MV Agusta announces the partnership with Akrapovič

MV Agusta announces a new industrial partnership with Akrapovič, the Slovenian manufacturer of exhaust systems, one of the world leaders in the sector. An agreement has been signed for the supply of exhausts designed and produced exclusively for MV Agusta models. Akrapovič is a pioneer in the innovative use of materials such as titanium and aluminum alloys, and is at the forefront of the manufacture of carbon fiber components. Founded by champion Igor Akrapovič, the company works closely with the most important MotoGP, Superbike and MXGP teams. The experience and know-how acquired on the circuits, transferred to the components intended for the production models, guarantee unparalleled performance and quality.

“Sound is an integral part of the MV Agusta experience. It is a key element of his style to which we devote a lot of attention. Our 3 and 4 cylinders have distinct and absolutely unique personalities. We have always worked to combine them with equally unique acoustic characteristics ” said Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta Motor SpA “But this partnership goes far beyond style and sound, in reality it is technology at the highest level, without compromising in terms of performance and quality. MV Agusta and Akrapovič have a very similar conception of industrial excellence, for which only the best is acceptable. I am delighted with this collaboration which I consider as the natural alliance between two leaders in their field and which will bring many synergies, as well as even more performing bikes to the delight of fans around the world ”.

“Akrapovič is extremely happy with this new chapter of his story” commented Uroš Rosa, CEO Akrapovič dd “Entering into this partnership with one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world, which shares our racing DNA, represents a further step forward for our company. Count Domenico Agusta and Igor Akrapovič both came from the racing world and have created leading brands through their passion. An affinity that makes this agreement a perfect alliance. Akrapovič will create innovative components for the next stunning Schiranna models, with a design never seen before. Using high-tech materials derived from racing such as titanium and carbon fiber, we will create systems that will enhance the ‘art of motorcycling’, the pride of MV Agusta. Our engineers will develop an absolutely unique sound for the brand’s range. Our exhausts will thus become the visual and acoustic signature of MV Agusta motorcycles “.


Russian Railways withdrew the order of the head of the Ryazan branch to vote :: Politics :: RBC

Russian Railways called the order “take measures to vote” a personal initiative of a top manager. Earlier, Golos announced the order of the head of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Railway to mobilize employees for an all-Russian vote

Photo: Sofya Sandurskaya / AGN “Moscow”

Russian Railways responded to observers about an attempt to mobilize employees of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Railway in order to convince them to vote on constitutional amendments.

“There is an agreement between Russian Railways and the Central Election Commission, according to which the company informs voters on the way about the upcoming voting,” the company’s press service told RBC. Under this agreement, Russian Railways broadcasts information messages provided by the CEC, and the company also informs employees about voting options through corporate media, emphasized in Russian Railways.

“With regard to this particular telegram, it is the initiative of the regional leader. The telegram has now been recalled. The necessary explanatory work was carried out with the manager, ”the representative of the railway company said.

How is the vote on amendments to the Constitution. the main thing

Photo: Dmitry Lovetsky / AP

Earlier, the Golos movement announced the order of the head of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Railway to mobilize employees for an all-Russian vote. The document is entitled as an operational order, dated June 26 and signed by Sergei Dmitrov, head of the Ryazan region of the Moscow Railway. It says that “the results of the first day of the all-Russian vote on amendments to the Constitution showed unsatisfactory explanatory work with employees of structural divisions” of the regional branch of the company.


Khusnullin promised to pass the route Europe – Western China for 4 years :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov / Global Look Press

The construction of the international route Europe – Western China is planned to be completed ahead of schedule by four years, the acceleration of work will not lead to the cost of the project. This is stated in the message of the apparatus of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, received by RBC.

“Recently, we circled the entire route of this road. The greatest difficulties, contrary to expectations, will be associated with the relocation of engineering networks. So far, the project provides for about 870 intersections with network lines, ”said Khusnullin.

Khusnullin announced plans to accelerate the construction of the Moscow-Kazan highway

Marat Khusnullin

Initially, the route from the Russian side was supposed to pass through the territories of the republics of Tatarstan, Bashkiria and the Orenburg region. In July 2016, the government commission changed plans and laid the route through the Samara-Togliatti agglomeration.

In the fall of 2019, the government singled out individual stages of the construction of the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan highway. The final deadline for the entire section of the route was called 2027.


Pension reform is closer than ever before, but a lot of it is up in the air

A lot of offices have tried it, but it never came across someone so close to you as a minister, Wouter Bird (such as Social Affairs, the Dutch political party D66) the amendment of the Dutch pension system, as in the fifties, it was originally designed.

Friday, reached the Bird and agreement with the trade unions and the employers on the latest issues in the development of their in June last year, concluded agreement. It is going to be of great importance and a lot of money in the pensioenpotten is around 1500 billion euros. As a result, the past few months, a year, ago, daily meetings, and a couple of times, late into the night, and technically save you from the intense discussions.

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There are still uncertainties: the trade unions and employers ‘ organisations have put the appointments in the next few weeks for their fans. Within the employers ‘ organisations are being murmured to by the insurance company, which also plans to offer. They found that the agreements failed to take into them account.

In the trade union movement, especially the rank and file of the UNION are unpredictable. And the board of directors of the out EXCEPTION, sounded Friday night, striking restraint. Vice-chairman Gerrit van de Kamp said, emphatically, that there is still no final agreement has been, since the ‘weight’ must be made.

There continue to be obstacles to

It is unclear also how will the new pension be extracted for a variety of generations and in a wide range of economic scenarios. The calculations of the Central Planning office sends a Bird, probably on Friday, to the house of commons. Those are just averages. Only a few years, it will be about two hundred pension funds in the Netherlands, for their employees and retirees share stories about how the new rules will expand. It is the intention that the funds by 2022, and 2026, to migrate to the new system.

However, the majority of those involved Friday and very happy with the difficulty of reached an agreement. Workers are now on view for a more personal, retirement, and stressed the great tit, which is also “more in tune with the modern labour market, where people are more likely to be of a job change, or decide self-employed-to-be.

Hans de Boer, from the employers ‘ organisation VNO-NCW, stressed that there was now an end to the years of rising premiums. “When I was six years ago, the pension was concerned,” he said Friday, “I have a work week of five days, on average, one day prior to your retirement if you have reached the AOW pension contributions that can be counted. Now, this is a day and a half. That will cost greatly. Since we want to have from the start.”

No promises for more

The crux of the new retirement funds are no more promising. Now, construction workers, every month a little piece of their future pension, which is a ‘claim’.

That toekomstbeloftes have pension funds over the past few years, klemgezet. Due to the fall in interest rates, they had to get more and more money as a store of value in order that the children be assured. As a result, most of the pensions in the past ten years, not adjusted for rising prices in the shops.

With the interest rates, pension funds need to calculate how much money they now need to get all of their toekomstbeloftes to come. For example, a payment of 100 euros, which is over thirty years old will need to be paid to a pension fund a year ago to 72 euros, in order to have it. Due to the lower interest rate, that is 92 euros.

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The new system will be allowed to pension funds to gain a faster distribution because they are no hard and fast promises to do more about the level of future benefits.

Employees can see how much power they now have, built up by the premiums they have paid, and the rate of return that they are made of. No matter how high the compensation is, it will just have to be careful back.

No buffers, and more

The funds do not have large financial reserves for bad times. As a result, the pensions, rocking on the waves of the financial markets.

With the retirement of the kids are going to be the most moving. Since it is agreed that employees in their career and have less and less risk to go for a walk. The older you get, the smaller the share of the return on investment you will receive: you will benefit less from the profits and would need to suffer from the loss. Thus, the pension will be more and more stable as the date gets closer.

By letting go of the promises in the sound of the new retirement is much more uncertain. But in reality, it was the retirement of long hangs in the balance. This is because pension funds in the past few decades, more and more of a risk to take with their investments. They will have more stock to go out and buy and for less secure government bonds, because of the low interest rate environment, but only a few make money with bonds.

However, the question is whether the people who swing are going to accept it, especially if there are long-term investment losses, are. Over the past few years, leading to each threat pensioenverlaging to the noise. Thus, pension reductions over the last ten years, many times it rolled over. Also, Bird has announced on Friday that by the end of this year, pension reductions carried forward shall be as in the previous year.

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No subsidy from the young to the old

Secretary Bird is especially happy that the pensioensubsidie from the young to the old to be abolished. Now, even young people, for every dollar of premium the same in future years as the elderly. As for the euro, younger, and a lot more: it can take longer to render.

Young people have too much pension and the elderly are not enough. The so-called doorsneesystematiek is perfect for those who are always in the same pension fund remains. But for those who are on a 45-year-old, the age of self-employed and the pension fund, and leave the subsidy, however, paid for, and will not be able to receive.

Under the new system, young people have more pension for their contribution, and older people less so.

That was on the verge to be a problem to manage. Because of this, a new system would be mostly in their forties and fifties, the grant is going to go wrong, which they are, as well as younger, however, be paid in full. How will they be compensated?

For the vast majority of pension funds, it is easy to do, in order to compensate them, in the uitwerkingsakkoord on Friday, which was in the hands of the The NRC. “According to calculations by the Central Planning bureau, and just as many pension funds, it appears that in many cases, it is not a disadvantage, but an advantage is” write great tits, trade unions and employers ‘ organisations.

Thus, it is possible to look for the new verdeelregels is expected to have more investment to be made than they are now. This is because there will be more pension money will be given to young people, and that money can be made longer to pay off. As a result, there is cash to be in their forties and fifties, to be compensated for.

Insurance companies are angry

Much more complicated is it to compensate for the more than one million workers in a pension with an insurance company. They have to work with a personal pensioenpotjes, and may, therefore, have no retirement started to shift between the different participants.

It seemed to only have three options, which all three of the difficulties encountered. Employers will see it does not sit in the pension contributions to increase significantly. The trade unions have refused to give the employees less in retirement to leave to build, for the same amount. The government refused to help to take the billions of dollars.

That’s why the insurers are now in a privileged position: current employees will not be required for the doorsneesystematiek’t want to buy it, but for new recruits as well.

Also, it has a big disadvantage: they need to be in two different pension schemes next to each other in the air to keep up. This leads to higher costs and more hassles. So it responded to the insurers, on Saturday is critical. Small and medium-sized companies with a policyholder’s pension plan “has to be huge problems,” said managing director Richard Weurding, of the Dutch association of Insurers, which is affiliated with employers ‘organizations the employers’ organization VNO-NCW).

Insurers will want to be completely excluded from the new rules, including for new employees. But it was not politically feasible, said the employers ‘ organization VNO-NCW chairman Hans de Boer, on Friday at The NRC. “We have to have it to do so. We have made a compromise.”

UNION-vice-president Of Elzinga wave of criticism from insurers in your way. “They pretend to be employers and employees, here is the worse, but the employers and the employees both agree that this is the best solution.”


The United States announced Russia’s surveillance of Trump under the Open Skies Treaty :: Politics :: RBC

As part of the Open Skies Treaty, which allows participating countries to observe flights in each other’s territories, Russia has followed U.S. President Donald Trump, said his adviser Robert O’Brien

Robert O’Brien

(Photo: Ron Sachs / CNP / AdMedia / Global Look Press)

Russia during flights over the United States, carried out under the Open Skies Treaty, monitored the whereabouts of US President Donald Trump, said his national security adviser Robert O’Brien on Fox News.

“They flew over the White House, they flew over civilian infrastructure, they tracked where the president might be: [резиденция] Camp David or Bedminster (the city where Trump Golf Club is located. – RBC) So they used the contract inappropriately, ”O’Brien said.

On the eve of May 21, Trump announced that the United States is withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty. According to him, Russia violated the agreement, under which its participants had the right to conduct observation flights over each other’s territories. “Therefore, until they stick, we will leave. But there is a very good chance that we can reach a new agreement or do something together to get back to that, ”Trump said.

According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Russia has turned the treaty “into an instrument of intimidation and threats,” while it itself has “grossly and constantly violated it for years.” He recalled that Russia did not give permission to conduct observation flights along the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also limited them over Kaliningrad.

Trump announces US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty

Donald Trump


Kozak revealed the details of the negotiations in Berlin :: Politics :: RBC

Dmitry Kozak

(Photo: Eugene Filippov / Global Look Press)

The deputy head of the presidential administration, Dmitry Kozak, said on the Russia 24 television channel that negotiations with the assistant chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, on resolving the conflict in southeastern Ukraine have been constructive.

“The dialogue was held in a constructive business spirit. We reached an agreement on mutual further actions for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, ”he said. Kozak added that consultations in Berlin will give an additional impetus to intensify negotiations in the “Norman format” and the Trilateral Contact Group.

The curator of negotiations on the Donbass in the Kremlin flew to Berlin against a virus

Dmitry Kozak

On May 13, a RBC source announced Kozak’s arrival in Berlin to discuss the situation in Ukraine. According to him, Germany invited a Russian representative to better understand the Russian line. The meeting was held in a bilateral format.

In February, the Kremlin reported that Kozak, who left the post of deputy prime minister in the presidential administration, would deal with Ukrainian issues. In mid-March, he first attended a meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group.


Regions push to reopen, perhaps from 18 visits to friends too – Politics

With the opening of shops, bars and restaurants scheduled for May 18th the constraint that allows travel only to visit relatives could be eliminated (as well as for necessity, work and health reasons). It is one of the hypotheses on which, according to when we learn, the majority and the government are discussing. On the issue, which would in fact allow friends to be able to go to the restaurant or bar, there is still no agreement, with some ministers who would push for the bond to remain.

On the reopening of bars, shops, restaurants, beauticians, hairdressers in Lombardy “by Thursday I think I will give a positive or negative answer”. The governor of Lombardy said so Attilio Fontana, at Mattino Cinque commenting on the agreement between the Government and the Regions for the differentiated reopenings. “From 18 May the shops will reopen by the Government’s choice, before then we will have to receive the guidelines that must be sent by the government through the Inail – clarified Fontana -, at which point we will cross the guidelines with the epidemiological data and we will have the possibility at local level to make assessments, possibly asking to reopen some more activities “.

“It is obvious that our interest will be first of all to evaluate the conditions and numbers of the epidemic” and “before doing any evaluation I want to see the numbers: if they go as in the last 2 weeks” with a contagion “downhill and above all in a few days we will begin to see the effects of the reopening of May 4th and it was positive, I think we can think of reopening some activities, “added the governor.

“I have seen that in the new government decree there is the blocking of IRAP, a good and fair thing, but from IRAP the Regions derive a piece of their budget with which the salaries of the doctors and nurses who have paid us are also paid edited by Covid-19, if the government blocks Irap, it must give the Regions the money to pay doctors and nurses “, highlighted the president of the Liguria Region and vice president of the Conference of the Regions Giovanni Toti to Radio Capital. And then again: for the collapse of passengers in public transport during the coronavirus emergency “at least two to three billion euros are missing from the Regions net of the Special Statute Regions, we do not yet have a definitive overall figure”. Toti did not rule out that the impact of the crisis could also lead to an increase in public transport tickets. “In a world that has to travel less by car we will not be able to load all of this on citizens, an increase in tickets to keep the accounts in balance could also be there, I hope that the Government will get in hand. – hopes Toti – The real test of the TPL there hasn’t been one yet, the demand from citizens is growing cautiously. Public transport will have to be reviewed, I think of car sharing, scooters and electric bikes, perhaps in the form of sharing “.

On the reopening of interregional mobility Minister Boccia told us ‘let’s take another week before starting an evaluation’, it certainly will not reopen on 18 May, perhaps 25 May, more likely on 1 June“said the governor Giovanni Toti interviewed by Radio 24. “On May 18 the Government will suggest the reopening of the retail trade throughout the country, many Regions including Liguria will announce the reopening of hairdressers, beauticians and partly also of catering, Liguria I hope it will be among them”.

Emilia-Romagna is ready to reopen the beaches, as well as shops, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauticians, tattoo artists, starting from May 18th, “always respecting the safety rules”. The Region explains: in these days “the work of the technical tables called to define the safety protocols for the restart of the various activities now suspended, in compliance with the national guidelines” will end.

“I consider the comparison with the government last night to be positive. The line that I and other colleagues have proposed has passed: the government for 18 makes basic choices, standard for all, then delegates to the regions”. The governor said so Luca Zaia. “To President Conte – he added – I said: we are the watershed between order and disorder; taking the path together means order, not doing it together disorder. Our idea, if there are health conditions, is to open by on Monday everything that can be opened “.

On the next reopening in Piedmont the President of the Region Alberto Cirio and the junta “will evaluate the choice of dates after the comparison with the Ministry of Health in the coming days, in the light of the monitoring data. Based on these, the guidelines for reopening and on what rules for Piedmont will be established”. This was stated by the spokesman for Governor Cirio, in this morning’s video conference on the progress of contagion and the Region’s initiatives in the health and therapist field


Turkey declared its readiness to return fire at the Haftar army :: Politics :: RBC

The department called the situation unacceptable when the United Nations (UN) does not react to what is happening in Libya. “The countries providing military, financial and political assistance to Haftar are responsible for the suffering that the people of Libya suffer, and for the chaos and instability that the country is drawn into,” the ministry said.

On April 28, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced a decision to head the country and withdraw from the agreement, which resulted in the formation of a Government of National Accord (PNC), led by Faiz Sarraj. “We are terminating [Схиратского] political agreement. It has become part of the past by decision of the Libyan people, the source of power, ”he said.

Lavrov said disapproval of Haftar’s words about the transfer of power to him in Libya

As Haftar noted, the LNA will work on the conditions for creating civil and state institutions and continue the process of liberating the people of Libya. The field marshal added that the forces under his control will try to “alleviate the suffering” of the people, protect the rights of citizens, fulfill their desires and work for their benefit.

Two days later, LNA spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari said that the Haftar’s army had stopped fighting in the country during the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims. However, he noted that the army reserves the right to immediately respond to any violations of the ceasefire.

Despite this, hostilities in Libya continued. In particular, on Thursday, May 7, the Italian and Turkish authorities reported the shelling of the “green zone” in Tripoli. The next day, Italian authorities condemned the attack, blaming Haftar for the incident. An LNA spokesman denied Haftar’s involvement in the shelling of Tripoli’s residential areas, including diplomatic facilities, on Saturday night.


Agreement between deputies and senators on the state of health emergency

The text, which extends the state of health emergency until July 10, must now be validated today Saturday, May 9 by the Senate and the Assembly, whose vote will be worth final adoption.

The deputies and the senators found a compromise on the penal responsibility of the public decision-makers as private, brought to take measures to allow the exit of confinement. The Senate had voted at the beginning of the week a device to adjust this responsibility, by invoking in particular the concerns of certain mayors, who fear being implicated in the event of transmission of the coronavirus during the reopening of the schools from Monday.

An amendment to the public health code

But the Assembly had unraveled this device, recalling that this question was already taken into account in the Fauchon law. The new version of the Assembly was contested by the opposition, who saw it as a way of “Disempower” the government, in the event of procedures on its management of the crisis. And each side accused each other of organizing a form of“impunity”.

Finally, the compromise proposes an amendment to the public health code to take account of “Skills, powers and means” available “The perpetrator”, in “The crisis situation which justified the state of health emergency”.

Data that will only be kept for 3 months

Deputies and senators also agreed on the other sensitive point of the text: the establishment of a follow-up of patients with coronavirus thanks to a “information system”, a follow-up file linked to Health Insurance.

The parliamentarians limited the backup of the data in this file to 3 months, different from the Inria StopCovid application project, about which questions of anonymity arise in particular. It is a population tracking system, by means of a very short distance exchange of information by radio waves, which is still in the testing phase.

The president of the LR group in the National Assembly Damien Abad estimated that “Two red lines have been lifted”, and announced that his group would vote the text thus modified in the day of Saturday.

For their part, PS deputies and senators indicate that they will vote against, “Even if there is progress”: “Our main criticism is that there is nothing in the text on social emergency”.

The bill extending the state of health emergency also provides for the possibility of quarantine or isolation upon arrival on national territory in certain cases.

President Emmanuel Macron has already announced that he will seize the Constitutional Council to verify the legality of the text, while the oppositions have expressed their concerns.

Stop Covid: anonymity, efficiency … What you need to know about the tracking app


US called Russia condition for extending strategic offensive arms treaty :: Politics :: RBC

Russia must persuade China to join negotiations on the extension of the strategic offensive arms treaty, said US Presidential Envoy for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley

Marshall Billingsley

(Photo: Ints Kalnins / Reuters)

Special Representative of the US President for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley called the main condition for the extension of the Russian-American strategic offensive arms agreement (START), the newspaper The Washington Times reports. The American leader Donald Trump appointed Billingsley to this position a little less than a month ago, on April 10.

“Russia should convince the Chinese to also sit at the negotiating table,” said the presidential envoy.

According to Billingsley, “one of the main problems with the new START Treaty – among its many other shortcomings – is that the Chinese do not participate in it.” He noted that the agreement was more advantageous for Russia than the United States, and added that Washington was not interested in “arms control for the very fact of arms control.”

On the eve of May 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump held telephone conversations. During the conversation, the latter “reaffirmed that the United States is committed to effective arms control, which includes not only Russia but also China, and is ready for future discussions to avoid an expensive arms race”, reported White House spokesman Judd Deere.

Foreign Ministry Appreciates US Readiness to Extend START-3 Agreement

Photo: Gregory Bull / AP