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Google showed additions to its smart phone line, wireless earbuds and other personal electronics in its latest attempt to recharge item.

The products, shown in New York Tuesday, run the price and function, including a flagship phone with radar to understand user nearby as well as setting a lower price of Google's hybrid laptop tablets. They show that Google puts its chips across the table, hoping to get more visits to its smart Home speakers.

Although Google is a unit,

Alphabet Inc.,

GOOG 2.13%

it is a leading force in online search and advertising, and has a much weaker position in hardware among its high-tech colleagues. Despite its position, Google is willing to spend billions of dollars on its hardware building business as well as other enterprises.

Google hardware chief

Rick Osterloh,

in an interview after the event, repeatedly referred to Google as “start,” due to its brief history in manufacturing its own devices. It was the first smart phone, Nexus 2010, to do

HTC Corp.

The company revealed its first domestic products in 2016, and includes the well-reviewed pixel phone as well as less successful efforts like reality reality headset.

There is no detailed information on the financial results for Google hardware. “This is something that takes years to build a very strong business,” said Mr Osterloh. “We hope this will be a long time.”

During an event on Tuesday, Google executives met a low-key tone, a few canned applause lines. Much of the aplomb centered around Google's latest smartphone, the Pixels 4, as executives highlighted improvements in camera technology, particularly to adopt low-light diagrams.

The previous Pixels phone model earned strong reviews, if not sold, from its camera and streamlined design.

Google executives also spoke about technology called Soli, a movement radar addition to the front of the pixel phone. A promotional video showed a customer to make a call by waiving their hand at the screen.

One new pixel color is called “Oh So Orange”, reflecting Google's whimsy name for marketing. The phone starts at $ 799, the same as last year, and is for sale this month.

In the smartphone market, Google protects

Apple Inc.


Samsung Electronics Co

, both of which have dominated shipments in the US and worldwide in recent years.

Microsoft Corp.

, Inc.


Facebook Inc.

Expenditure on new consumer products has also increased in recent years.

On a call earlier this year, Google Chief Executive

Sundar Pichai

It blamed last year's disappointing sales of Pixel phones as acting on the company's overall results. The Pixels line in the United States has 5% market share, according to a Strategy Analytics researcher, and a smaller share abroad.

A new generation of wireless earbuds due out next year, called Google Pixel Bottles, will be able to paint a pair with a distant device with a long end football pitch.

While competitors have similar features, Google enables its ability to connect devices and functionality across products including Nest, a home-based internet electronics maker who purchased the company for $ 3.2 billion in 2014. Google renamed Home Mini is the most popular Mini Nest on Tuesday. Google, under the name of Nest, added an upgraded mesh router which includes accessories such as smart speakers, encouraging the speakers to be distributed in other rooms.

“Our products don't have to be on the move,” he said

Rishi Chandra,

general manager Google Nest, after the event. “This is about: How does it make you worthwhile?”

Acquisitions such as Nest could be further scrutinized following a recent announcement of pharmaceutical and state resistance investigations on Google's business. Google revised its lobbying operation in Washington earlier this year and has pushed the message that its products increase consumer choice. In securities filing in July, Alphabet said that it continues to engage with regulators around the world on competition matters.

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