Sánchez, following the footsteps of Cristóbal Colón in the Canary Islands

The Acting President of the Government and PSOE leader, Pedro Sánchez, will travel to the city of Las Palmas and Tenerife on Thursday, May 16, in order to strengthen the candidacy of the PSOE in the islands, where its secretary general, Ángel Víctor Torres, opts to preside over the Canary Islands Government for the autonomic elections. The PSOE, in line with the data of the CIS could govern with support from Canarian nationalists or PP.

In Las Palmas, the PSOE has chosen for Sanchez the front of the House of the Governor of the Canary Islands that Christopher Columbus had to visit in September 1492 to help him fix La Pinta. The highest civil authority was Francisco Maldonado, who came in 1491 to replace Pedro de Vera, to whom the Catholic Monarchs applied the suspension of "autonomy" for treating the islanders badly and sending false news to the Peninsula.

The Admiral prayed in those areas before leaving Spain for the New World. It is a tourist area turned into a meeting place for the 26M by Antonio Morales, from Nueva Canarias, a formation with which the PSOE controls the government of Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas.

527 years later
Last April, Sánchez said in the capital of Gran Canaria that "all those social achievements we have made during these last ten months have never had the affirmative vote of the Canary Coalition (CC), they have always held back".

The relations between what Sanchez always calls the "nationalist right of the islands" and his party are in the "absolute zero". The president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, is accused of alleged crimes when he was mayor of the city of La Laguna. CC points out that the PSOE uses the Prosecutor's Office for partisan purposes. The latter is what defends the leader of CC, José Miguel Barragán.

That "nationalist right wing of the islands" said on April 29 that it has no qualms about repairing the Executive Sanchez in the Congress of Deputies after 28A provided it does not participate in these supports Podemos and ERC. Clavijo defends "a Canarian obedience government that leads CC."

Rajoy in the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo – F. Trujillo
Sánchez, on the same stage as Rajoy
The one who has been in the islands this week and in the same historic site in which Pedro Sánchez intervenes this Thursday has been the former president of the Mariano Rajoy Government. He assured this Tuesday that the PP "is not an invention of a quarter of an hour" but the party that Spain calls «to solve problems» and «crises».

«The PP is not an invention of a quarter of an hour. He has lost elections and lived moments of difficulty. In the first years that I pasted posters, we won 17 seats and the next ones we won 9. And in the end we achieved absolute majorities. And not one, "he added during the presentation meeting of Pepa Luzardo as mayoral candidate of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Rajoy stressed that the PP is not "formed by a bunch of fans", but it is a game with efficiency contrasted to solve problems. "" When there is a crisis, who always call? The PP ", sentenced (tagsToTranslate) islands (t) Canary Islands (t) psoe1

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