Disclosure from the health department about “high aluminum” in drinking water!

Samsun Provincial Health Directorate made explanations about ‘high aluminum’ in drinking water. The statement said: * The following explanations have been made about the news in the press and visual media about drinking and using water in our city recently. * In accordance with the ‘Regulation on Water for Human Consumption’ by our Directorate; It […]

Wafer-thin protective layer: tough on tough

Wit lubricates well, drives well – the vernacular is full of wisdom. This is why oils, greases and other lubricants provide less resistance in vehicle construction and wherever metallic surfaces rub against each other. Since every drop counts in the age of fuel savings, modern engine oils have long since become watery liquids, but they […]

Radio speakers from Piega: high-end dwarfs from Lake Zurich

MUsical industrial radio and high end – can that go together? Go, says Piega. The loudspeaker manufacturer in Horgen on Lake Zurich should know, because what is created there can sometimes be as tall as a man and represent the equivalent of a modest property. But the Swiss also build transducers with more compact dimensions […]