Stella McCartney Teams Up With LVMH, in Plot Twist in Luxury Wars


Ms. (The daughter of Paul McCartney, close friend of Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Liv Tyler) t a prominent figure in high fashion eco-activism.

LVMH. T With millennial-age shoppers

Ms. McCartney, who is known for the easy, cool aesthetic – it once designed and wore “Rock Royalty” T-shirts other properties include Gucci and Alexander McQueen. Stella McCartney. TStella McCartney was the first socialist conscious luxury. In 2018, Ms. , Independent, name.

In the partnership with Kering, Stella McCartney t Chauvet, a Citigroup analyst, about $ 320 million, in 2017. That was about 2 percent of the Kering luxury division 's sales.

11% of the like-for-like sector, $ 14.1 billion, beating t analysts' estimates. The company will not be able to help you.

Ms. McCartney in the statement that zinc terminating her partnership. T


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