Strife between Trump and Biden intensifies


DThe conflict between US President Donald Trump and his potential challenger Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election next year is intensifying. Trump accused Biden on Sunday of lying when he says he never talked to his son about his controversial business in Ukraine. "He talked to his son, he's lying again," Trump told reporters.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for an investigation into Biden's role in the Ukrainian corruption affair. Democrat Adam Schiff, on the other hand, brought an impeachment procedure into play if allegations against Trump were confirmed.

The Trump-Biden conflict is fueled by media reports that Trump is said to have put Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj under pressure in a telephone conversation in July. Accordingly, Trump is said to have asked for research on Biden and his son. These are allegations of corruption in Ukraine, in which Biden's son is said to be involved. Biden is said to have called for then US Vice President of Ukraine to stop investigations against his son.

"Incredible case of abuse of power"

The telephone conversation between Trump and Selenskyj is at the center of a dispute over how the government in Washington deals with allegations of a whistleblower. The government has denied Congress any information about the whistleblower's statements about the phone call, the Democratic committee chairman in the House of Representatives has criticized. If Trump has pressured a foreign head of government to obtain material against Biden for the upcoming election campaign, impeachment could be the only remaining option.

Joe Biden faces serious allegations by Donald Trump.

Biden accused the government of an "incredible case of abuse of power." In addition, the most promising challenger of the Democrats declared that he had never talked to his son about his Ukraine business.

Foreign Minister Pompeo demanded that it be examined whether Biden had behaved inappropriately in the Ukrainian corruption case. If he intervened with the Ukrainian government to protect his son, that would be corrupt.

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