They ask to ban the entry of outsiders to the Amazon due to coronavirus

Indigenous communities of Peru and an international NGO they asked this Wednesday ban outsiders from entering the Amazon to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus among the natives, who are among “The most vulnerable on the planet” in the face of the pandemic. The organization of Indigenous Peoples of the East (Orpio), which brings […]

What you need to know about the main Canadian airlines

Air Canada and other airlines respond to the coronavirus COVID-19 SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images Airlines around the world are climbing as they try to respond to a sharp drop in travel and government bans on nonessential and international flights. Here’s what travelers need to know about which Canadian airlines are canceling and […]

I had Coronavirus in mind that was traveling from the United States, but the return flight home showed that not everyone was taking it seriously

updated March 17, 2020 7:18:51 PM Photo: The airline took additional precautions and moved passengers so that there was at least one seat among unrelated travelers. (ABC News: Elysse Morgan) Related story: Coronavirus Update: Travel restrictions now in place, Australia’s death toll rises Related story: Trump criticized the chaos of the coronavirus in American airports […]

British hesitation about closing major events

The Boris Johnson government has given the impression of being sensitive to criticism of its treatment of the coronavirus, with one of its spokespersons informing the British press that a bill will be presented this week to allow the prohibition of large population crowds. The Prime Minister and his scientific advisers had so far ruled […]

The New York State plastic bag ban goes into effect – NBC New York

What to know The ban on plastic bags in New York has officially entered into force, but the state will wait until April 1 to penalize stores that violate it. Disposable paper bags will still be allowed, but counties have the option of imposing a 5-cent fee The New York ban exempts bags used for […]

Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden faced did not come from a distant front line. It came from the skies. It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the […]

What does the coronavirus epidemic mean for your travel plans?

Posted February 24, 2020 10:04:58 pm Photo: Smart Traveler advised people not to travel Mainland China because of the outbreak. (Reuters: Martin Pollard) Related story: “We are killed slowly”: the Indonesians ask for the evacuation from the cruise ship Related story: Chinese high school students can return to Australia with strict travel ban exemptions Every […]