Where can I get SEP textbooks?

To consult the SEP textbooks, it is only necessary to access the internet page https://www.conaliteg.sep.gob.mx/ where the books appear by school level.


For the first time, free textbooks are available in digital format.

The Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, announced that for the first time in Mexico, all titles are already available on the internet.

He informed that the program that will be applied through television stations is based on the Free Textbooks and that, for the same reason, the studies will have official validity and that when the return to school is authorized, the same program will continue.

Regarding the backwardness issue that exists among students, he reiterated that there will be spaces and diagnostic evaluations so that teachers can attend to these cases, so there will be a leveling period.

He said that it is an equitable effort, given that 96 percent of households have access to a television, that the remaining 6 percent will be provided with radio instruction, in addition to the content being translated into 22 indigenous languages.

To consult the SEP textbooks, you only need to access the website https://www.conaliteg.sep.gob.mx/ where the books appear by grade level.

Click on the following image and you will access the catalog:

The National Commission of Free Textbooks is a decentralized public body whose objective is to provide books for free to basic education students enrolled in the national educational system.

Frequent questions

1) Replacement of textbooks

Where can I get textbooks?

For replacement, you must contact the Sole Distribution Manager of the Federal Entity where you are, at the following link you will find the directory of the Sole Distribution Officers:

Directory of Sole Distribution Managers

2) Consultation of textbooks

Where can I consult the textbooks of the different generations?

The Conaliteg has a Consultation Center in the facilities of:

Rafael Checa No. 2, Col. San Ángel,
Del. Álvaro Obregón, CP 01000,
México D.F.

To consult the bibliographic heritage, it is only necessary to make an appointment with the Department of Dissemination, Public Relations and Historical Heritage, by phone (55) 54-81-0467.

3) Books online

Where can I find free textbooks online?

The Textbook Catalog for Secondary Education, school year 2016 – 2017 is available at:


It is important to note that due to regulations related to content contracts, not all titles are available for electronic publication.

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US police officers arrest African American and turns out to be FBI agent

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Talalaev can change Bozovic in “Wings of the Soviets”

According matchtv.ru Andrey Talalaev can become the main trainer of “wings of the Soviets” in the case of the resignation of Miodrag Bozovic.

The fundamental decision to end cooperation with the Montenegrin accepted. Separation from Bozovic may only prevent a large amount of compensation, which is put to him in the event of breach of contract. The issue will be submitted to the Board of Directors of the club.

According to reports, the government of the Samara region was already in contact with Talalaeva, interest in which is also another Premier League club.

Note that another contender for the post of chief coach of the Samara club is the coach, “Chertanovo” Igor Osinkin.

Recall that the last club talalaeva was “Khimki”, which he left in the winter, when the team was in third place in the championship Olimp-FNL and won the right to compete in the quarterfinals of the Russian Cup, beating “ruby” and “Orenburg”.

Earlier, the 47-year-old was the head of the Nizhny Novgorod “Volga”, “Tambov” and “Pyunik”. With tambovchanka he made his way to the zone “joints”, and Armenia became the first coach, whose club went through two stages of qualification for the Europa League.

“Wings of the Soviets” with 22 points closes the standings Tinkoff RPL.


Captain “salty” was dissatisfied with the game Smolov in the match against Barcelona

Striker and captain Celta Iago ASPAs remained dissatisfied with the actions of striker Fedor Smolov in the match 32 th round of the championship of Spain against Barcelona (2:2).

In one scene, the Russians took the game over and did not pass on ASPAs, who was in an advantageous position.

According to El Desmarque, the Spaniard shouted Smolova that is one, then complained to a teammate and threw him a few offensive words.

In another moment himself ASPAs decided not to give Smolov when he was in a comfortable position at the gate of the Catalans.

Recall that in the last meeting Smolov and ASPAs scored a goal.

The following match “Celta” will take place on 30 June with Mallorca. At the moment the team from Vigo is on the 16th place in the standings, with 34 points.

Smolov moved to the “Salto” in the winter of 2020 on loan from Lokomotiv. In 11 La Liga matches he scored twice, in games against real Madrid and Barcelona.

Celta — Barcelona — 2:2. Goals and best moments

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Player Cruzeiro fell from the 200-meter, while in the car

Football player Brazilian Cruzeiro Henrique fell from the 200-meter while driving the car.

It is reported that 35-year-old did not suffer serious injuries.

The episode occurred on Friday in one of national parks of Brazil. It took 16 people to evacuate Enrique. Player got through the hatch of the car.

According to rescuers, who had to make the descent to reach the player, the car in the fall flipped several times.

The midfielder was confused and disoriented when he was rescued, and was able to give clarification on the situation.

The survey did not reveal Enrique serious injuries, but he will remain in the hospital for a few days. The player in the mind and feels good.

Last season Enrique has played for Cruzeiro 33 matches in the Brazilian Serie A and scored effective action.


“Scored a goal in the episode in which he had only to substitute the leg.” The Spanish newspaper has put Smolov for the match against Barcelona

Spanish newspaper Eldesmarque give the scores of the players of the match Celta — Barcelona (2:2) in 32-m round Examples.

The Russian forward club of Vigo Fedor Smolov received a score of six under the maximum possible score is 10. Smolov was the author’s goal. Best player “salty” was named Iago ASPAs (8 points).

— Scored a goal in the episode in which he had only to substitute the leg — described edition of the moment with a goal by Smolov.

Recall that the second goal Smolov in the Example. Debut goal in Spain Russian footballer scored the goal of “real”.

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“If Glushenkov will continue in the same spirit, there is a chance to return in “Spartak”

Permanent expert Sportbox.ru Alexander Bubnov shared his impressions from the first matches of the 24th round of the championship of Russia.

Alexander Bubnov

The game is no surprise. “Ahmad” was added after the resumption and looked overall better than Sochi. Residents took advantage of one moment in the end of the half. “Ahmad” had a permanent advantage. So pause for coronavirus went for the team. She and “wings of the Soviets” won, and now looked good.

Attribute this to the fact that she had enough time to prepare well. She did. Grozny looked good functionally as in the first half and in the second. So won by working.

Akhmat — Sochi. Glushakov shot on target

Get in shape and Denis Glushakov. We know how he can play. Now he moved close enough to the attacker, so it takes a lot of chances. I think with a contract for next season he will have no problems. Physically he is gifted by nature. It all depends on its functional state. Will follow along — going to play.

Like played Bernard Berisha. He was a private moment, but not punched the goalkeeper. And so well-connected, made an assist, was all the time active. “Sochi” fine added Andrew Mostovoy. If so will play, then Zenit will take it back. He’s a young guy, very much manifests itself, so anything is possible.

Akhmat — Sochi — 1:1. Goals and best moments

Before conceding a Zenit goal was two time Maxim glushenkova. So the ball on the counterattack was brewing. “Zenit” played not so fast in the first half. “Wings” are very tightly defended, the defense was difficult to break without the speed. And samarians had a good run out on a collision course.

In comparison with Spartak in the “Wings” Glushenkova trust. From Miodrag Bozovic in General, the youth always begins to play. It is often necessary to work with young. At the time, Fedor Smolov and Aleksandr Kokorin started the same way in the “Dynamo”. Bozovic trust them. Where the coach worked, it always appear the young guys whom he trusts. So if Glushenkov will continue in the same spirit, he has the ability to attract the attention of Domenico Tedesco. The main thing is to play consistently.

Zenit — Krylya Sovetov. 0:1. Maxim Glushenkov

Zenit won because added. “Wings” as played in the first half, and continued to play. Or whether VAR could leave from defeat when he scored the second goal. They fought until the last minute. In this they can not be blamed. But “Zenit” in the status of the leader and the champion could not lose. Yes, even in his field. Them in St. Petersburg just no one would understand.

Overall the team on their two goals were enough. It is the team because the penalty was not created by Artem Dzyuba, although he scored them with confidence. Not to say that “Zenit” had a terrible first half, but looked hard. For the second half of the match came in the game against CSKA. Immediately became more chances. Dzyuba played in his style. When the team adds, he immediately points.

Zenit — Krylya Sovetov — 2:1. Goals and best moments


Bolshunov said that with the victory in the world Cup congratulated him only one rival

Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov told congratulations after winning the Big crystal globe.

— Was the first to congratulate my coach Yury Borodavko. We have at the moment was training, he said that “for Norwegians starts over, you’re ahead of schedule to win the Cup.” First of emotion, we can say, it was not — I wanted to bring this matter to the end and stand together on the podium with my competitors, to stand out above the same Clabo and RET.

No one is waiting the result, he prepared himself and hoped for myself. Glad that I did. Then you need to train, in some moments more. So from someone not going to wait. The first of the contestants wrote and congratulated the RET. But more — no. No ceremony, nothing happened, so I guess there was no such congratulations from rivals, he said.

Recall that because of the coronavirus the final stages of the world Cup in North America was cancelled, the awards ceremony did not take place.

The Russians got the trophy on 26 June at a ceremony in Moscow.

Bolshunov became the first Russian who managed to win the Big crystal globe. Previously it was possible to make only the Soviet athletes Alexander Zavyalov (the seasons 1980/81,1982/83) and Vladimir Smirnov (1990/91).

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news, Australia, research, diabetes, coronavirus, covid-19, 2019-ncov coronavirus covid-19

Diabetes mellitus is a risk factor when infected COVID-19.

However, Australian researchers found that the risk may work in the opposite direction: coronavirus infection may trigger the development of endocrine diseases.

To such conclusion employees of Monash University.

The study is published in the scientific journal Nature.

Experts noted that cases of diabetes in people who are ill COVID-19.

So, 18-year-old young man from Germany suffered a coronavirus infection asymptomatic.

The student complained of feeling unwell, however, after recovery, began to feel unwell.

In addition, the young man began to experience persistent thirst. Doctors diagnosed the patient diabetes of the first type and suggested that the disease could be triggered by COVID-19.

According to experts from Australia, the new type of coronavirus could destroy the beta cells of the pancreas that affect production of insulin.

Scientists say that in the recent medical practice increasingly common occurrence of diabetes in people who have recovered from COVID-19.

Photo: © Banowati


Liverpool emerged the sole leaders in the number of titles among English clubs

“Liverpool” after the early championship in the Premier League came in a clear first place among clubs in England by number of trophies. Now in the asset of Liverpool 43 title: 19 wins in the Premier League, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups and 9 trophies in the framework of European competitions.

In second place for the trophies is “Manchester United” — 42 title.

We will remind, “Liverpool” for the first time became the champion of England over the past 30 years. Club an early victory in the EPL issued after Manchester city lost to Chelsea (1:2) in the 31st round and lost all chances for first place in the table.

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“I am opposed to farewell matches. Why stick out?”

The goalkeeper of CSKA Igor Akinfeev has told about relations with the former defenders of Muscovites Sergey Ignashevich and brothers Berezutskii.

— Conflict with Ignashevich? Serge is the greatest player. This is the man who made CSKA the winning team. As Berezutskiy. He played it well. Think that’s enough. We never went to restaurants, not friends. But when we came to the base and out on the field, we are professionals. Could each other cheer. All questions were decided by a minute.

A farewell match? I am opposed to such things. Berezutskiy’s a legend. Could another way to say goodbye, not in the form of video in the stadium. It was possible to organize the match, collecting Solomatina, Gusev and others. But the way they did, this is the best story. Why stick out? Played and played and earned trophies. If you people love, they will love. They will remember not a farewell match, and career, actions, goals, game. But the same match can always be done later. Nobody makes hold it the next day.

The brothers are now working. They often talk with the new administration, and with the current. They are not just picked up. With them real advice. Always said who if not they? It’s a legend. These positions must work … these are the people who made the name of the club that have been there 10-15 years. It is clear that “Spartak”, CSKA and “the locomotive” you will not make the name, because it is already all there. This brands for centuries. But when you do career, and your club in this thriving and getting stronger and higher, these people must be. For me it is always a mystery why clubs recruit people from outside, said Akinfeev in the air Youtube channel “podcast Sychev and Denis Kazan”.

Earlier it was reported that Akinfeev may end his career after the devastating defeat from “Zenith” (0:4) in the match of 23 Matchday of RPL Tinkoff. Later it became known that the goalkeeper will not leave the club until the end of the contract. The current agreement player with the Muscovites is calculated up to June 2022.

Recall, the brothers Berezutskiy football career ended in the summer of 2018. At the moment, the ex-players take the position of Deputy General Director of CSKA on sports issues.

Ignashevich has also announced his retirement in the summer of 2018. From June 2019 specialist trains of the Moscow “torpedo”. June 18 this year, officially became the head coach of Muscovites in connection with the start of training for the license category UEFA-PRO. Prior to that, he was listed as senior coach.

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