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Seamus O’Regan is negative for COVID-19

Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan tested negative for the new coronavirus after entering self-isolation earlier this week.

“My COVID-19 test turned negative, luckily. I will continue to look for symptoms – fever, dry cough – and invite everyone to do the same. Take care of you. Look for each other, “said ORegan on Friday evening.

ORegan entered self-isolation on Tuesday on the advice of a doctor after being left with a persistent cold. He said he worked from home.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went into isolation on Thursday after his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, tested positive for the virus. Trudeau said he felt healthy and will continue to work from home.

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather and international trade minister Mary Ng also isolate themselves. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh revealed on Thursday that he was self-isolating after falling ill, but that his doctor did not believe he had symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

According to a conservative party statement, no conservative MP is currently self-isolated and none have been tested for COVID-19.

Toronto Mayor John Tory also isolated himself after returning home from a business trip to the UK on Wednesday. The chief health doctor of Toronto, dr. Eileen de Villa, released a new recommendation on Friday that all international travelers self-isolate themselves for 14 days.

Anyone who shows no symptoms but has had a high risk of exposure to the virus – having been in close contact with someone who is ill, for example – is asked to self-isolate themselves at home.


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