SIX participates in the Omniex cryptographic trading platform

Swiss exchange operator SIX is purchasing a stake in Omniex as part of a wider partnership with the digital asset trading platform. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Live since 2018, Omniex offers an institutional investment and trading platform created specifically for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. SIX says the partnership will offer […]

The NBCH will issue Mastercard debit cards

The issuance will be carried out progressively by customer segments to reach 600,000 account holders in the Chaco bank. The delivery process will be the usual one, through branches or at the Post Office in Resistencia, Sáenz Peña, Castelli and Villa Ángela. To know the status of the Chaco 24 debit card application, Nuevo Banco […]

Is it necessary to donate insane products to food banks? | Science

In the middle of the pre-Christmas campaign, the debate on the content that food donations should have by food banks has been revived. Do people with few resources have access to healthy food? And the real question that we should all ask ourselves: is it necessary to donate unhealthy products? Eating to meet our nutritional […]