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Puerto Deseado: those delayed by the crime were released – News

by drbyos

Those apprehended by the brutal crime in Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, with the murder of a minor and the rape of his mother, were released and are not detained in the case.

During raids on Friday, in a neighborhood called by the villagers as “La Favela”, several people were delayed and two were arrested, in the framework of the investigation of the brutal attack against a woman who was raped and her son killed in the coastal area of ​​Puerto Deseado.

The judge of the case, Dr. Oldemar Villa, said in La Opinion Austral: “The evidence provided by the Police was not sufficient for the judgment of the judge and prosecutor Horacio Quinteros to, at least, leave them one day apprehended and move on these clues. “

Also on Friday, a man had been delayed, with characteristics similar to the identikit that the raped woman made, who was on a micro road to Caleta, and after a few hours he was released.

Such is the commotion for the crime, that after the identikits of the attackers were announced through social networks, two people from Puerto Deseado were marked by the people and one of them, reportedly, appeared at the police station to clarify that it had nothing to do.

On Friday it was learned that on Thursday a 4-year-old boy was killed and his mother raped and beaten in a brutal attack Registered in the coastal area of ​​Puerto Deseado, north of the province of Santa Cruz.

This is María Mercedes, 45, who on Thursday afternoon walked with her son Santiago Luciano Ricardo Subelza, when they met the attackers on a path called “Cueva de los Leones”.

According to the woman’s story, from there she was taken with her son to the beach area and the boy was thrown from a cliff, which caused his immediate death.

The boy killed while his mother was raped died of internal bleeding due to polytrauma of skull made with a blunt element, as determined by the autopsy.

This was confirmed this Friday afternoon by the Minister of Security of Santa Cruz, Lisandro de la Torre, who at a press conference, provided the results of the autopsy operation.

In addition, the minister explained that “the information related to the autopsy results can be disseminated because it is a probative measure that does not obstruct the investigation.”

In relation to the containment tasks of the victim and his family group, the provincial official commented that, as indicated by Governor Alicia Kirchner, the areas of Health and Social Development “are present in the town and with permanent contact.”

“From the province we find personnel from the Ministry of Security, in response to the requirement of the governor who asked us to make available all the means at our disposal to clarify the facts and provide attention to the victim and his family,” he added. De La Torre during the conference.

Puerto Deseado is shocked by the case, which shook the usual summer calm of this traditional fishing port of Patagonia, of just over fourteen thousand inhabitants.


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