Self-employment registered the worst growth since 2013


The growth of autonomous employment is cooling in Spain, entering a phase of deceleration. During the first semester the autonomous regime (RETA) increased its number of affiliates in 31.97, from 3,254,663 in December 2018 to 3,286,600 in June 2019. This growth was an increase of 1%, which it makes it the worst semester in autonomous affiliation since 2013 with half the growth that in the first six months of 2018, when it advanced by 68,880, as reflected by the data of ATA, the organization run by Lorenzo Amor.

"If in 2018 we congratulated ourselves because the 17 communities added autonomous in the first semester, in 2019 the trend changed again and there are six communities that, far from adding an entrepreneurial impulse, lose autonomy," says ATA. The regions where employment has fallen have been: Aragón, with 2,091 self-employed less than in December, País Vasco (-520 autonomous), Asturias (-395), Castilla y León (-278), Navarra (-254) and La Rioja , community where the fall was 175 contributors.

On the other side of the coin stood Andalusia, the province with the highest growth in absolute terms (10,773 self-employed workers) and responsible for a third of the growth of self-employed workers in the first six months. "One in three new self-employed workers in 2019 is Andalusian," says Amor.

In relative terms, the Balearic Islands led the growth of self-employed workers (10.4%), followed by Región de Murcia, a community that saw its number of self-employed workers increase by + 1.6%. With increases above the national average (1%) were also Canarias, Comunidad Valenciana and Extremadura, all three with a rate of growth of the collective of 1.3% (see attached graph).

The ATA report reflects that industry is the only sector of activity that lost cash at the beginning of the year, with a decrease of 4.1%, which means 9,626 contributors less. In absolute values, hospitality (11,305), construction (7,556) and professional activities (3,899) were the ones that added more workers on their own. (tagsToTranslate) autonomous (t) growth (t) employment


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