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Police are looking for this man. He grabbed the policeman’s gun and fired

An attempt to arrest a man who will serve a prison sentence for theft and robbery was made Thursday in an apartment block in Nowogrodziec commune.

Around noon, police wanted to keep someone who, by a court decision, should spend a sentence of several years in prison. The intervention became more dangerous than expected.

– Immediately after opening the door, the man attacked the police, he was aggressive, very agitated and did not respond to orders given by officers – says the asp. pcs Anna Kublik-Rościszewska of Bolesławiec police.

He adds that the 35-year-old underwent direct corrosion measures in the form of holding incapacity, but did not bring the desired result.

The man was always aggressive and very agitated, attacking the police. There was a conflict, where it became very dangerous.

– One of the officers had a gun hacked for a moment, from which fired one shot – reports the spokesman for the police. The man threw the gun aside, then escaped. Fortunately nothing serious happened.

The search began immediately. – As always in these cases, an alarm was issued for the unit. Police officers from the riot police also joined the search. These activities are taking place now, we want to find out as soon as possible where the people wanted – explains the policeman.

Those who know the current location of the residence or have any information that may help in keeping the man, are asked to contact the Poviat Police Headquarters in Bolesławiec. tel 47 8733 200 or 201.

The uniforms remind that anyone who helps a criminal in hiding can be punished with up to 5 years in prison.

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