Buenos Aires: reforms to Real Estate, Automotive and Seals for the year 2020

The Law maintains the values ​​per square meter of covered area and the tables of impossible base, fixed quota and aliquot on the surplus that it already had in 2019. But it introduces an update of the fiscal valuations within the framework of art. 79 of Law No. 10,707, in this way for the Urban […]

five cars in which the value for money gets honors

Publirreportaje Updated:03/03/2020 01: 51h save With a few years and kilometers apart, a used car can offer all kinds of extras for a price similar to a new one with basic equipment. Advantages even more noticeable in the high range. When choosing a second-hand car, it is important to choose well the place where you […]

The Blind brand summoned several personalities on a morning of well-being

Daniela Márquez, marketing manager of Blind; Camila Vásquez, creator of Ethos Active; and Natalie Aghion and Sophie Azout, creators of Cyglo. Photo: Blind By registering you can customize your content, manage your topics of interest, schedule your notifications and access the cover in the digital version. .