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Stardew Valley becomes a competitive game

In collaboration with a streamer, the creator of Stardew Valley organizes a competition for the money.

The unthinkable will happen: Stardew Valley, which we used to find in the selections chill Where feel good (including in ours), will become a field of competition with the money to the key. This is what its creator announced in a tweet posted on August 21. Participants can win the sum of $ 40,000 (€ 34,000), a nice salary to manage a virtual farm.

« In collaboration with Unsurpassable Z, I am delighted to announce the first Stardew Valley Cup! It’s a competition of talent, knowledge and teamwork, with a prize pool of over $ 40,000 Rejoices Eric Barone, who designed Stardew Valley. The event will take place on September 4 and will be broadcast on Unsurpassable Z’s Twitch channel. The videographer has also published a long presentation video on his YouTube channel.

The unlikely Stardew Valley contest

This first edition of the Stardew Valley Cup will not be open to everyone: the players have already been chosen and they will be gathered in four teams of four. How to decide between them? Unsurpassable Z and Eric Barone have imagined dozens of tasks to accomplish that earn more or less points depending on their difficulty. For the participants, the idea will therefore be to be very smart: prioritize the most profitable challenges in order to have the best possible productivity in a short period of time.

The activities will obviously be varied: fishing contest (15 points), romance with a non-player character (10 points), cooking (10 points), crafts (10 points)… You will have to be a connoisseur to navigate between all these little ones. Goals. As a bonus, there will be big unknown and very profitable challenges, which will punctuate the game.

The participants, installed in a form of routine, will they take the risk of getting out of their way to gain a lot of points at once? There will be the essence of competition, mixing collaboration and adaptability.

Stardew Valley // Source : ConcernedApe

Asked by Kotaku on August 23, Unsurpassable Z said that this Stardew Valley Cup will allow fans to experience the game in a new way: ” At high level, there are two ways to play Stardew Valley: speed running, which is very common, and min-maxing, which consists of getting the most out of each day in the game. two areas is good planning and flawless execution. »

It will also be a great showcase for this independent game released in 2016, which continues to attract people around a very time-consuming experience on a daily basis. According to Steamcharts statistics, Stardew Valley brings together an average of 30,000 users. Its record for simultaneous connections dates from last January (94,479 people), which proves its lasting popularity.

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