Mafia: blitz of the police in Catania, the ordinance for up to 50 persons – Sicily

Large-scale operation against the mafia of the police in Catania with the execution of a supervision order in prison for more than 50 suspects of the clan’s ‘Hat-Bonaccorsi’.
The investigation of the office of the District Attorney etnea to the disarticulation of the clan also involves wives and children of the boss. In the blitz ‘Chameleon’ have engaged hundreds of men of the Police, special departments, and the nuclei of investigation, coordinated by the Dda of Catania and from the central operations Service. Are in course searches and seizures of goods.


The boss of Facebook under fire

The clash between Twitter and Donald Trump splashed over Facebook, in a difficult position since his boss, Mark Zuckerberg, has refused to sanction about the polemics of the american president.

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Several employees have disavowed it publicly : “Mark is wrong and I will endeavour to make it change its mind in making a lot of noise “, has tweeted Sunday, Ryan Freitas, director of design for the News Feed (wire info) from Facebook. On Monday, the movement has grown within the company with a strike followed by a number of employees, including Sara Zhang, who said on Twitter : “We need to do in the face of danger, not to stay in cover. “

In the name of freedom of expression

On Tuesday, what are the three group leaders of the civil rights that are taken to Mark Zuckerberg. “We are disappointed and stunned by the explanations incomprehensible to Mark on the decision to maintain the publications of Trump “, regret Vanita Gupta, Sherrilyn Ifill, and Rashad Robinson, at the head of three organizations, after a telephone conversation with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, the number 2 of Facebook.

The origin of this volley of criticism, the two interventions without previous Twitter last week on the tweets of Donald Trump. The platform to the blue bird was first reported two of his posts on the voting by correspondence with the reference “check the facts “ when Mark Zuckerberg said on Fox News that the platforms should not play the role “of arbitrators of the truth online “.

On Friday, Twitter has been masked by another message of the tenant of the White House on the clashes in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd, for a violation of the guidelines of the network on the glorification of violence. “The looting will be immediately greeted by the balls “, had written to Donald Trump about the protests that degenerate into riots.

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These words also appear on Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg has decided to leave them visible, “after having hesitated all day “. In a posting on his profile, he said to condemn as “staff “ the “rhetoric clivante and incendiary “ the president, however, does not intend to delete the messages, in the name of freedom of expression and the public interest to provide that information.

“I know a lot of people are unhappy (…), but our position is to facilitate the greatest possible expression, at least to an imminent risk of harm to others, or dangers, such as described in our settlement “.

The counter-attack of Donald Trump

Twitter and Facebook have systems in place to combat harmful content (hate speech, harassment…) and against disinformation. But Facebook does not apply those measures to the personalities and political candidates.

Case Floyd : why Donald Trump holds up the Bible

The question arises now on the ability of the all-new “Supreme court “ of Facebook to take action. “We recognize that people want the Council focuses on many important issues related to online content “, has tweeted the “Board of supervision “ the network, which took shape at the beginning of the month and which is supposed to have the last word on the maintenance or not of the content controversial, independently.

The giant network is directly affected by the counter-attack of Donald Trump against Twitter. The american president has signed on Thursday a decree addressing a fundamental law of the american Internet, Section 230, which provides digital platforms to provide immunity against any lawsuit brought by you related to the contents published by third parties. And gives them the freedom to intervene at their discretion to police the exchanges.


TV Story (s) – Culture / Next

Even if we are probably looking at it even more now, the little box, well let’s say the flat screen, has long inspired musicians. The proof with these five groups whose television inspired the name.

1) Television Personalities

The British are famous for their humor, Dan Treacy is no exception. It takes a fair amount of self-irony to call yourself Television Personalities for forty years when his group has never had enough success for a television to really care about it. Accompanied by a slew of collaborators coming and going according to the albums, Dan Treacy and his hoarse voice are the only masters on board of this formation born from punk and influenced by the mods of the 60s, author of many discs always a bit noisy and uncertain but endearing. Cult par excellence, interested only a handful of journalists and enthusiasts, Television Personalities had a career break when Dan Treacy, heavily addicted to heroin, was imprisoned from 1998 to 2004 for shoplifting. Returning to business in 2006, the group has nevertheless been handicapped since by the degraded health of its singer following a brain operation.

2) Psychic TV

Probably the most curved television of this selection. Formed in 1981 by Genesis P-Orridge and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson on the ashes of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV has never ceased to oscillate between nice seemingly harmless pop songs and disturbing experiments, with a pronounced taste for multimedia adventures . With mutations, collaborations and a labyrinthine discography marked by dozens of live recordings, Psychic TV was also one of the pillars of English acid house in the mid-90s. Worrisome and difficult to tackle, like all bloated production of the late Genesis P-Orridge, who died in March, the discography of Psychic TV nevertheless includes some essential albums like Dreams Less Sweet in 1983.

3) Head on Television

The late Patrick Le Lay, former historic boss of TF1, will forever remain the man capable of measuring the famous “Available brain time” assigned to the communi hominum to the practice of the small screen. With his nickname, this Parisian duo may enter head first on TV, he devotes since 2014 most of his activities, not to zapping excessively, but to the production of a kindly pop electronic music, like l ‘EDM doped with stevia. Relatively tubesque. Finally, especially for those who like to spread their cracker with a large layer of Nutella. In this case, the hopping Out of Body Experiences guarantees the absence in the next few hours of hypoglycemic disorders. At least until the lunch break, naturally with Jean-Pierre Pernaud in the background.

4) Television

Television is the story of an essential New York post-punk group from the late 70s, which will become a major influence for generations of artists, but also a childhood friendship, dented between the brilliant Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell. In their native Delaware, the two dream of being poets and join the creative broth of New York. In 1972, they set up the group Neon Boys with drummer Billy Ficca, then became Television and hired a second guitarist, Richard Lloyd. Despite promising beginnings, tension is at its height between Verlaine, applied to the extreme, and Hell, always on the razor’s edge, the first even accusing the second of jumping too much on stage. Hell eventually left the group to found The Heartbreakers, becoming one of the first punks and the main source of inspiration for the Sex Pistols. Television, for its part, will publish in 1977 the masterpiece Marquee Moon, followed by a sequel a year later, Adventure, before separating in July 1978.

5) TV on the Radio

While in 2020 it is no longer rare or surprising that the radio is filmed, in 2004 the Americans TV on the Radio proposed to cut the image and keep only the sound. And what a sound! Led by singer Tunde Adebimpe, guitarist Kyp Malone and producer David Sitek before becoming a quintet, TV on the Radio flourished at the crossroads: neither totally arty, nor entirely accessible. Based on Brooklyn, like all the scene of the 2000s, but faithful to the creative effervescence of the New York megalopolis, TV on the Radio signs from its first album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, hybrid music, fireworks of jazz, rock, electronic loops, soul and punk, where the Bad Brains and Prince scrapped with Trent Reznor and David Bowie (among others). Perfectionist but productive, the group, marked by the death in 2011 of its bass player Gerard Smith, released five albums in a decade, before going into hibernation in 2014.

Alexis Bartier


Former boss of Seuil publishing, Michel Chodkiewicz is dead

He was a singular man in the publishing world. The former boss of Editions du Seuil, Michel Chodkiewicz, a specialist in Sufism to which he had converted, died Thursday, April 2 at the age of 90, said the publishing house. He was its director between 1979 and 1989.

The man had climbed all levels of the company, while conducting academic research on Sufi Islam. ” He started in the 1950s as a courier, then was given readings. He was so brilliant that he became an editor “Recalls Jean-Louis Schlegel, sociologist, who was hired at Seuil by Michel Chodkiewicz in 1986.

Appointed director general of Seuil in 1977, Michel Chodkiewicz had become its CEO in 1979, succeeding the founders Jean Bardet and Paul Flamand. ” The Threshold had grown fantastically since 1965 and Michel Chodkiewicz has made this legacy very fruitful. He confirmed Place du Seuil as a “leftist” publisher in the Parisian panorama “Continues Jean-Louis Schlegel.

The new boss will bring his rigor in business management, at a time of great difficulty for the publishing house. “ Michel Chodkiewicz had learned, three months after his appointment as CEO, that Le Seuil had a gigantic deficit. He accepted the mission to straighten the house, remembers Jean-Claude Guillebaud, who worked as literary director by his side. Nothing compelled him to. It was very brave. Almost chivalrous.

He was someone brutal, who didn’t take precautions, continues Jean-Claude Guillebaud, but he was also very frank. When we left his office, we knew that there were no unsaid. He accepted the contradiction. It was very stimulating to work with him

Converted to Sufi Islam

Michel Chodkiewicz came from a Polish Catholic family and converted to Islam with his wife at the age of 20. He remained modest about his conversion, without hiding his faith. In an interview given to New Observer (1), he explained that she was ” the culmination of personal research started in adolescence. There was the combination of intellectual interest in the richness of the Islamic tradition with the meeting of exceptional people ”.

To Jean-Claude Guillebaud who questioned him on the reason why he had not remained Catholic, he replied: “ Catholics are interested in many things but less and less in God. I’m interested in God. “

He was doing Ramadan, but it was without having him carry to others “, Evokes Jean-Louis Schlegel. He was praying in his office, just shutting his door for a while.

A taste for spiritual texts

At Le Seuil, his presidential years were marked by the publication of numerous bestsellers which enabled the company to quickly overcome its financial difficulties. They were crowned with two Goncourt prizes for The Sacred Night by Tahar Ben Jelloun (1987) and The Colonial Exhibition by Erik Orsenna (1988).

As for religious publications, he maintained the tradition of the publishing house of publishing great spiritual texts. “ Those were years when we were imbued with all the possible and imaginable critical glances on the religious, recalls Jean-Louis Schlegel. Michel Chodkiewicz fully accepted the view of the humanities on religions, but he also wanted to publish spiritual books on Judaism, Christianity, Islam. He was always careful not to reduce the religious to his scientific analysis

At the end of a ten-year mandate as chairman of the Seuil, a mandate he had set himself to the day, Michel Chodkiewicz left the Seuil to become director of studies at the Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences social (EHESS). Retired, he continued his research on Sufism, publishing his latest book on Ibn’Arabî, A shoreless ocean, in 1992.


Professional ‘Mentoring’ to break gender stereotypes | Economy

15 prestigious directives in Spain. 15 university students wanting to eat the world; 15 innovative projects or ideas, and three months to develop them together thanks to the knowledge that the mentors will bring to their young students. So is the shadowing I, boss, a mentoring initiative promoted by the communication agency Trescom With the collaboration of multiple Spanish companies and academic entities, and the objective of promoting and making female empowerment visible in the world of entrepreneurship, still largely dominated by men.

Presented at the beginning of March at the Esade Campus in Madrid, the program has barely suffered setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic, and mentors and students stay in touch a month later through videoconferences and emails. For Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation, “betting on equality is not only a matter of principle, but also of strategy: the data shows that companies led by women are twice as profitable, despite obtaining less than half the financing of men ”. In his opinion, “inequalities such as the gender gap, which affects 50% of the population, must be reduced.”

“The program serves to approach these girls and show them the reality, but also so that they know that it is possible, that it does come,” says Gloria Gubianas, co-founder of the sustainable fashion firm. Hemper and one of the mentors of I, boss. Juanita Bedoya, her mentor, wants to develop a brand of handbags and accessories made with denim cutouts from textile factories, thus reducing the waste of fabrics. But the projects are very varied, ranging from a platform to improve the quality of life for cancer patients (by Carla Montull) to a technology that helps children develop their soft skills (from Nur Younis) and a marketplace for future moms (by Patricia Aranda), to name a few examples.

“I think it is an important initiative for the new generations. We lack references that help to eliminate the mental limit that sometimes, as women, we impose ourselves, and that still put us in certain systems,” says Laura Nevola, CEO of IDP Pharma and another one of the mentors. “Also, working with such enthusiastic youth brings a lot of positive energy.”

A relationship with benefits for all

But what exactly does the mentoring? It is a professional accompaniment in which the transmission of knowledge is facilitated through learning with a mentor or tutor, who advises and guides another person in order to enhance their professional skills and abilities. “Any committed person, who is truly passionate about growing professionally and accelerating their potential, can benefit from such a program. This will help you learn from consolidated experience, connect with a world of new opportunities and access a network of networking ”, reveals Esther Cid, expert in mentoring digital and CEO of Tipscool, a startup of education technology.

Initiatives like Me boss They help young entrepreneurs to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make their ideas come true. “If I had not participated in several accelerators, where excellent professionals helped us in the process of creating our company, our journey would not have come this far,” confesses Fátima Lucas, CEO and co-founder of Zymvol Biomodeling, and mentor of the program. “This is why we are aware of the importance of contributing our own experiences in the development of talented young people.”

The advice these young women receive helps them shape their project, from establishing a business plan, analyzing its economic viability and studying the potential market to defining its financial, technological and human needs, benefiting from the knowledge that their mentors possess in each respective field, and in many occasions from their network of contacts. “At first I was a bit lost, because despite having entire notebooks full of sketches and ideas, I did not know how to organize them and reflect them in a business model. Thanks to my mentor, in a matter of two weeks I was able to make a business model canvas, mock-ups, start designing the web and do a lot of research, ”says Nur Younis, one of the participating students.

Mentors and students participating in the 'Yo, jefa' program.

Mentors and students participating in the ‘Yo, jefa’ program.

But not only the students or employees who receive this professional support benefit. These programs also present numerous benefits for companies, since they not only keep them updated on current trends in their respective fields, but also “have people who inspire and are extra motivated to grow professionally, aligned with the loyalty strategy of the human capital ”, wields Cid. “The personal brand that the employee creates is generated in the company a positive value on the feeling of belonging and the specific training that each person gets.”

In most of those who engage in mentoring, there are also an underlying feeling of gratitude, of those who benefited in their day from the help of others and decide to use the accumulated experience to do the same with the new generations. “In my years as an entrepreneur, I have always highly valued the figure of the mentors who have guided me; in many ways they have been key both in learning and in different moments of support, recognizes Fátima Mulero, founder of AuTICmo and mentor of I, boss. “I believe that in the world of entrepreneurship there is a chain of favors that is very beautiful and must be maintained,” adds Gubianas. “When someone knocks on your door because they want to start their own company, from scratch, you immediately open it and you are willing to share your experience, because someone, in their day, also opened it for you.”

What does the mentor do and what does the mentor not do?

It is about guiding and helping them to get the talent they have inside, “and that perhaps no one had ever made it known to them before,” explains José Lozano, an expert in e-learning and mentor in the IEBS business school. “It is a continuous job that sometimes requires a face-to-face conversation, others online and, of course, a work plan with objectives. You have to make them see where their strengths are and where they can improve, how to focus their projects … But I don’t solve their problems or do the work for them, “he says. “I just put a mirror in front of them and say, ‘Look at you, that’s you. Maybe you don’t know yourself well, nor do you know the full potential that you have, but you must make the most of it ”.

For mentoring to be effective, therefore, one thing is needed above all: the will to learn and prosper personally and professionally. Like the students who participate in the program We create opportunities in hospitality, of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation. A social initiative developed for just over three years in collaboration with hospitality schools, social entities and the Public Administration, and aimed at young people in a socially disadvantaged situation in Madrid, Burgos and Barcelona. “In 2019, we had 70 professionals working as mentors; people who maintain constant involvement and commitment, and who also collaborate in the additional training that young people receive, offering masterclasses in professional competences and other matters of interest ”, shares Beatriz Herrera, director of the foundation.

For Gubianas, “mentoring It also serves to demystify the vision that we have of entrepreneurs of success… When I was studying, I saw women entrepreneurs as super distant, and I was convinced that this was something I could never achieve. ” But, as she herself is in charge of remembering, “power, you can”, a maxim that they are also in charge of remembering every day from Tipscool, where they have created mentoring and orientation programs for young talent focused on promoting STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) among young women.

“We collaborate with companies motivated to attract female talent, and recently launched the campaign I can be, to break with gender stereotypes and that girls and girls discover that they can become what they want, through the eyes of references that we currently have as inspiring mentors: great engineers, mathematics, scientists, researchers and leading technologists of our country ”, Cid wields. And it is that, with initiatives like this, it may soon be possible to break down that “glass ceiling”, those invisible barriers that continue to prevent many women from reaching those leadership positions for which they are undoubtedly trained.

Expert Master in Coaching and Mentoring

This master’s degree will train you in subjects such as coaching, coaching personal, with NLP, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, influences of the coaching, confidentiality of the process or deontology.

Master in Coaching and Business Management

Through this course, students will learn the basics of strategy and the coaching for the formulation of objectives within the strategic process, and they will acquire negotiation tools.

Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA)

Students will be introduced to the strategic direction of the company and business marketing, and will know the main keys and tools to achieve a successful sale in the commercial environment.


HSBC interim chief Noel Quinn may remain CEO

Noel Quinn

The transition boss becomes a permanent solution.

(Photo: AFP)

London The board of directors let him fidget for a long time, but now the decision has been made: Noel Quinn became permanent on Tuesday with immediate effect HSBCBoss promoted. The 59-year-old has only managed the business as interim boss.

With Quinn’s appointment, a tough search for a successor ended, which occupied Europe’s largest bank for months and caused a lack of understanding.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Mark Tucker was full of praise for his new CEO. “Noel Quinn has proven to be the outstanding candidate to permanently take on the role that he has impressively filled on an interim basis since August 2019,” he said.

The question is, why did it take so long? Since the decision-maker John Flint’s dismissal last August, Tucker had been looking for a successor who was courageous about restructuring the bank. Ideally, like himself, he should come from outside.

Quinn had done everything in the past few months to prove himself a tough refurbisher. Investors and analysts had therefore anticipated his promotion in February when Quinn released the annual figures and a new strategy. However, the announcement failed to materialize. This was seen as a vote of no confidence in Quinn. Apparently, the board of directors was not entirely convinced of him.

After that it came out that Tucker UnicreditBoss Jean-Pierre Mustier, an industry superstar. The rumor mill simmered for a few days before Mustier officially announced that he would stay with Unicredit.

Now Quinn has to live with the reputation that he was only a second choice – despite Tucker’s exuberant praise. The fact that the announcement will be completely overshadowed by the Corona crisis should be quite right for both. The bank sent the announcement while British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a £ 330 billion bailout for the economy.

With Quinn, the bank continues the tradition of putting its own growth at the top. But he does not rely on continuity. In his short time at the top, he changed management, filled key positions, announced a structural reform and tens of thousands of job cuts. That is why he was considered a favorite on the job in-house.

The Corona crisis may have accelerated Tucker’s decision in the end. In view of the uncertain economic situation, the bank could no longer afford an unresolved management question.

More: HSBC CEO Noel Quinn plans the general renovation of the British bank, but is sitting in the ejection seat.


Trump ceases his chief of staff and sends him to Northern Ireland



The president of United States, Donald Trump, appointed on Friday the Republican Congressman Mark Meadows new Chief of Cabinet instead of Mick Mulvaney, whom he relocated to the post of special envoy for Northern Ireland.

«I am pleased to announce that the congressman Mark Meadows He will become head of the White House Cabinet. I’ve known and worked with Mark for a long time, and our relationship is very good, ”Trump announced on Twitter.

The president thanked Mulvaney “Having served the Administration so well,” and announced that he will become the United States special envoy for Northern Ireland.

Trump did not detail the reasons for the appointment of Meadows, who will be his fourth chief of staff in just over three years after Reince Priebus, John kelly and Mulvaney himself. Mulvaney, also a former congressman, assumed the position of Chief of Staff on an interim basis after Kelly’s departure more than a year ago.

According to US media, the relationship between Trump and Mulvaney had deteriorated following the process of political judgment that the Democratic opposition pushed against the US president at the end of 2019. Trump, however, chose to keep Mulvaney in office to avoid plunging the White House into chaos in full political trial.

One of the reasons that irritated Trump was the admission during a press conference by Mulvaney that the US president had ordered to freeze an economic-military aid package for Ukraine, one of the bases on which the Democrats built their case of «impeachment«.

Meadows, 60, represents North Carolina in the lower house of the United States since 2013 and is one of Trump’s greatest allies in Congress within the Republican Party.

Between 2017 and 2019, Meadows chaired the Freedom Caucus, a group ideologically close to the Tea party which brings together about thirty Republican congressmen considered more conservative and libertarian.

In new Chief of Cabinet had announced his intention to leave his seat after the next November legislative elections, in which I was not going to attend. Meadows arrives at the White House at a key moment for Trump, who in eight months faces his own reelection.


How to be boss of your former coworkers | Talent

When in 2018 Michelle Obama stood in front of hundreds of students at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London and confessed that she felt like an impostor nobody gave credit. After a brilliant career as a lawyer and in the world of politics, in addition to being the first lady of the United States for two terms, she still felt that she was not good enough or did not deserve the position she occupied. This sensation is common among those who suffer from the impostor syndrome. It is usually present when a new job is started or the status of an employee changes within the company, especially if you have to become head of those who until then were your co-workers, with the same category.

This change of role, from being an equal to being a superior, brings the feeling of being out of place hand in hand even if you have the proper training. One of the explanations that psychology brings to this phenomenon is that the image we have of ourselves and others is quite fixed. That is, it is difficult to change how we see ourselves and the role we believe we occupy in our environment. Yesterday you were one more, today you are the boss. It is an added difficulty to have to change the perception that others have of you compared to getting to a new place being boss from the beginning. According to the experts consulted, this situation can have negative consequences if you have low self-esteem or if you are not tolerant of frustration.

The insecurity that it brings causes fewer risks to be taken. “Feeling out of place and thinking that you are not able to fulfill your position makes you more conservative, so it is rare that those who live in this situation take risks or have confidence to ask for what they need,” explains Elisa Sánchez, coordinator of the group of occupational health of the Psychology College of Madrid. “So it is common for them to work below their potential. They conform. ” It is also common for them to have a lot of dedication to work, cover their weaknesses and consider their imperfections a problem.

This transition is difficult for oneself but also for the rest of the team, which has to stop perceiving its new boss as a former work partner and give him the leader entity he has now. According to one of Udemy’s latest studies on employee experience, 56% of workers believe that companies rise too quickly. “And, precisely, when ascending, the employees recognize that the most complicated thing is to be seen as the boss among their previous colleagues,” explains Llibert Argerich, vice president of marketing at Udemy.

Specific skills

Directing the efforts of the workers towards the same goal, coordinating them to avoid overlapping tasks, analyzing situations and incidents to solve them successfully or meeting the individual needs and requirements of each member requires special skills. These can be worked on and acquired progressively. “The key is that it is as important to have these capabilities as they are perceived by those around,” adds Argerich.

Transmitting these skills is one of the keys that can help in this process. To achieve this, we must redefine the relationships within the group and the way of communicating. “What happens is that you want to continue having a colleague’s communication and the new boss has a hard time assuming his new role,” explains Sánchez. Many times, it happens for fear of making mistakes or being rejected by his former classmates. “Another usual situation is to copy the strategy and behavior of the previous leader or go to the opposite extreme.”

One of the tips that Sanchez facilitates is that the change happens as unnoticed as possible. That is, maintaining, in broad strokes, the same way of working and the same work dynamics. “It is important to transfer in a very clear way what objectives are set and how the change will be made,” he explains. “My recommendation is that, unless it is an emergency, no sudden changes are made. Because people do not usually like it and can be perceived as taxes and increase reactivity. ”

Strike a balance

With the change, the new boss has more information that, in many cases, he cannot share with the rest of the team, either because it is confidential or because it can affect the way the rest works. However, Sánchez recommends being as transparent as possible, especially if the appointment has not been the result of a selection process but of a decision based on the confidence of the superiors. “The lack of information can lead the rest to draw wrong conclusions that harm labor relations.”

That is why it is necessary to give all possible information. Although the conversations will not be the same, it is important that the new boss continues to feel part of the team and that the rest perceives it. The company is usually the enemy: all complaints and discomfort that may arise are destined for it. “You are the leader but you are still a member of the same old group. That they do not see you as of the others: of the direction or of the company. That can drive away and cool relationships. ”

Towards work confidence


Why good leaders make you feel safe. With the right environment, we all have the ability to do remarkable things. This is what Simon Sinek, a motivational writer, believes. In this talk, TED discusses how it has an impact on workers to have a competent leader to defend them. “If we feel insecure, we are forced to spend our time and energy protecting ourselves from others. And that weakens the organization, ”he says.

Courses and workshops. The communication and leadership course of the Institute of Business Communication can help overcome the new difficulties faced by the newly appointed bosses. He proposes to develop assertive skills to adapt more effectively to the new relationship with former partners.

App. It is not a mobile application, but it can be very useful for those in charge of a team. This website is designed to help bosses maintain continuous communication with their employees, opening new connection paths between them. Its methodology is based on the latest research on positive psychology, a branch of this science focused on improving the capabilities of users.


the boss of the federation Didier Gailhaguet clears himself

Attack to better defend yourself. Wednesday, February 5, Didier Gailhaguet, the patron of French skating, went wild: Roxana Maracineanu? A sports minister “Moralizing”. Coach accused of rape? He doesn’t have it “Absolutely not protected”.

“The Minister did not hear me, she is draped in her certainties”, said Didier Gailhaguet at a press conference, evoking a jumble “An accused federation, a moralizing minister and opportunists of circumstances that we have not seen on the ice for 10 years. “

The president of the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG) also pointed out that a case of sexual abuse had affected the Clamart swimming club (Hauts-de-Seine), that of the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, former world champion.

The statements came just after government support for Roxana Maracineanu’s resignation request was announced. A demand “Obviously shared by the whole of government”, government spokeswoman Sibeth N’Diaye said.

Possible resignation

After the shock caused by the accusations of Sarah Abitbol and several skaters last week, Didier Gailhaguet had been summoned to an emergency Monday, February 3 by Roxana Maracineanu for explanations. At the end of their interview, the sports minister asked Didier Gailhaguet to resign, and announced the opening of an administrative investigation.

Tuesday, February 4, at the end of a meeting of the executive office of the FFSG, Didier Gailhaguet announced that he would not take a decision on a possible resignation before the end of the administrative inspection requested by the minister . Thus leading to the departure of four of the sixteen members of the executive board.

This Wednesday, the president of the FFSG affirmed that he himself had requested an administrative inquiry to the ministry for Sports, in 2000, on the trainer Gilles Beyer, at the time already controversial, and from now on accused of rapes by Sarah Abitbol. “Do you know who asked for it?” It’s me “, he says.

“I absolutely did not protect Gilles Beyer”, says Gailhaguet, claiming to have learned of the rape charges “A week and a half ago”, for facts going back more than 20 years. On these facts, Didier Gailhaguet had previously launched: “I have no words to describe my disgust”.


Antoine Dupont, the other patron of the XV of France

The most picky exegetes of this complex game of rugby will no doubt talk for a long time around the identity of the best player of this XV of France, who gave victory and a smile to oval France. Charles Ollivon, the captain who scored two tries? Grégory Alldritt, the third center line, designated gold talent by the France 2 jury? Bernard Le Roux, the helmeted mad tackler decked out with a 9/10 by the daily The team?

→ THE REPORT. The new XV of France offers England

But the hearts and choirs of the 79,310 spectators who attended Sunday’s February 2 revival of the XV of France – which we hope will not be temporary – have chosen their side. “Dupont, Dupont, Dupont …”, chanted the crowd after an incredible tackle against a monster in a white jersey launched at full speed five minutes before the end of the match, when the English carrots were far from cooked. “This is a crucial moment in the match. The English are at 10 points, they can come back. It is a strong action that has given us confidence in our line “, indicates the third line, François Cros.

So too bad for this incredible carelessness a minute from the end. Antoine Dupont then picked up a dead ball in the three-color in-goal and sent it to the stands, confident that the match was over. “Next time I will put on lenses”, he commented with a smile after the match, which will undoubtedly remain the most significant of his career since a certain November 11, 2017. He had been elected gold talent for his first selection as a holder, during the last victory of the XV of France in test match against the All Blacks.

Lead in the head

The young scrum half was only 21 years old and his head not yet tightly screwed on his shoulders. His subsequent performances, marked by personal daring not always welcome, would push him back into the hierarchy of scrum half, a very visible position and therefore particularly open to criticism. Since then, two injuries, including a serious one, and a difficult return to the highest level reminded him of the need for modesty in rugby.

We saw it Sunday 2 against the English: hay assists and clear saber climbs, Dupont played it modest, relieving his team with tactical foot kicks and taking his share of the fight thanks to courageous tackles. The technicians’ computers scrutinizing each gesture counted nine, which is enormous. No computer needed, however, to remember this lonely breakaway on the left flank before a decisive pass to its captain Charles Ollivon, launched like a bomb towards the English in-goal.

There is Jacques Fouroux and Morgan Parra in this young man who shares with his two illustrious predecessors a game that is both massive and incisive, marks very great scrimmages. Will it go as far as its illustrious predecessors? It depends on the collective he leads, of course, but also on his ability to save his body. The head, it seems now in place, from the top of its bac S, obtained without a shot between two matches of Top 14, with the support of a family 100% rugby.

“We are not going to aim for victory in the tournament”

From Castelnau-Magnoac, his village in the Hautes-Pyrénées, where he played from the age of 4, via Lannemezan, Auch, Castres, Toulouse (his current club) to the XV of France, the line is straight . But the already very experienced number 9 is careful not to see it go too high. “We’re not going to be pretentious. We come back from many complicated seasons, so we will be humble, work and seriously prepare for the reception of Italy (Sunday February 9, 4 p.m.), did he moderate. It is not because we have just beaten England that we will aim for victory in the tournament. We are not in this perspective, but rather in that of growing little by little. “