Project – hotel instead of destination in Hornstein?

A hotel project on the outskirts of Hornstein is currently causing some discussions in social media and in the market town. As it became known, a drive-in hotel is to be built on the site of the discounter Zielpunkt, which has been closed for more than five years.

“Yes, that’s right,” says CEP-Immobilien Invest GmbH, which owns the property. We would like to say more about the project in due course.

Space for 200 people, opening times around the clock

According to initial information, it is said to be a three-story building. The hotel should have 100 rooms and offer space for 200 people. In addition, it should be open around the clock.

In the neighborhood, where there are terraced houses and a housing estate, the waves are high. Residents are considering starting a list of signatures so that the project is not “put under the nose” in this form. The negotiation for the building permit should have taken place on March 4, but was canceled, according to the district administration responsible.

The local residents receive support from SPÖ Vice Mayor Florian Hofstetter: “The hotel project is oversized. It is questionable whether Hornstein needs such a hotel – if so, only in coordination with the residents. ”

Mayor Christoph Wolf (ÖVP) referred to the ongoing proceedings. Since it is a private property, it is not the municipality, but the commercial department of the district government that is responsible for the construction negotiations. “Just like the residents, we as a municipality only have a party position and can raise our concerns about the traffic and the height of the hotel.” Wolf notes one thing: “I prefer a new hotel to the old destination barrack, especially Hornstein has no guest beds. “


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