StarCraft II will not get new content after ten years on the market – Gaming – News

Dude you sweat, really … You talk to yourself sometimes too.

Command & Conquer has sold more than 23 million games in their franchise. Supreme Commander 2 but between 1 and 2 on steam … so I expect that it is not very much out there and not above C&C.

You talk as if you all know a lot about it, but your arguments contradict themselves. You come here and tell me that I write substandard responses while I have game design and development as a study in my portfolio.

You come across as very arrogant, try making some RTS games yourself before speaking for others. Don’t forget to first take a course in A * algorithms on the macro and micro level of an RTS map, maybe some fuzzy logic or neural networks for your AI, of course also learn to use a game engine, learn to write applicable code, set up balanced game design, test , improve, test, improve and that 100x, make graphics, sound design, arrange music, marketing, etc, etc …. The moral of the story, games require a lot of effort to make something that other people can do in a few hours. devour. Don’t talk to a game designer about who he should be, it’s extremely arrogant and ridiculous what you do.

You talk about using poor argumentation, the fact is that after college I see through so many games of what made it special, so it’s not special anymore. All games are developed to provide positive stimuli within a certain time, otherwise the gamer will lose his motivation. Once you see that, it starts to get pretty boring. There are only a few games that still work well for me. For the rest the magic is gone. However, you come here brats and try to stand above everyone else. Really … sad intention …

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