Belarussian Ministry of Internal Affairs inspects presidential contender Tsepkalo

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s Office, began a pre-investigation check on “illegal activity” by the candidate for the post of President of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo, said the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova. A statement to the supervisor came from a native of Turkey in June, its essence was not disclosed.

“For conducting a preliminary investigation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the Prosecutor General’s Office received materials on the statement of a Turkish citizen about the facts of the unlawful activity of Tsepkalo. An inspection is underway now, ”said Ms. Chemodanova (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Sputnik Belarus reports with reference to Telegram channels that the statement on Valeriy Tsepkalo was written by a businessman, a native of Turkey, the owner of a group of construction companies that participated in the construction of the High-Tech Park (HTP).

Valery Tsepkalo is one of the founders and the first director of the Belarusian OEM. At a meeting with members of the government on June 4, President Alexander Lukashenko stated that Mr. Tsepkalo was conducting an election campaign allegedly using money from the sale of the house in which he continued to live. “This is campaign financing, which is not clear! And he is insolent and comes out so clean and fluffy, ”Mr Lukashenko said. On the same day, the incumbent president of Belarus spoke out about Russian participation in the political struggle, saying without naming that individual candidates are financed by “Russian oligarchs”. The subscription campaign has revealed the favorites of the presidential race and has already shown whom the Belarusian authorities consider the most uncomfortable opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko. They are trying to neutralize such with the help of criminal cases and incriminating evidence.

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Russian woman living in Israel explained her multiple voting :: Society :: RBC

According to the Russian woman, they tried to contact her several times from the consulate in Haifa so that she would give explanations and that her daughter would come and write a refusal to vote.

“It was a very strange conversation, such pressure. Today they called me again, invited me to a meeting, but I’m afraid to appear on the territory of Russia and don’t understand what they want from me, ”added Yael Ilinski.

Ilyinsky wrote about her repeated voting on constitutional amendments on her Facebook page. According to her, all she managed to vote on the amendments three times – at the embassy in Tel Aviv, at the consulate in Haifa and through electronic voting. “They don’t ask you whether you are registered by electronic voting, and they don’t check it,” she wrote, adding that the ballot was also given to her underage daughter.

After that, the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia threatened Ilyinsky with criminal liability for multiple voting. In accordance with Part 2 of Art. 142.2 of the Criminal Code of Russia, for the illegal issuance and receipt of a ballot more than two times a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles is provided. or imprisonment for up to three years.

Maya Grishina, secretary of the Central Election Commission of Russia, explained that Russians can cast their vote abroad only after they appear. At the moment, there is no single electronic system and electronic lists for Russians living in different countries, so the electoral commission, according to her, relies only on the integrity of voters. If, according to her, “a citizen will be unscrupulous” and will vote in several polling stations or in different countries, criminal liability is envisaged. Grishina emphasized that this punishment is insurance of violations.

Police voted twice for Lobkov

A spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov, asking journalists if they should be punished several times to identify violations in the voting system, did not answer, but expressed confidence that the CEC would take into account all the imperfections of the system.

“If there are signals of any gaps or imperfections, I have no doubt that the CEC will take measures to clarify and, where necessary, make adjustments and improve working methods,” he concluded.


Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs starts checking another rival of Lukashenko :: Politics :: RBC

At the headquarters of Tsepkalo, they answered that there was already a court decision on this issue, which Iggeji did not dispute. The structures affiliated with it were generally forbidden to engage in construction in Belarus due to numerous violations. “Not a single object was completed to the end and was not transferred in the prescribed manner to the customer. Dozens of legal proceedings have taken place or are ongoing in all facilities, ”the headquarters noted. “We can only guess about the motives of the current statement of Mr. Iggeji. We are carefully studying the situation regarding the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Mr. Igdeji for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation as a result of the dissemination of false information, ”said Tepkalo at the headquarters.

Tsepkalo became the last remaining free representative of the “big opposition three” rivals of Alexander Lukashenko in the August presidential election. Two other members, blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky and former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, have already been detained. In an interview with RBC, Tsepkalo did not rule out that something similar could happen to him, but assured: “We are simply moving in the political process, doing what is allowed to be done in accordance with the Constitution and the electoral legislation of our country.”

On June 24, Tsepkalo announced that he had handed over 160 thousand signatures to the Central Election Commission with the required 100 thousand. Registration of candidates for the presidential elections, which will be held on August 9, is scheduled for July 5-14.

RBC sent a request to the representative of Valery Tsepkalo.


Voter turnout under the Constitution for four days amounted to 37.5% :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Maxim Shipenkov / EPA / TASS

The total turnout for voting on amendments to the Constitution was 37.2%, more than 40 million Russians voted in total. This was stated by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

By 11:00 Moscow time, more than 970 thousand residents of Moscow and the Nizhny Novgorod region took part in electronic voting. The turnout for electronic voting exceeded 83%.

Putin spoke out against turnout when voting on the Constitution

The day before, the total turnout, taking into account the voters remotely, was 28.26%.

As of June 28, the CEC received 4870 complaints of possible violations. The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, clarified that a significant part of the appeals related to electronic voting, in addition, the applicants noted the absence of cameras when voting at home and checking passports by PEC members.


The prosecutor’s office will check the “sausage king” of Tönnis due to the outbreak of COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

About 1.5 thousand people were infected with coronavirus in a meat processing plant owned by Tonnis. After that, the plant was closed. Bloomberg calls it Germany’s largest local COVID-19 outbreak

Klemens Tennis

(1: Maja Hitij / Bongarts / Getty Images)

German politicians and the prosecutor’s office began testing against Clemens Tönnis after 1.5 thousand people became infected with coronavirus at his meat processing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (federal state North Westafalia in Germany), reports Bloomberg. The publication WirtschaftsWoche back in 2015 due to the type of activity of Tönnis gave him the nickname “sausage king”.

The agency notes that the majority of cases of COVID-19 are workers from Eastern Europe. After information was received about infected people, the authorities decided to close the plant. Bloomberg calls the situation at the Tonnis facility the largest local outbreak of coronavirus infection in Germany.

The publication also reported that after the outbreak of infection at the plant in German political circles, they discussed the possibility of accelerating legislative changes that improve working conditions and the level of hygiene in enterprises. Some politicians are also considering asking Tennis to take on some of the costs that the country incurs due to the pandemic.

WHO warned of a new wave of coronavirus incidence in Europe

Photo: Yara Nardi / Reuters

Der Spiegel talked to one of the factory workers named George. According to him, in the past few weeks, a device for measuring temperature has been installed at the entrance to the enterprise. However, measures to identify cases were taken too late, the man said. In addition, George said that there was no person at the entrance who would service the device, so the workers “just ran past.”


Nornickel discharged factory employees from work after waste dumping :: Society :: RBC

The company said that employees committed a gross violation of the rules for the operation of the tailings, which led to the dumping of waste

Photo: radionovasg / VK

Some employees of the Talnakh enrichment plant (PF, part of Norilsk Nickel) have been suspended from work, the Norilsk Nickel said in a statement to RBC. “Responsible persons of the Pacific Fleet are suspended from the performance of their duties,” the company said.

Norilsk Nickel also said that Pacific Fleet officers committed “a flagrant violation of the rules for operating the tailings of the factory.”

The dumping occurred earlier on Sunday. According to Norilsk Nickel, the leadership of the Pacific Fleet decided to pump clarified industrial water into the adjacent territory in order to prevent possible emergency situations associated with an increase in the water level in the settling pond of the tailing dump.

Earlier, Rosprirodnadzor reported that the water level in the pond rose sharply after conducting hydraulic tests of the hot water pipeline and rainfall.

Investigators began checking due to dumping of waste at the Norilsk Nickel factory

Photo: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation


Tractor drove into a police car at the Norilsk Nickel factory :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

A tractor drove into a police car, which arrived to check messages about dumping waste at the Nornickel factory, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Krasnoyarsk Territory told RBC.

There are no injuries. As the press service noted, the driver crashed into the police by accident.

“The tractor driver, not convinced of the safety of his maneuver, ran into a car. This was formalized as a regular traffic accident. There was no intent on the part of the tractor driver, ”the police said.

In Norilsk there was a discharge of waste in the area of ​​the Norilsk Nickel factory

Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta journalists, along with Vasily Ryabinin, an employee of Norilsk Rosprirodnadzor, and Greenpeace activists found that polluted water was pumped from the Norilsk Nickel tailing dump near Norilsk and drained into the tundra, from which it flows into the Kharaelakh River and Lake Pyasino. Eyewitnesses called the police, the Ministry of Emergencies, Rosprirodnadzor and the prosecutor.


NYT: the EU may temporarily prohibit the entry of the United States, Brazil and Russia

The European Union after the opening of the external borders considering the possibility of a temporary refusal of entry for residents of the USA, Brazil and Russia because of the unfavorable situation with the pandemic coronavirus, writes The New York Times, citing a draft document. Lists compiled on the basis of the data about the cases COVID-19 in the last 14 days per 100 thousand people. In the EU, according to the newspaper, this figure is an average of 16 cases in Russia — 80, US — 107, and in Brazil — 190.

According to the document, there are two lists of “potential countries”, which can allow entry to EU countries. One of them included 47 countries, where the rate of infection is lower than the EU average, in the second there are 54 countries where the score was worse, but not more than 20. In both lists there are, for example, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Uruguay, and Uganda.

Recall that the external borders of the European Union will gradually open from 1 July. Earlier it was reported that the EU decided to act in a coordinated manner, developing a common list of countries which will enter the state with a stable epidemiological situation. The list can include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro. At this statement the European Commission noted that even if a citizen came from relatively safe countries, but is “a danger to the health of the population,” the country may be closed. Similarly, if the epidemiological situation in a third country is deteriorating, it can be re-introduced restrictions.

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