Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Rainy day in BC brings city closer to record annual rainfall

Saturday's light rain brought the city one inch from its annual precipitation record. (Oliver Contreras for the Washington Post) The month of December began here Saturday under a gray and dull sky, a kind of auspicious. The gloomy redoubled Washington's hopes of marking the weather story this year by measuring enough rainfall to set a record. At the beginning of the day, 2018 was only two years since 1872 in the search for the title of haste in Washington. The total 2018 here reaches 60.46 inches, according to figures from the National Meteorological Service. This figure, exceeding 5 feet, has been fueled by many memorable moisture incidents this year. But he still remains far behind the two leaders: 1889, who holds the title, with 61.33 inches, and 2003, which records 60.83. At 4 pm Saturday, rain, light rain, and drizzle had propelled 2018 precipitation to 60.62 inches. If the day was cloudy, one thing was still clear. We were getting closer, just 0.71 inches from the top. .

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