From Trier to London: trips with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Whe studied political science or German philology with a minor in economics in Frankfurt, Marburg or West Berlin in the 1970s, of course he had to buy a few “blue books”. The Emsigen traveled to the GDR for this, there was the blue-bound Marx-Engels edition at a ridiculously low price. Most of the time you […]

Flanders in Belgium: Bruges and Ghent honor Jan van Eyck

EIt’s like time travel. You can have the best tourist guide, the best weather and the best attractions, but all too often the feeling of coming closer to the past does not want to arise. The magical moment when you think you can catch a glimpse of the past cannot be forced. A lot has […]

European institutions in the era of the screen and telework

Many public servants are at home, and videoconference meetings sometimes hold surprises. President of the European Council, Charles Michel (left) holds a joint press conference with Ursula von der Leyen, after an EU summit by videoconference on March 26 in Brussels. Francois Walschaerts / AP In Brussels This is one of the countless consequences of […]

Maiko Thursday: Maiko’s journey

You have to throw yourself into this novel as you fit into the armchair of a movie theater in front of the last James Bond or Jason Bourne. Don’t necessarily try to understand, but let yourself be carried away by planes, identity changes, chases, time zones and flashbacks. Maiko is a young Hong Kong woman […]

the European Union’s interested solidarity with the Africans

Some first emergency aid has already been paid to the continent, which is particularly fragile in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. But they are still very modest. A man wears a protective mask in Soweto, southwest of Johannesburg (South Africa), Monday, March 30. MARCO LONGARI / AFP Correspondent in Brussels It is to Africa […]

Brussels studied possible clinical trials in conjunction with different countries

TheEuropean Comissionis jointly studying with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) thelaunch of clinical trials at European levelabout possible Covid-19 treatments. “Clinical trials are a national competition, but we continue to explore with the EMApossible joint clinical trials at EU levelto expand the evidence of any promising treatment “, explained in a press conference the spokesman […]

the dead end of the Twenty-Seven on “coronabonds”

The idea of ​​pooling debts and launching joint borrowing divides Europeans. Dedicated to the coronavirus crisis, the videoconference of the 27 has only helped to highlight the differences observed in recent days on the question of economic and financial support. 136777723 / svetavo – It was to be a demonstration of unity and solidarity […]

Greta Thunberg claims to have coronavirus and to isolate herself from her father

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg says on social media that she believes she has recovered from mild COVID-19 symptoms experienced during a quarantine period following a trip to Europe. media_cameraSwedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg arrives for a meeting at the Europa building in Brussels on March 5. Image: AFP The teenager said it appeared to have […]

Brussels will create a ‘central warehouse’ for the distribution of medical equipment

The European Commission announced on Thursday that it will create a strategic stock of medical equipment such as ventilators for intensive care, protection for personnel such as reusable masks, medicines for therapeutic treatment and other laboratory supplies to help EU countries combat the effects of the coronavirus. The initial budget for this arsenal amounts to […]

Belgium: In Ostend, the concrete serves as a canvas for street art

Garbage men who do nonsense instead of cleaning up. House-high vases made of Delft ceramic, which appear as three-dimensional objects on a gigantic shelf – a perfectly staged optical illusion. Colorful fantasy characters. Realistically painted people doing everyday activities, enlarged several floors. Cute dogs, wandering ants, strange metamorphoses. From facade-covering maxi paintings to miniatures: a […]