Sony to Integrate Discord Chat on PlayStation Next Year


Sony will integrate the popular online chat platform Discord into the PlayStation Network by 2022. Photo / doc

JAKARTA – leading gaming company, Sony integrating PlayStation with Discord so gamers around the world can communicate with each other. Today, Discord is used by more than 140 million gamers every month from PC and mobile devices.

Reporting from BBC NewsGaming experts hope this partnership will allow gamers using different consoles and devices to interact more easily.

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“We are constantly looking for new ways to enable players around the world to connect with one another, form new friendships and communities, and share fun experiences,” said Sony President and Chief Executive Jim Ryan in a blog post.

Ryan said, aim Sony integrating Discord with PlayStation from early next year, allowing friends, groups and communities to hangout, have fun, and communicate more easily while gaming together.

The partnership comes just two weeks after Discord turned down a US $ 12 billion (£ 8.7 billion) offer from Microsoft to buy the company.

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According to Bloomberg, Discord turned down the deal to focus on a potential future public list. Investments from Sony is part of Discord’s US $ 100 million funding round.

“Microsoft, Sony’s only real rival in the console room, has the potential to drop the ball massively by letting Discord off the hook and is now tightly integrated into the Playstation ecosystem,” said mobile gaming expert Matthew Gribben.

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