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Politics: Elections 2021: New Peru conducts its internal elections to define

The Nuevo Peru party began its primary elections this Saturday in order to define the candidates who will participate in representation of this political movement in the next general elections in alliance with the Juntos por el Perú party.

This voting day, which will culminate on Sunday 18, is carried out virtually. One candidate for the Congress of the Republic and one candidate for the Andean Parliament may be elected.

Likewise, as the only candidate for the Presidency of the Republic is Veronika Mendoza, who will seek to lead the electoral alliance in the elections of April 11, 2021.

According to Andina, Nuevo Peru said that its primary elections are virtual at the national level and abroad, given the health risk that the pandemic implies and the restrictions due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

To participate in these internal elections, the interested parties had to previously register through a web platform, in order to enter their personal data, without this implying a party registration. Registrations closed on Friday.

This week, through a video posted on their social networks, New Peru summoned citizens to participate in their primary elections and stressed that change begins with citizen participation.

“We need a change from the roots, starting with the election system. No more candidates chosen by power groups or millionaire godparents. Choose you with your vote “, the video indicated.


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