Paul Priluchny said, who comforted him after his divorce from muceniece

Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny got an official divorce. In an interview Youtube-project “together” the 32-year-old actor told how he has built his life after breaking up with his wife. In April, Agatha gathered her things, took the kids and moved to owned by spouses of the Moscow apartment. Paul was left alone in their suburban home. On weekends, the children visit with him, but then again they go to the mom and Priluchny there is one. According to the artist, he does not tolerate loneliness, so I tried to solve this problem. To cope with the feeling of emptiness to help him Pets.

I can’t be alone. Even when I work. I need someone walking around, talking. I have two dogs, cats, fish. I solved this problem, – said the actor.

Paul said that in his childhood scarred by tragedy – the death of his father (he died when the future actor was 13 years old). Therefore he is most afraid of loneliness. This is what prompted him to create a large family: Priluchnogo muceniece and there are two children, 7-year-old Timothy and 4-year-old MIA.

By the way, on the eve of the divorce, Agatha suddenly confessed she still loves her ex-husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. Youtube-an interview with Ksenia Sobchak 31-year-old actress, broke up with her husband because of domestic violence, said not to say bad things about him.

– I love this man, and in any case do not want to show it in a bad light. What else can you do? To kill a human being? People get lost, she said.

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Divorce Priluchnogo and muceniece was relatively peaceful. The actor left his wife and children apartment Moscow. Custody they are divided equally: although the children live with the mother, they can see dad when he wants to.

Previously, Agata explained why their marriage has cracked. According to the actress, she and her husband no longer understand each other.

Our Alliance came to the conclusion that we need to leave. We ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me this is – said muceniece. – He doesn’t understand me. I don’t understand it. We can’t find a common language. We decided that it would be right to go, to be normal parents for their children.

However, fans suspect that the culprit is not just mutual misunderstanding, but also the passion of Paul by alcohol. Just a few weeks after muceniece announced the divorce, she has published in Instagram shocking video. In it, the actress said that during isolation in a country house husband picked up on it hand and was brought to tears children. The quarrel between the spouses began after Priluchny, according to Agatha, drink ten days in a row.

– He brought the children to tears, he raised a hand to me, he is not adequate, – says the actress in the video with tears in his eyes. – He during a pandemic throws us out of the house. So tomorrow we’ll go to the apartment. But I can’t upload because I have no other weapons, except as publicity. Just know that here is a man Paul, you know?


The web discusses the beautiful daughter of Abdulov burned out of cancer

Alexandra Abdulova He died when his daughter Eugenia was only a year old: the 54-year-old actor burned out from cancer. The girl from childhood grew up in an artistic environment, the second wife of the artist Julia gave her to study at a theater studio. Recently, 13-year-old Zhenya has grown a lot and is slowly turning into a charming girl. Looking at her pictures on social networks, fans discuss how she matured.

“She’s quite grown up, and so looks like a father”, “A real beauty grows like a dad”, “His eyes, nose, lips are spilled Abdulov”, “I became so beautiful and sweet”, “Genes are immediately visible in you great Abdulova, ”they write on the Web.

13-year-old Zhenya Abdulova became quite an adult. Photo: Instagram.

Many believe that Eugene has a great future in the cinema. The girl already has experience on the set. He played his debut role in the film by Alla Surikova “Love and Sax”. The director was satisfied with the work of the young actress: she is sure that Zhenya not only looks like her father, but also inherited his acting talent.

The role in the play was offered to the girl by the late artistic director “Lenkoma»Mark Zakharov. The head of the theater, where Alexander Abdulov served for many years, wanted the artist’s daughter to take the stage in the final of the Royal Games performance. The girl was preparing for the premiere, but then refused to participate in the play, saying that she did not like to rehearse.

“She never went on stage.” Sasha’s character! She was always the most important at children’s parties, she built all, commanded. Recently, however, she starred in a small role in the film with Maxim Averin, but so far, school is in priority, ”a close friend of the Abdulov family told reporters then.

The girl is very similar to her star father. Photo: Instagram.

The girl is very similar to her star father. Photo: Instagram.

Alexander Abdulov met his wife Zhenya’s lawyer two years before his death. The spectacular brunette immediately liked the famous actor, behind whom there were many novels with the most beautiful women of the country. Couple she got married in 2006, and in March 2007 they had baby Eugene.

Alexander Gavrilovich died of cancer in January 2008. He struggled with oncology for a long time – he was diagnosed with lung cancer of the fourth stage. Doctors did everything possible to cure the artist, but the disease was stronger. Probably, oncology could be provoked by long-term smoking: Abdulov was a heavy smoker and did not part with cigarettes for several decades in a row.


“I believed that I did not see it in my childhood” – The unique GAZ-3111 Volga was remembered on the network

Some consider the design of this car disgusting, some – original.

GAZ-3111 “Volga” – This is a Russian middle class passenger car, which was produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant in experimental mode. The car was developed from 1996 to 1998, and presented it at the Moscow Motor Show in 1998.

In total, about 500 copies of the GAZ-3111 Volga were produced. The car got on the conveyor in 1998 and left it in 2002. The design of the unusual “Volga” causes a lot of controversy and to this day – it is so original and original.

On the eve of the network remembered this unique car. “I believed that I did not see it in childhood,” wrote one user with a reference to the design of the model.

Under the hood GAZ-3111 “Volga” housed one of three engines: ZMZ-406.20, ZMZ 405.20 or GAZ-560. A pair of motors was a 5-speed manual fully synchronized gearbox.

The overall length of the GAZ-3111 Volga was 4,920 mm, the width was 1,850 mm, the height was 1,450 mm, and the wheelbase was 2,820 mm. It is noteworthy that the sedan’s clearance was 155 mm.

Julianna Koshechkina


Soloist Little Big Sophia Tayurskaya shocked with pictures before losing weight

Looking at the soloist of the popular Little Big group Sofya Tayurskaya, it is hard to imagine that this miniature brown-haired woman could have problems with being overweight. However, the 28-year-old singer decided to show how she looked before losing weight.

Sophia Tayurskaya loves to experiment with her appearance. It appears in provocative outfits, demonstrating mouth-watering forms. Fans are often interested in how their pet keeps fit. The other day, the singer made a live broadcast with her followers. The audience once again asked whether the Little Big vocalist has always been such a beauty.

Sophia did not hide and showed bold pictures before losing weight. In a girl in a red ball gown, it is almost impossible to recognize Sophia.

Tayurskaya did not say how much she weighed before losing weight. However, judging by the pictures, she had to lose about 30 kgPhoto: Personal archive

Tayurskaya was born in Irkutsk, from childhood, was engaged in music. In the family, she was the youngest, third child. Her childhood passed in the Arkhangelsk region in a small town Novodvinsk. After school, the girl moved to St.Petersburg.

During her studies, she worked part time, speaking in a cafe and karaoke. In college, the girl was overweight. She could not get rid of extra pounds for a long time. I followed a diet and went in for sports. Gradually, all efforts brought results.

Fans were shocked by what they saw Photo: Personal archive

Fans were shocked by what they sawPhoto: Personal archive

Now the singer’s height is -164 cm, she weighs 54 kg. At the same time, Tayurskaya did not say how much she weighed before losing weight. However, judging by the pictures, she had to lose about 30 kg.

Fans were shocked by what they saw. Many do not hide their admiration for such a sharp transformation of the idol. Moreover, the public noticed that at the beginning of her career, the girl’s head was decorated with a thick long scythe. Now Tayurskaya most often loosens her hair. The singer is a real decoration of the St. Petersburg team.

LITTLE BIG SKIBIDI (official music video)..


A picture of naked Alexander Tsekalo appeared on Instagram of his young wife

The new wife of Alexander Tsekalo is a creative nature: 29-Darina Erwin is an artist, and she paints only men. And exclusively without clothes. After the producer married a spectacular brunette, fans wondered: how soon would his “naked” portrait decorate the wall of their matrimonial bedroom? And now, it seems, this day has come. On her Instagram page, Darina posted a photo of naked Alexander. The artist captured the beloved in her creative workshop.

Although the 59-year-old Tsekalo physique is by no means Apollo, he nonetheless boldly poses for his chosen one without clothes. In the photo, the showman is halfway to the camera next to the canvas, on which Darina has already begun to paint a picture. The producer gently touches the wife’s creation, clearly enjoying her talent.

His wife Tsekalo posted his nude picture. Photo: Instagram.

Spouses now live in USA and, like everyone else, they observe self-isolation. Apparently, relaxing in quarantine, Tsekalo began to walk around the house without clothes. The other day, Darina shared a picture on Instagram demonstrating how her naked husband is preparing breakfast. By the way, the artist herself admitted that she is a mediocre cook. But, according to her, her mass of other advantages.

“I’m terribly cooking.” But I completely compensate for this in bed, ”she said once in the social network.

By the way, Darina also prefers to draw her paintings without clothes – she works topless. Apparently, in the Tzekalo house in LosAngeles the spirit of complete freedom and creativity reigns. Producer himself during quarantine in America busy writing scripts.

– I’m self-taught. And she received education in other specialties: acting and law … And I draw only a few years. Therefore, please do not judge me harshly, ”Darina Erwin told her subscribers.

Showman’s fourth wife hails from Of Kazakhstan (her real name Saparova), but she has been living in the States since childhood. Darina has a wealthy stepfather, who paid for her studies and a law degree. However, the girl was always attracted by Hollywood – and she decided to become an actress. Erwin completed acting classes and starred in extras. It was thanks to the movie party that she met Tsekalo.

The producer and his fiance live in the United States.

The producer and his fiance live in the United States.

Alexander and his bride quietly signed in the USA last spring. The wedding took place in Beverly Hills. After Tsekalo married Darin, he practically stopped visiting in Russia. His ex-wife Victoria Galushka and two children live in Moscow. With heirs – 7-year-old Misha and 11-year-old Sasha, the producer communicates only via video link.

After the divorce from Alexander Victoria, I had to abandon the surname Tsekalo and return my maiden name Galushka. They say that the producer himself insisted on this, wishing that only his new wife should bear his name. The showman’s entourage also says that Tsekalo forbade the children to speak about his mother in his presence. Victoria herself with the ex-spouse after the dissolution of the marriage does not communicate.


“Three Women”, letters of nobility in the Age of Enlightenment

What bond then unites these three women of the XVIIIe century? The first, Madame du Deffand, little known to the general public, has gone down in history for its qualities as a salt shaker. The second, Mrs. Roland, owes her notoriety to the fact of having exclaimed, it is said, in front of the scaffold: “Freedom, what crimes we commit in your name!” and his talent as a painter immortalized the third, Madame Vigée Le Brun. It is the relationship to the letter writing of each that is the source of this book, while none, says historian Cécile Berly, plans to become a writer, out of respect for the gender norms that make them unthinkable this ambition. However, the work shows that if writing is not only part of their daily lives – like that of most bourgeois women, who are required to maintain family and social relationships – this activity is, for them, essential, linked to their personality and their inscription to the world.

For Madame du Deffand, the letter is a remedy for boredom, whose conversations in her living room are not enough to protect it; moreover, oral and written complement each other, because it is not uncommon for his correspondence – the very rich correspondence with Voltaire – to be read aloud, during the afternoons and evenings on rue Saint-Dominique. The hostess embodies the “Pure French spirit” alongside its regulars, the biggest names in the Age of Enlightenment. The decline in the reputation of her meetings, competed by those of Julie de Lespinasse, so long close to her because responsible for palliating the blindness of the elderly letter writer, increases her melancholy; only the letter saves her from despair, especially if she becomes in love in exchanges with a young English aristocrat.

Quite different is the character of Madame Roland, who, from her childhood, amazed with her intellectual capacities and her taste for freedom which would keep her from her monastic temptation. The emotional letters to her friends from her youth are followed by political letters: it is through writing that she engages in the Revolution. Therefore, in love with ancient culture, admiring the Romans, it “See the letter as a forum” ; tracts, petitions, newspapers are added to inform and influence his fellow citizens. The exacerbation of her patriotism even leads her to present herself as “The wife of Cato”. The author sees it as proof that, outside of the Revolution, Manon Roland no longer exists. However, the era was surprisingly respectful of the genre: in the living room of the couple who, from 1791, united the radical left, she was the only woman admitted but remained silent there! So, until the dawn of her execution, she wrote against the bloodthirsty madness of the Revolution.

Because her art entirely inhabits her, Madame Vigée Le Brun only takes up her pen in moments of doubt or anger; exile transforms his writing practice into an astonishing extension of his painting. Supporting sources, this study confirms that the letter is then the major form of female writing.

Yannick Ripa

Cecile Berly Three Women. Madame du Deffand, Madame Roland, Madame Vigée Le Brun Compound tense, 184 pp., 17 € (ebook: 11.99 €).


Revenge of the offended stepdaughter, or why Guzeeva still can not forgive the strict stepfather

The attitude of the leading “Let’s get married” to the elderly was clearly affected by childhood.

Larisa Guzeeva expressed her negative attitude towards the elderly, who ruined the lives of their children. The reason for such words, most likely, was the fact that the presenter still can not forgive the strict stepfather for a difficult childhood.

The heroine of one of the recent episodes of the television show “Let’s Get Married” was a girl named “deprived of her childhood”. The host of the program, Larisa, was imbued with the story of a participant whose parents suffered from alcoholism. The news that after all that happened the children again adopted their father in the family, Larisa was outraged. She quipped that she did not consider it necessary to respect people of mature age only for their old age. In her opinion, a person is not worthy of this, if he did all his life that he spoiled the life of his family. Such a reaction seems strange, and you involuntarily wonder: why did Guzeeva so dislike the heroine’s father?

The case, apparently, is in the difficult childhood of the TV presenter herself. Guzeeva never saw her father and was brought up by her stepfather. According to her, he was quite strict, so he did not allow her to dress and dress as she wanted. She did not like it, so the future TV star did everything exactly the opposite.

A difficult childhood undoubtedly influenced the views of the host and such words about the elderly, most likely, became the revenge of the offended stepdaughter. But to say something concrete without Larisa’s comments on this subject is probably not worth it yet. In any case, the 60-year-old Guzeeva has already seen a lot, and such an experience influenced her attitude to old age.


A study analyzes the evolution of children’s health during confinement in Spain




Last April 8 the magazine The Lancet published an article commenting on how the closing of schools is affecting the 80% of boys and girls around the world. For many of them, this means a lack of access to resources that they used to have through the educational system.

The closure of schools in Spain began a little over a month ago and a team of experts, led by the University of the Basque Country (UPV), foresaw that the situation could trigger a social crisis and inequality.

For this reason, they began a new study to analyze the conditions in which children live in the spanish homes in order to determine if confinement will worsen their health conditions, both physical like mintl, and if these variables will increase inequality among the smallest.

“The objective is to know the conditions in which the families are living in the confinement and how the health of the children may be affected,” he told SINC. Maite Morteruel, principal investigator of the work in the Research Group on Social Determinants of Health and Demographic Change (OPIK), from the UPV.

The objective is to know the conditions in which the families are living the confinement and how the health of the children can be affected

This team, which had the collaboration of Research Center on Occupational Health (from Pompeu Fabra University) and the organization Bidegintza, launched the investigation when the first containment rules were implemented because they were concerned that they would overlook a differentiation of groups with special needs, such as boys and girls, since, according to Morteruel, they are at an age of development and have specific requirements.

It is striking that the most worrying factor is the presence of smoke and then the lack of outside space, the lack of natural light is important, and a problem that can be thought to have already disappeared has a significant presence, the presence of humidity.
It is striking that the most worrying factor is the presence of smoke and then the lack of outside space, the lack of natural light is important, and a problem that can be thought to have already disappeared has a significant presence, the presence of humidity.

“Many experts are asking that they consider the needs of certain groups such as childhood and that, in case we have to return to a situation of confinement “in a next wave or future pandemic,” this is taken into account from the beginning, “says Morteruel.

For the researcher, the first measurements were homogeneous within a population in which there are different groups. “In countries like Germany or France these measures they are softer for boys and girls. Always controlled, they can go out with an adult for a while daily, near their home, to a free space, green, etc. or they can even relate to the same group of people throughout the confinement. In Spain this is not being the case, but we are putting the entire population in one bag, “says the public health expert.

Housing Conditions

Given this appreciation, the research group wanted to provide objective data. For this, they have collected a total of 11,500 surveys approximately answered by fathers and mothers with children between 3 and 12 years and they have already published some preliminary results.

Among them, there is a block that refers to the housing conditions. The results revealed that a 25.9% of the population has no outdoor space (balcony, terrace, garden, etc.) to go out to your home and a 31.5% of children suffered from tobacco smoke at home.

“We know that housing conditions and living habits are not the same in all households, but are worse in families with low lower socioeconomic. All these variables would have to be taken into account. when making decisions, to avoid collateral impacts. Because this is not just a health crisis, it is also a social crisis, “says the researcher.

Conditions Preliminary study results

On the other hand, a second block that analyzed life habits indicated that a quarter of the child population is more than 6 hours in front of the screens, 20.1% are not doing physical exercise and up to 72.1% do not eat enough vegetables.

In addition, the conclusions of the study showed that the conditions of the houses where they are developing the confinement are worse among the boys and girls of homes in which there is a greater economic difficulty to make ends meet.

Another striking issue is how families are concerned about the lack of consumption of vegetables, understanding that in these families they eat more balanced in schools.
Another striking issue is how families are concerned about the lack of consumption of vegetables, understanding that in these families they eat more balanced in schools.

«When we asked them if they perceived a negative impact on boys and girls, around a 50% perceived that emotional health and quality of life had worsened», Says Morteruel.

A multidisciplinary committee

Morteruel believes that in the next de-escalation decisions they should adapt to the needs of these groups. This was the case in Pedro Sánchez’s last statement on future measures. «From April 27, the Government of Spain will take relief measures for the lack of confidence of our little ones, so they can go out and enjoy those numerical improvements in the evolution of the pandemic


Naturally these exits are going to be limited as the experts indicate, epidemiologists, and subject to conditions to avoid contagions, “announced the president last Saturday, April 18.

“The measures have been endorsed by a highly technical committee in epidemiology and preventive medicine, but if this is a social crisis, other experts would have to be taken into account,” suggests the main researcher.

“I believe that the measures have been endorsed by a highly technical committee in terms of epidemiology and preventive medicine but, if this is a social crisis, other profiles, other experts or even listen would have to be taken into account to the population itself in decision-making», Proposes the main researcher of the study.

“All these economic and social measures aimed at alleviating the negative impact of this break should also take into account this Social inequality, trying to minimize it, to reduce a gap, because in this way we will be reducing social inequalities in health, which are avoidable, “says Morteruel.

To consult the entire study:


A pcima against boredom: a free portal by J.K. Rowling on Harry Potter

The writer launches a ‘web’ of content and games about her series of novels.

Still from ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ (2004).

J. K. Rowling has a plan to kill boredom among the homegrown juvenile hosts of the coronavirus. The British author has releasedHarry potter at home, a digital initiative to entertain children across the planet throughvideos, games, puzzles and knowledge testsabout the magic apprentice and sorceress universe. Almost all content is free.

Rowling’s idea, author of the seven books in the saga and one of the great fortunes of the United Kingdom, has had the support of publishers Bloomsbury and Scholastic, aWebwith articles forfirst-time readersand a few exercises to test the skills of those familiar with the book series.

“We are launchinga spell to banish boredom“A curious way of hanging out at home for children reads on the website.” We know that everyone is trying to stay safe at home right now and, with J.K. Rowling and our friends at Audible, Bloomsbury, OverDrive, Pottermore Publishing and Scholastic, we are delighted to introduce Harry Potter at home to help children, parents, caregivers and teachers adda touch of magicfrom Harry Potter to our new everyday life. “

In addition to the website, Audible and OverDrive have reached an agreement to give away the first book in the series,harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,during the month of April. The audiobook can be downloaded for free through the Audible platform -a company owned by Amazon-, while the ebook is available from the OverDrive library.

The intention of the British author is to continue to arouse curiosity about reading among children. “Harry potter at homeaims to inspire you, your family, your friends and especially children around the world to read for pleasure and enjoy stories, as well asbring a little joy and entertainment

That’s something Rowling has managed to do like no one else. Several generations of readers have devoured his books, smashing records as each installment was published. The last four were, at the time, lThe fastest selling books in history. The fifth part,The order of the Fnix, sold 11 million copies in 24 hours in the United States. Now, the closure due to the pandemic can serve as an excuse to reread them. ORto discover them for the first timein the International Children’s and Youth Book Day.

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