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How do New York Times journalists use the technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Joseph Plambeck, a deputy technology editor in New York, discussed the technology he uses.

What technical tools do you use to keep the top of the non-stop news?

If anyone has an elegant solution to this, please let me know. I rely on email, news apps, mobile ads and Twitter.

First thing in the morning, I check an email on my creaky iPhone to see what happened overnight in Asia and Europe and I need to weigh anything or introduce the colleagues in those places. I then quickly scan the apps for our biggest competitors, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Bloomberg. I can't read everything, but I'm hoping to break news that we must immediately jump in my coverage, which means I'm looking at the industry and high-tech politics.

There is a lot of duty on the crazy for the rest of the day. I feel very much about the reporters I work with to cancel things that happen on their beat. I have also registered to receive alerts, via email or pop-up announcements on my phone, news organizations and news makers. And I scare many news sites.

I'm looking at Twitter on its own initiative. But as I rarely feel about life after logging in, and because it takes a lot of effort to separate the valuables from the vacuum, I try to limit my time there. I quit tweeting a long time ago. It is a wonderful decision.

You organize reporters that are spread throughout the US and internationally, in London and elsewhere. What high technology is essential for that?

Telephone calls are wonderful. There are many misunderstandings in written messages. So, where possible, particularly in relation to breaking news, I try to put the coin in touch with the reporters by phone. I also follow many other bat signs, email, text messages on multiple services, Slack messages and Google chat messages. It's not hard to find me.

We also work collaboratively more often, which means that reporters in places are as far apart as London, Washington and San Francisco sometimes. write stories together. We used Google Docs in these cases, because multiple people can work in a file at the same time, no matter where they are. This meant I had to move the story into our internal publishing system when the situation was ready. Our publishing system now has a similar collaboration, which is fantastic.

How has the tech story changed since you are a high-tech editor?

It is surprising how much has changed in the five years or so that I am focusing on technology. Not only do we cover the biggest business story, we cover one of the biggest stories, period. Tech has changed – and continues to change – just about everything.

Five years ago, I think many of us knew that tech was covering this was happening. The rest of the world is now also reaching it. I think this is driving a lot of it backup for the high-tech industry in Washington and beyond. People see many changes happening around them, perhaps in their pocket book, in their office or government. And they are thinking about whether we want to tackle this.

You organize many Amazon stories and live near Whole Foods, now owned by Amazon. Discuss.

Well, surely I can attest that the heacocados at Whole Foods are cheaper now.

It's interesting to see what is happening in the shop after Amazon has bought all the Foods. I am surprised that it has not changed dramatically. You can bake Amazon in the store more every month, but most changes are child steps.

Then I hope that Amazon will take a leap and deal with the terrible horrors. Any algorithm they use must be rewritten from the start.

Are you the main member?

I am, and I like to think that our family gets value for money. As well as Whole Foods, where we get a discount as a Principal, we do some shopping on Our children use Amazon Music through our Echo device. And sometimes I show a show on Prime Video.

That is not what we decided to be an Amazon family. It just has eroded us.

Outside work, what technology do you like most?

I try to use what can be used. Few things I put more than look at App Time Screen the iPhone on Sunday night and see that I was on the phone for less than an hour that day. Although it is scarce, that happened.

I understand most of the technology is now old. Perhaps Google Maps saved my marriage. And FaceTime services and similar services beat me. My family visited me recently in Florida, and my older son called me regularly on FaceTime, sometimes in the middle of a fun outdoor activity. It was great to see his smiling in real time.

I am also very impressed with the technology that goes into cars. We have a good traditional car and our center, Mazda CX-5. However, there are a number of advanced safety technologies, such as automatic emergency braking and on-site blind warning and lane departure. The adaptive cruise control, which keeps all our car from the one in front, makes long drives a little harder. It also gets O.K. gas mileage. I am pleased that we do not have to wait for chargers to make an affordable self-driving electric car perfect before we see some of the benefits.

What is the relationship between the children and the technology?

Our boys are almost 6 and 4, and my wife and I try to limit their screen time. We don't always succeed. And because we have another little man on the way, I'm afraid we will start to lose even more often.

We do well to keep them out of devices and limited television during the week, especially when the school is in session. But we are a little flexible on weekends, and especially when we travel. Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are all of which we pull out for trips and long road flights. And he loves the 6 years of age! – play baseball and basketball games on old Nintendo Wii. His young brother is not far behind.

Fortunately, both of them still have more sport, so we eliminate and play these devices in real life as much as possible. I have a sick shoulder nursing most of Monday this summer from practicing batting to wear every weekend.


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