Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Sévérine Ferrer recounts his worst interview memory with … Eric and Ramzy (VIDEO)

This week, Séverine Ferrer is the guest of The interview without filter of Télé-Loisirs. The former host of Fan of confided in his projects, his desires, his private life . She also spoke for a return of the cult program, but for “a one shot”. And she did not hide her desire to participate in … Dance with the stars !

Séverine Ferrer in Dance with the stars? “I was approached …” (VIDEO)

Séverine Ferrer also recounted her worst interview memories and notably unveiled a sequence with the famous duo, Eric and Ramzy. I was doing an interview, I was pregnant to the neck, I arrived, they were late, so waited, in the cold “says the host.” They finally arrived, I asked two questions, they did not want to answer, “Yeah, no, she’s sucking that question and then what are you doing here, you, with your pregnancy you should not be at home?” and then they got up, they went off.

Couple, career, theater … What becomes Séverine Ferrer? She tells us (VIDEO)

A connoisseur of the duo’s particular humor, Séverine Ferrer thought they would return to the stage a few minutes later. They never came back … But fortunately, the story ends well since Ramzy will end up apologizing, for a very good reason, as you can discover in the video above.

And to find the full interview of Séverine Ferrer, it’s here:

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