in Kassel. "What is radical in the work of Lorenza Böttner is not only the content, but also invented a framework of representation in which the body with functional diversity is represented at a distance from medical speeches and freak show "Based on this basis, the work and thought of Böttner are triggered by a" self-sufficiency of an incessant multiplicity ": in the privacy there are some delicate ink designs, some of which include female archetypes. Paint with cake on the street, work on paper that he considers "dance paintings." "Art is a prosthetic extension of the body to produce its identity," emphasizes Preciado.

More contemporary than before

In another aspect of his production, he parodies the posters of nineteenth-century shows of characters with deformities. And in the academic field, in his dissertation he sought references of his work in artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Frida Kahlo. "Lorenza Böttner's work is a reivindication of the life of his own sexuality and his gender transformation," comments Preciado. It overcomes the division between normal and pathological and between male and female. His work is much more contemporary than today. There are artists who have to wait to receive the message of their work. "

The legacy of Böttner, who died due to the complications caused by AIDS, was preserved because his mother kept him at home. Prior to Barcelona, ​​Preciado presented a small selection in the latest edition of Documenta de Kassel, of which Preciado was head of public programs and one of the commissioners. Both Kassel and La Virreina can see one of the pieces of which the curator is more proud to return to light, a giant self-portrait that Böttner painted with traces of his feet. After Barcelona, ​​the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, who already hosted the controversy The beast and the sovereign censored at Macba, will make an expanded version of the sample.

Another feature of Böttner's work is that a "support network" was created, especially when traveling to New York. He wrote to all institutions and contacted all the artists and all the galleries, "even with Andy Warhol." But he did not have institutional visibility: in Germany and New York, where he represented the nightmare in which the American dream could be transformed, it could not go beyond the university context and small rooms. This did not prevent him: in the Documenta of Kassel VII, in 1982, when he was not represented, Böttner went out with pies and paper sheets and was painted in the eyes of everyone. "The art of Lorenza Böttner is a direct action of guerrilla, parasitizing the space of Documenta VII and turning a street into a large exhibition space. The street is the real and vital place in which art develops. People could buy their works and sometimes they gave them, "comments Preciado.

The return of Wayne Rooney from England falls farce

The controversial return of Wayne Rooney to the England team is detailed in a 40-page FA communications document that is at the center of the confusion surrounding its appearance against the United States next week.

The situation plunged the farce in the middle of claims and counter-claims about the important role that the former England captain would play in Wembley's friendly one week in the morning.

Mail sports It includes the initial plans for Rooney to stop being a more central figure in the game than the FA aborted by the doubts that it could cause disturbances in the dressing room of England.

The controversial return to England of Wayne Rooney went down to the farce

The controversial return to England of Wayne Rooney went down to the farce

The controversial return to England of Wayne Rooney went down to the farce

A 40-page FA communications document is at the center of the confusion surrounding Rooney

A 40-page FA communications document is at the center of the confusion surrounding Rooney

A 40-page FA communications document is at the center of the confusion surrounding Rooney

Comes as Spain presented plans for retired midfielder David Silva, from Manchester City, to receive a farewell farewell. He will take the start before his encounter with Bosnia in Las Palmas on Sunday at week, in his suit, before leaving the field.

There are many who feel that it would be a good point for Rooney too, and not the rage that surrounds him.

In his place, Rooney, who will win his 120th maximum against EE. U., He was sunk in controversy. And the FA officials were in panicky since the news leaked out of their intention to give the English golfer a farewell game more than a year after he retired from international football.

On Tuesday they moved quickly to reject the reports that Rooney could be given the 10th shirt he used during his tenure as captain of England, and there was also a claim that the 33-year-old, now playing for DC United at the MLS, The game is expected to start and Captain Gareth Southgate.

FA officials were panicked as the news leaked on their intention to give Rooney a farewell game

FA officials were panicked as the news leaked on their intention to give Rooney a farewell game

FA officials were panicked as the news leaked on their intention to give Rooney a farewell game

Gareth Southgate will have to provide some clarity when he names his squad on Wednesday

Gareth Southgate will have to provide some clarity when he names his squad on Wednesday

Gareth Southgate will have to provide some clarity when he names his squad on Wednesday

Undoubtedly, there seemed to be some confusion around it, perhaps because of the interpretation of the communications document on the return of England to a game of England.

They seemed to be under the clear impression that he would start and receive the bracelet with FA's own communication about social networks, essentially many photos of Rooney in his T-shirt No 10 or shirt No 10, reinforcing the view that he would receive a full treatment of red carpet


Wayne Rooney – 53 goals

Bobby Charlton – 49 goals

Gary Lineker – 48 goals

Jimmy Greaves – 44 goals

Michael Owen – 40 goals

Even within the FA, there seems to be a suggestion that Southgate can give his shirt No. 10 that is being used more frequently by the star of the win against Spain in Seville last month, Raheem Sterling.

But July insiders insisted that T-shirt No. 10, the captaincy and the idea of ​​getting started had not reached a serious point of discussion, being fired at the time it was suggested (presumably by Rooney camp).

Mail sports He realizes that FA has become aware that carrying No. 10 out of Sterling could cause a problem when some of the Southgate players are somewhat confused with the decision to select Rooney when he was essentially axed by England manager two years ago.

It was only in August, in the end, that Southgate said that it became too easy to enter the squad, with the clear message that he intended to make it more difficult. Having said that, Kyle Walker did not object when asked Tuesday.

"It's good," he said. "Wayne has been there since age 20. He helped me in my career in England and I think it's the dismissal that deserves what he has done for English football and England."

The initial plans are included so that Rooney stopped being a more central figure in the game

The initial plans are included so that Rooney stopped being a more central figure in the game

The initial plans are included so that Rooney stopped being a more central figure in the game

On Tuesday night, the whole situation had fallen into farce, leaving Southgate with the task of providing some clarity when announcing his squad at Wembley on Wednesday.

One of the questions he will face is that he persuaded him to accept an idea that seems originally caused by Rooney's agent, Paul Stretford, given the divisive aspect that was made.

On Tuesday, FA officers were still forced to clarify why Rooney's foundation, which was chosen as the official charity for the game, does not receive £ 3 million from a non-profit organization as the FA expects to make in the sales of tickets.

A FA spokeswoman said: "FA is a non-profit organization that pounds millions of pounds into the base game on an annual basis. Revenues from England v. USA will return to the English game.

"However, to honor Wayne Rooney and his recording career in England, we will also help raise money for the Wayne Rooney Foundation through a series of fundraising initiatives throughout the game."

These initiatives include shirts to be signed by the squad and given to the foundation, an opportunity for free fans to buy a game ticket, free collections around the stadium, gift cards and silent auctions in hospitality areas, a text for To donate the facility via BT and a gala dinner at Wembley in 2019.

Wells Fargo admits that it is incorrectly excluded in 545 homeowners who should help

Wells Fargo acknowledged Tuesday that, due to a calculation error, improperly imposed 545 affected owners after applying for help with their mortgages.

In general, 870 homeowners were relinquished for the help they rated, after more than half lost their homes, said Wells Fargo.

The recognition is sure to increase pressure on the San Francisco-based bank, which has been struggling to repair its image after a series of failed steps. He has already paid more than one billion dollars in fines to several regulators to open the false accounts that people did not want and unduly recovered thousands of cars.

Wells Fargo has repeatedly apologized for his erroneous steps but has not yet won many lawmakers, including the Democrats who called on his chief executive, Tim Sloan, to again testify to the actions of the bank. The bank is also under orders from the Federal Reserve to not grow more than its current $ 2 trillion assets until it meets its various problems.

In this case, Wells Fargo said an internal review found that the bank had denied help to hundreds of homeowners after the charges levied by the foreclosure lawyers were used improperly when the bank determined who to provide mortgage loans. The problem started in 2010 and was not corrected until April, the bank said.

The disclosure echoes the complaints of thousands of borrowers in the years after the financial crisis that banks were tedious to offer help with their collapse loans.

"It's really surprising that it took so long to find these problems and it is not clear that this is the end. A landlord in danger deserves better," said Alys Cohen, a lawyer for the staff at the National Consumer Law Center. "Why do we not know more about how this happened? And where are the regulators ensuring that the owners are totally compensated?"

Wells Fargo initially revealed the problem in August and said it would reserve $ 8 million or about $ 12,800 per client to address the problem. But on Tuesday the number of people who believe they were affected increased after an expanded review. The "substantial majority" of borrowers has already been contacted and "remediation" will be offered, the bank said.

The bank did not say how much more money, if any, expected to allocate to compensate additional borrowers.

"This effort to identify other instances in which customers may have experienced damages is ongoing, and it is possible that we may identify other areas of potential concern," said the bank in its SEC submission.

Brazil: Bolsonaro invokes God and the Constitution in Parliament

True to his style that seduced millions of believers in the evangelical churches, Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro repeated several times to God in a speech in Parliament in Brasilia on Tuesday and pledged to respect the Constitution.

"I believe in God, I believe in our people and our potential," said the former parachutist of the army in a solemn ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Brazilian Constitution, drafted after the military dictatorship (1964- 1985).

"Together, the executive, the judiciary and the legislature, we must defend the Constitution. It is the responsibility of us all," he said shaking the yellow and green book that contained the 1988 text.

This speech, which was not foreseen by the protocol, lasted less than two minutes.

The ceremony took place in the chamber of the House of Representatives, where Mr. Bolsonaro has been sitting since 1991, in the presence of the parliamentarians of the two houses, the current President Michel Temer and the president of the Supreme Court Dias Toffoli.

Considered by detractors as a threat to democracy because of nostalgia for the military dictatorship, the extreme right-wing president has already promised during the campaign the "slave of the Constitution."

Jair Bolsonaro, 63, arrived in Brasilia in the morning, on his first trip from the second round on October 28, with 55 percent of the votes.

From his election, he remained mostly confined to his home in Rio de Janeiro due to his health weakened by the sting that almost cost him life on September 6.

"I ask God to clarify us, thank you for saving my life," he said in the speech of Parliament.

– "Changing the destiny" of Brazil –

Smiling, wearing a tie and gray navy, sang the national anthem with his hand in the heart at the opening of the ceremony.

"Together, we will continue building Brazil that our people deserve. (…) We can change the destiny of our nation," he continued.

In conclusion, the President-elect quoted the motto of his campaign "Brazil above all and God above all else."

The other superior figures of the State present in the Chamber recalled in their speeches the importance of respect for democratic values.

"It is not enough to evoke the Constitution with a contemplative attitude, it must be protected," said Raquel Dodge, general lawyer.

In Brasilia, Jair Bolsonaro must prepare with his team the transition before his inauguration, which will take place on January 1.

Its transition team has 27 members, including seven military and no women.

On Tuesday afternoon, the elected president met with the current defense and finance ministers.

Every time he left the ministries, Jair Bolsonaro was kind enough to question the dozens of journalists who followed him, showing himself more calm than usual.

In particular, he reaffirmed his desire to see the pension reform required by the markets approved by Parliament this year, even before he came to power.

On Wednesday, Jair Bolsonaro meets Michel Temer, president of the center of law that will leave the government with record unpopularity.

Dozens of firefighters called to attack the fire in the block of houses

About 100 firefighters were called to a fire scene in a block of houses in the north of London.

The London Fire Brigade said it sent 15 fire engines to the Grange Estate in East Finchley after the alarm was created just after midnight.

Part of the roof of the three-story building was burned down when the crew arrived.

🚧 LIVE ENTRY 🚧 The officers were summoned to help @LondonFire for the Grange Estate # N2 to a great fire building

Road closure at A1000 HIGH ROAD j / w Oak Lane to Viaduct Road

– MPS Barnet (@MPSBarnet) November 7, 2018

The video posted on social media showed that firefighters were heading to the building when the flames jumped into the sky.

The Metropolitan Police said that he had attended the LFB after he was called to the scene at 1.30 in the morning.

Around 60 people left the building before emergency services arrive.

Fifteen fire engines and about 100 firefighters are now on the scene #EastFinchley fire. The crews try a fire on the roof of the three-story building

– London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire) November 7, 2018

The LFB said that the fire was controlled until Wednesday morning at 2.05 hours and no injuries were reported.

The station manager, Peter Gustafson, said: "When the crew arrived, they faced a well-developed fire in the roof space of the building."

There is still no clear trend + Fox News sees Democrats in the House of Representatives ahead

"There will not be a radical change in politics" Martin Klepper is a professor of American literature and culture at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He believes that the possibilities are slim that the Senate falls into the hands of the Democrats. E: "Although the Democrats regained the House of Representatives, Trump may continue to go through the Senate a lot," Klepper said. The Democrats, in their opinion, could use more research commissions if they win the House of Representatives. In this case, for example, Trump relations with Russia, the Saudi real family and other financial ties could come to light, says the American expert. In this way, Democrats could make life more difficult for the president. German-American relations are currently at a lower point, according to Klepper. We do not know what to expect from Trump. "Especially since you can make the commercial policy relatively well. Therefore, you do not even need the House of Representatives or the Senate." For customs duties, the President of the United States can only do a great deal of business. For many Europeans and Germans, it could still be a sign of hope, "if the Democrats are again overweight and have the prospect that something changes."