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Presumably to buy from autumn: The new Apple Watch Series 6 could have these features 19.03.20

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The new Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to appear in autumn 2020. Fans are already wondering what additional functions it will offer users. Snippets of code from iOS 14 are supposed to reveal it.

• Leaked code from iOS 14 provides information about new features
• New health apps should be able to measure blood oxygen levels, among other things
• Additional enhancements to watch faces, infographs and child safety

The Apple Watch Series 5 has only been on the market for half a year and many customers are already looking forward to the release of a new watch. With it, a new, major system update watchOS 7 is also expected. Apple has not yet commented on upcoming updates and features. The website “9to5Mac” believes, however, to have found information in a leaked code of the new iPhone operating system iOS 14. The data should indicate a whole range of additional applications.

Improved health overview

One of the first messages from 9to5Mac in connection with the analyzed pieces of code from iOS 14 was that Apple was working on a new function that could measure the blood oxygen content. If it drops below a certain critical value, the watch should alert its wearer of the threatening situation. Sports watches and fitness trackers from other manufacturers already contain similar features. However, these are often emphasized that they would not deliver reliable medical values. Rather, the application serves athletes who train at high altitudes and want to find out about their body adaptations. It is not yet known what the exact hardware and software requirements look like. The new feature may only be available on the Apple Watch Series 6 and may not work on older models.
In addition, the existing ECG app is to be improved. Currently, the application does not provide clear results at heart rates between 100 and 120 beats per minute. This limitation will be resolved in a future update. There are also indications of the development of your own sleep tracking app. Apple is thus expanding its range of self-monitoring services for health.

Watchfaces and Infograph Pro

The new version of watchOS should not only expand the configuration options of the watch faces in terms of color and design, but also a completely new function for sharing the self-made dials. Accordingly, the watch faces are treated as independent files that users can exchange with each other.
To personalize the watchface, it is also possible to add background images. So far, either individual photos or entire albums can be selected. With watchOS 7, shared albums should now be available as a source in addition to their own albums. This allows several people to upload pictures to a folder, which are then displayed on their own watchface. Families have constantly changing background images that come from other relatives.
In addition to the improvements to the watch faces, the Infograph should also be updated. This is expanded to include a pro version and a tachymeter. With the tachymeter, users can measure distances and speeds based on travel time.

Extended options for parents

With watchOS 7, it should be possible to set up several smartwatches with one iPhone. Although several watches can already be connected to one smartphone, it is not possible to use several Apple Watches at the same time. In addition, each device is linked to the same account. These restrictions are to be resolved with an update. This means that parents do not need a second iPhone to manage their children’s watches. In addition, better control of their activities is possible. With the “SchoolTime” feature, parents can control which apps should be available to children at certain times. For example, during school, it makes sense to disable distracting applications.

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