Qantas started selling tickets for weekend trips. The destination will tell passengers at the airport

With this offer, the airlines want to support domestic tourism. International flights will not resume until October.

The Australian airline Qantas is renewing its non-traditional offer of tickets, where passengers do not know in advance where they are actually flying and what awaits them. The company tried a similar concept in the 1990s, and is now deploying it mainly to try to support domestic tourism even more.

The so-called “mystery flights” will offer a fixed price of $ 737 from airports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Passengers will only find out where they will fly at the airport. It should be a maximum flight of two hours. In addition to the actual return flight, Qantas will also offer passengers a complete program in the destination. So far, it only indicates what activities during the day passengers from each of the three airports will be able to try. Qantas informed about the novelty in a press release.

According to Customer Service Director Stephanie Tully, the offer is also a way to promote domestic tourism. It will also include flights at a lower flight level for a better view over some tourist areas.

In Australia, most restrictions on domestic tourism have already fallen due to coronavirus, and the new REX airlines, which have started flying between Sydney and Melbourne, are also trying to take advantage of this situation. Qantas still offers only domestic flights, the start of international flights has been postponed until October.

Due to weak demand, airlines are trying to come up with different ways to get people on planes and off the regular routes. In recent months, a number of carriers have come with “sightseeing” flights. Qantas thus offered, for example, a circuit around Australia without a stopover.

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