PLD convenes its Central Committee for Tuesday, September 29

Santo Domingo, RD.

The organizing committee of the IX Ordinary Congress José Joaquín Bidó Medina of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) began this Tuesday to delineate a route with a view to starting its work.

While the Commission appointed by the Political Committee to prepare the documents on the subject Party-Society and Technology, will meet this Wednesday at the National House to draw up the plans to be followed in the document that will serve as a guide for the debates on this issue in the Party organizations during the Ninth Congress

The meeting

Cristina Lizardo, designated coordinator of the commission, led the encuI joined together with the members of the Political Committee, Melanio Paredes, Abel Martínez, Andrés Navarro, appointed as a member of the commission, and Rubén Bichara, who was invited.

“It is a first meeting in which we reviewed the possible topics that we will present to the Congress, we began to project the opening ceremony of the Congress, among other details,” said Cristina Lizardo at the conclusion of the first meeting.

He explained that the offices of the National House where the recommendations, suggestions and proposals for the operation of the Congress will be received.

Advanced to on Tuesday 29 of the current month the call to the members of Central committee to deal with that governing body on matters relating to Congress.

Lizardo explained that as many commissions as necessary will be appointed for a debate that involves the entire party and has the highest representation of the different party instances.

“While waiting for the documents prepared by four special commissions of the Political Committee, we will be working on the compilation of resolutions from previous congresses, having the regulations and norms derived from those congresses and working on the formal part of the Congress,” explained Lizardo, as outlined the Ministry of Communications of the PLD.

The Political Committee set the date of October 4 for the formal start of the Ninth Ordinary Congress José Joaquín Bidó Medina, with an organizing committee made up of Lizardo its coordinator, Abel Martínez, Alejandrina Germán, Melanio Paredes, Andrés Navarro, Margarita Pimentel, Frank Olivares , Armando García. Juan Ariel Jiménez, Zoraima Cuello and Johnny Pujols.

The PLD Statutes define its Ordinary Congress as the highest governing body of the party and is made up of all the members of the Central Committee, the Presidents of the Provincial, Municipal, Intermediate Committees, of Blocks of Intermediate Committees and of Electoral Circumscriptions and of the Sectionals.


José Ramón Peralta, selected by the commissioners by the Political Committee to coordinate the work team, reported that they will meet from five in the afternoon this Wednesday in one of the rooms of the National House of the PLD in Gascue.

“All colleagues with the interest of presenting their ideas, proposals, suggestions on the development of Party-Society and Technology issues can take it to the National House this Wednesday where we will meet,” said Peralta.

He announced that later on he will be informed of the digital platforms that will be opened to receive suggestions and recommendations in this way.

Along with Peralta, Margarita Cedeño, Alejandro Montás, Alexis Lantigua, Gonzalo Castillo, Jaime David Fernández Mirabal and Julio César Valentín are part of this commission of the Political Committee.


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