The hagia Sophia of Istanbul, the christians to express their concerns

In a press release published Thursday, June 18, the catholic bishops of Turkey have announced their decision not to challenge the plans to transform the great early christian basilica Istanbul mosque.

Not that they want to. But “although we wish that hagia Sophia retains its character as a museum, it is not for us to intervene or even give our opinion on a decision that concerns only the Republic of Turkey “, they pointed out, indicating to be a Church deprived of legal status and could not therefore “give no advice on the internal issues of this country “. For a long time, the christian minorities complain about being discriminated against in Turkey, where they are struggling to recruit their clergy and to obtain a building permit.

Decision on 2 July

This statement came after calls from the Turkish government for that hagia Sophia be converted into a mosque have attracted many international protests. A plan of conversion must be approved by the highest court of Turkey on 2 July.

The catholic bishops have reminded that the hagia Sophia, that the popes Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis have visited, is born as “a church in communion with Rome “but became orthodox after the schism of 1054 between the Churches of east and west. The building then served as a mosque for nearly five centuries after the ottoman of Constantinople, in 1453.

On the side of the orthodox, the Church of neighboring Greece, for its part, rejected the plan of conversion provided, recalling that the hagia Sophia is a “a masterpiece of architectural genius, the world recognized as one of the monuments of eminent of christian civilization “. “Any change will cause a sharp protest and frustration among the christians of the whole world, and will harm Turkey itself,”said the synod, June 12.

In a tweet on 13 June, the archbishop Sahak Masalyan, patriarch of Armenian orthodox of Constantinople, proposed to allow muslims and christians to pray in the hagia Sophia, which attracted 3.3 million visitors per year before the pandemic. He said that the two faiths could not afford “the luxury of a new argument of the cross and the crescent “.

→ UNDERSTAND. The history of hagia Sophia Istanbul

A few days earlier, the Russian orthodox Church had also called on Turkey to maintain ” open access to all “, warning that a change of status to Sainte-Sophie “violates the fragile balance of inter-confessional “.

Unesco, which has declared hagia Sophia a world heritage site in 1985, recalled that a change in the use of the monument would require an international consultation.

A claim recurring islamist milieus

Do so again in the hagia Sophia of Istanbul, a place of worship a muslim is a claim recurring environments islamist turks for almost twenty years. The argument most frequently invoked is the lack of legal value of decree of 1934, which made the monument a museum : it would never have been published in The official Journal and the signature of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk would be a fake.

In recent years, especially since the missed putsch of July 2016, the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has multiplied the bursts in Sainte-Sophie. In 2017, he had discussed the possibility of making a new mosque in response to the recognition by the president Trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This idea was again revived in the year 2019, his Party, the justice and development party (AKP) to appear in a very bad position for the municipal.

In may, he confirmed that he hoped to cancel the decree of Ataturk and reopen the monument to the muslim cult. And on 15 June, the minister of justice Abdulahmit Gül stated that it was“a question of sovereignty “ and that this decision reflected the “common wish “ of all the citizens.


Covid-19, ” The meaning of care, such as expertise, must be at the heart of our concerns “

The pandemic Covid was the terrible revealing of an inversion of values, in a world now more conscious of owning a well as look for the sense. Policies and experts have made Health which is the most sacred wealth, neglecting the values of freedom and happiness. Aristotle taught the path to the good life, Plato warned against the shadows misleading of the cave, Socrates was opposed to the delusions of the sophists : we are a long way away…

The elevation of the health value rank is not new. Michel Foucault describes the challenges of hygienics and biopower, with an injunction to great health and old age constantly pushed back (it is no longer an old man venerable, but a senior dynamics), until the refusal of the very idea of death. Behind the pace satisfactory holistic approach to the person, the state of complete well-being defined by the WHO is not less normative, forgetting that this well-being is judged in terms of highly personal, non-reducible to not to be evil.

Intensivist in a hospital of cancer, I’m not suspicious a priori miss the sake of saving lives. But faced with too much “chess techniques” and réanimations ” semi-successful “, offset by the recovery of the cancer, the question of the meaning of the care it appears to me that, more than any other, crucial : extend the life yes, but with what prospect for the person released from the artificial ventilation ? A learned nephrologist said recently on the air, that in the face of any patient, young or old, it does not arise the issue : the DNA of the doctor, sic, required it to him save the life. It is a bit short.

→ CHRONIC. Care, between meaning and recognition

The health crisis has revealed the scale occurred over recent decades in the society : the death has become a blind spot of thinking. It dies no more, you will die : death is a factor not included in the process of life. However, I still believe that there are things worse than dying : it is wrong to die, subjected to aggressive treatment and isolation ; it is wasting away in a nursing home away from his family (this woman was so sad not to see the friend seated by a door further would it not exchanged a few days of life from a little bit of humanity ?). Greek father of History, Herodotus considers that there is worse than to die old, is to die young :” In time of peace, the son destroy their fathers ; in war, fathers destroy their sons.

→ WORD : “A solitary confinement too strict is detrimental to the residents in long-term care facilities “

With the Covid, the totalitarianism of the health was held as dogma by the society as a whole. Not only the health annexed the place of fundamental values, but any thinking citizen, social, philosophical, was smothered in favour of a one-metre-standard : scientific expertise. And to ensure our motivation, we took recourse to war rhetoric : the caregiver became heroes, there was the front and second rows… beyond the confusion of genres (an epidemic is a crisis, not a war), how can we accept the absence of consideration, it was evil, cut, damage that could not fail to ensue, the enemy was designated, quasi-personified, this virus chinese, the death in his wake. Then, whatever it coststo arms citizens, experts, researchers…

→ INVESTIGATION. The cover of the end of life of the patients of the Covid mobilizes caregivers

The ethics of the virtues we learn the values that make ” a good life “. Our precious health (this is not an intensivist, who will deny the importance of), is that way to find happiness. It has been necessary to perform containment is strict no doubt ; arm emergency hospitals to accommodate the sick people was an ethical imperative ; limiting contact between families and patients has limited the epidemic ; provide the professional equipment to protect their own lives was crucial : in a dramatic situation, and proportionate response.

But let us not be fooled of the side-effects of measures a time, but a time only, as necessary : patients who have experienced stays terrifying to the hospital, deprived of a link ; some died and were buried in circumstances in which humanity had to be erased in front of the sanitary security ; the elderly have lived the drama of isolation in logis cramped (often mitigated by the solidarity of the neighborhood) or long-term care FACILITY crowded (where the solidarity of the neighbors, there could not be exercised) ; of people experiencing psychic precarious plunged into severe life-threatening depression ; patients have postponed their coming to the doctor, under the paradoxical demand to confine them, but… continue to heal ; the treatment of serious diseases has had to be suspended ; not to mention an economy to the judgment, which the future generations have not yet finished paying the debts. How not to reflect on the consequences, including health, a strategy based on the assumption of a single disease, to put it in perspective with, for example, the approximately 100 000 annual deaths and more cardiovascular diseases or cancers ?

→ INVESTIGATION. The young physicians test for the coronavirus

The usefulness of the living is not in the space of time, it is in use. Such has lived for a long time who has little lived. It depends on your desire, not the number of years that you have rather lived “writes Montaigne. May we never let this old lady separated from her neighboring room, to bury our dead on the street, leave our small businesses put the key under the door, in the name of a precautionary principle blind. It was necessary to protect them from the virus, avoid a tsunami even worse on the réanimations. But let us ask ourselves about the meaning of life, different for each of us, in response to the drought of the opinion of experts themselves disoriented.

In my hospital, I asked to the interns, young oncologists assigned to the ” sector Covid “, how they had lived the scientific uncertainty of these months atypical ; all told me that the lack of reliable data on the disease had nothing to confused, on the contrary : this blur academic had allowed them to get back to basics, to the clinical examination, the relationship of empathy with the sick, the value of the take care of. I am told that Paul Ricoeur and Emmanuel Levinas, philosophers of solicitude and hospitality, would have been quite proud.

Is this” the world after “? Hopefully.


Port goods that donate thousands of masks, gloves to health workers – NBC 7 San Diego

There are serious concerns among frontline health professionals
on the availability of masks, gloves, clothes and other personal protective equipment
equipment (PPE) on offer nationwide, but help is on the way to Sharp
Rees-Stealy medical center.

If gloves, masks and visors are weapons to fight
the war on the coronavirus, a San Diego nurse who says her PPE is now under lock and key
the key feels unarmed.

“It’s really frustrating because sometimes you wonder
there will be an N95 mask there, is there a visor? “Nurse
Shannon Cotton wondered.

Cotton and other nurses, doctors and EMT are taking the
coronavirus has reported help and local residents and businesses
they are answering their call. At the request of community members, Sharp Healthcare
is coordinating a PPE donation campaign.

“They want to help, especially when people are in this state of residence. They want to feel like they’re doing something, ”said Sharp spokesman John Cihomsky.

But healthcare professionals are receiving help from more than just a simple one
people at home.

The famous tool dealer Harbor Freight is donating all the gloves, masks and face shields to the shelves of its over 1,000 stores, and everything in its warehouse, to the cause.

“Right now we understand that the best thing we could do is
provide our frontline staff in hospitals, ”Harbor Freight
said spokesman Craig Hoffman.

The company has 45 million pairs of gloves, hundreds of thousands
of N95 masks and tens of thousands of visors to give.

Their generosity resonates with San Diego shoppers

“Rubber gloves were one of the things on our list and I saw the
sign up and think it’s really cool, “said customer Adam Prange.

Harbor Freight plans to begin shipping supplies within the week,
and Sharp’s donation unit officially starts on Wednesday at several drive-up drop-offs
sites. You don’t even have to get out of your car to donate.

Sharp will update these release sites here.

While it is appreciated, the use of homemade masks is, however
now prohibited.

Sharp is asking that if you are not feeling well, for the sake of volunteers, please send your donation with a friend.

Anyone looking to help supplies donated by Harbor Freight to where they are needed can contact the company.

Cihomsky said his hospitals have adequate supplies, but for
how long it has not been known.


More than 300 donate blood during the Fort Worth weekend event – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Over the weekend, Fort Worth and
residents of the surrounding area extended a Texas-sized hand by donating blood
in this moment of great need.

Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest tonk, hosted a 3-day blood drive. The activity is temporarily closed in the interest of public health as city leaders fight the spread of coronavirus.

According to Carter BloodCare, theirs
the team collected 316 blood units over the weekend.

“Thank you to the community for giving the gift of life at such an important time,” said Carter BloodCare spokeswoman Linda Goelzer.

Mayor Betsy Price allowed to open the doors for the special 3-day blood tour that used a room that allowed the recommended social spacing between donor beds and waiting areas.

“Concerns about COVID-19 and the
the closure of schools, universities and companies led to the cancellation of 4,000
blood drives across the country and a dramatic drop in blood donations, ”
Billy Bob said in a press release.


List of Chicago area schools closed due to exposure concerns – NBC Chicago

Many schools in the Chicago area were closed Thursday and several universities in Illinois took additional precautions regarding possible exposure to coronavirus. The schools involved include:

Northeastern University of Illinois

The university has announced that its spring break, which is expected to begin on March 16th, will now last another week, continuing until March 29th. During that time, the faculty “will develop alternative ways of delivering the course, as appropriate, to replace the face-to-face instructions.” The university said it has no plans to close, however.

Gary Comer College Prep Chicago Middle School

An email from the Head of Prep Middle School at Gary Comer College said he received notification last Wednesday that a staff member “was recently in the vicinity of a person who has since tested positive” for COVID-19.

The employee did not show any symptoms and did not test positive, the principal said, but as a precaution, lessons would be canceled on Friday and Saturday so that the building could be disinfected.

Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale and Hinsdale South High School in Darien

The family of a Hinsdale South student who “may have been exposed to COVID-19” was awaiting test results, according to a district message, according to which officials made the decision to close schools to give additional time. staff and families “plan accordingly”.

Dundee-Crown High School and Perry Elementary School in Carpentersville

The district was “contacted by the Kane County Health Department regarding a possible coronavirus case” on Wednesday at 11 am Wednesday, a note from District 300 Superintendent, announcing that both schools would be closed on Thursday and Friday.

“A student attending Dundee-Crown and his family was told to self-quarantine by the McHenry County Health Department while awaiting test results for another immediate family member. As a further precaution, the student and their family members were also screened for COVID-19 today. We expect to receive an update on Friday or Saturday test results. “

“It is important to note that the student is not showing signs or symptoms related to the virus. Instead, this is a precautionary measure intended to minimize the possibility of community spread. We also confirmed that the student did not participate in large gatherings or events. in the last few weeks. “

At least three schools in the Chicago area were closed Tuesday due to an increase in confirmed coronavirus cases. Sandra Torres reports.

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School in Chicago

A school student’s parent tested positive for coronavirus, the school said in a letter to parents on Tuesday. School officials said the Illinois Department of Public Health did not request closure, but the school would cancel all lessons and activities very carefully.

Bernard Zell officials clarified in the letter that no students or staff members were diagnosed with the virus and that they believed that the risk for students and teachers remained low, based on conversations with medical experts.

Vaughn Occupational High School in Chicago

Vaughn remains closed after a teacher’s assistant has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The patient, a Chicago woman in her fifties who was hospitalized under stable conditions, recently disembarked from the cruise ship Grand Princess in California, where 21 people on board tested positive for coronavirus, officials said on Friday.

Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves due to worries about coronavirus, but if you can’t find the substance in your local store, you can still make your own to help keep your hands clean until you can find it. Charlie Wojciechowski of NBC 5 explains how.

Loyola University in Chicago

Loyola University has said that it will suspend lectures and switch to online / distance learning from March 13 and continue until the end of the semester. The final exams will be “managed remotely”. In addition, residential students “should leave the campus as soon as possible and return home for the semester.” The halls of the residence will close by the end of Thursday.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is moving to distance learning for undergraduate and graduate programs for the entire spring quarter starting March 30th.

“Thorough preparations are underway under the guidance of Provost and we will provide detailed guidance over the next week on distance learning,” said the university. “The University is fully committed to supporting the education of all students during the Spring Quarter. The college, schools, divisions and departments will work closely with all undergraduate and graduate students to ensure that they continue to receive a transformative education. “

DePaul University of Chicago

The university issued a statement stating that no final exams will be scheduled for the Winter Quarter lessons on campus, that for the time being, all university-sponsored events are postponed or canceled until further notice and that “lessons will be held remotely during the Spring Quarter and the rest of the spring semester for the College of Law. Campuses will remain open to faculty and staff, and operations other than classroom lessons are expected to continue. Students living in residences should prepare not to return to the spring district. “

University of Illinois – all campuses

After the spring break, the university – with campuses in Chicago, Champaign and Springfield – has announced that it will suspend face-to-face lessons starting Monday, March 23. “Students should attend classes in person normally on Thursday, March 12 and Friday March 13,” the school said in a statement on Wednesday. “All international travel on university-sponsored activities for teachers, staff and students is prohibited from March 16th until further notice.”

Six additional coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Illinois, bringing the state total to 25, J.B. Pritzker Wednesday.

Northwestern University of Evanston

Northwestern schools operating with a quarter system prolong the spring break by a week, according to a statement released Wednesday.

“When lessons resume, starting April 4, they will be conducted remotely for at least three weeks,” reads the note. “Lessons that do not lend themselves to remote education will be addressed separately. University leaders will reassess the situation by April 17 and will then decide whether to continue remote teaching or return to education in person by April 27. We will provide further guidance on the transition to remote classes in the coming days. A website has been set up that outlines the essential teaching resources and will continue to be updated. “

Illinois State University in Normal

Illinois State University is extending the spring break for students until Monday March 23, the school president said. On March 23, the school will switch to online education at least April 12. The university housing has been closed and students have advised to go home until further notice. All non-essential university-sponsored travel was also suspended until further notice, with all study abroad programs canceled.

Adler University of Chicago

Adler University said Wednesday that a member of his Chicago campus was being tested for COVID-19 and is in solitary confinement.

“Out of great caution, the Chicago Campus was closed until test results are known,” the school said in a statement. “If the results turn negative, the campus will reopen and normal operations will resume. If the results turn positive, a thorough cleaning of the campus will take place. When our students, teachers and staff return, they will return to a well-prepared campus, clean and safe. “

In the meantime, lessons have been canceled until March 15th.

“By the end of the weekend, we will evaluate whether it is safe or not to return to campus. Otherwise, starting on Monday March 16, all lessons at the Chicago Campus will be conducted online. During the weekend, online lessons will continue as per usual and weekend residence classes will move to Zoom, “the school said.


Church of Fort Worth, offices closed for the week as positive presumptive chief pastor test for Coronavirus – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth closed its building and offices for the week after a member of their church leadership tested the supposed positive for COVID-19.

Robert Pace, 53, remains in hospital in solitary confinement, church leaders confirmed Wednesday. According to Rev. Janet Wagoner with the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, Pace has been part of the Fort Worth congregation since December.

“His spirit is strong. He is cheerful,
fun loving and deeply spiritual man who takes care of people like you don’t
to believe. People give it back, of course, “Rev. Wagoner told NBC 5.” I think our faith communities are uniquely equipped for
come around people and support people when this kind of thing happens and us
we are honored to have this type of role in our community where we have
networks and support systems. “

Pace is the first alleged positive case in Tarrant County. After initial discussions with public health officials this week, church officials said the rest of the congregation is not at risk.

According to the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, Pace
participated in the consortium of gifted episcopal parishes (CEEP) in its annual
conference in Louisville, Kentucky, February 19 to February 22.

In a letter posted on the church’s website, Pace said he started feeling bad around Ash on Wednesday night.

“The beginning of Lent for me was one for the record books. I
I “involuntarily” fasted for days and days, and I certainly did
I said intercessory prayers. All this because I had a virus
that some time has come around the evening of Ash Wednesday. With high fever, a
horrible, painful cough and a little nausea, this was humiliating. But I am
finally getting better, ”said the letter.

Katie Sherrod, communications director for the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, said she was informed by the public
Health officials that Pace’s presence at Ash Wednesday church services
the premises were not a concern, because it was then asymptomatic.

Pace tested negative for the flu twice a day after Ash Wednesday. The next time he was in church premises, on Wednesday, March 4, for a Lenten program.

“That particular night program, that is when he was here –
this is what Tarrant County public health focuses on, ”Church said
communications director Sarah Martinez. “Basically they just want to achieve
to the people who were at that event and what I was told is that they simply are
reach out and ask people to monitor their health. “

At NBC 5 all the hard surfaces in the Pace offices are told and the commonly touched surfaces were swept away after the March 4 event – along with the music stand, microphone, chair and piano bench. His exposure to anyone within a meter of him was also very limited, say church leaders.

Martinez told NBC 5 that no public health official was entrusted with the decision to cancel Sunday services this week. It was a decision by church leaders over an abundance of caution, he said.

Crews are already cleaning the church and offices day and night on alternate days. There is also a hand sanitizer available, along with many areas for hand washing.

“The public health people of Tarrant County were fantastic – they phoned me for a very long and detailed conversation, which put many worries at ease,” he said, referring to a Tuesday night conversation. “[They] they told me, there is no reason for any kind of deep cleaning, sanitizing of the church premises “.

The church
it was a polling place on Super Tuesday, particularly in its Parish Hall. On the
on election day, Pace had not been in the church building or office for
five days. Election officials provided tables, chairs and election materials
– not the church.

Next door
the church building is a nursery school, which is on vacation this week. Diocese
officials say that none of the children had any exposure to Pace.

Rev. Wagoner
says Pace’s wife, Rev. Dr. Jill Walters, tested negative for COVID-19, but
will remain in self-quarantine at home for 14 days. He encouraged people
who may know individuals currently isolated or self-quarantined to reach
via SMS or phone call, if possible, so they didn’t feel alone.

“This is a time when we really need the community and the information
and speaking of information, we really have to make sure we share it well
information including material from the public health department and the CDC “,
Wagoner said.

The Lenten program scheduled for Wednesday evening has been canceled.

To read the full version of the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth and the Trinity episcopal church of Fort Worth, click here.


Here are Connecticut schools closed or affected – NBC Connecticut

Some school districts and universities in Connecticut are changing their schedule of classes or activities due to worries about coronavirus. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is canceling all remaining games of the CIAC winter tournaments due to worries about the coronavirus.

Schools with impact on classes or activities

Region 14 School district

The Region 14 school district, which includes Bethlehem and Woodbury, is closing for the rest of the week after a student came in contact with someone who tested positive for the COVID-19 test, school officials announced Tuesday.

Officials said students and their family showed no signs of illness and self-monitored in their home for 14 days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The district decided to close all school buildings from 11 to 15 March to clean and disinfect in depth. There will be no activity during closing.

The closure will be treated in the same way as the snow days and the days will be made up at the end of the school year.

Region 14 is also postponing or canceling large events, including middle school and high school game tests, and canceling all field trips until further notice. Sports have also been canceled.

Wilcoxson elementary school in Stratford

The city of Stratford is closing a school for the rest of the week after a person connected to the school may have come into contact with the coronavirus.

Wilcoxson Elementary School will be closed until Friday, according to the mayor’s office.

The person did not confirm that he had coronavirus and the school was shut down due to an abundance of cautions to allow time for a thorough cleaning of the building, officials said. It is not clear what type of contact the individual had with the COVID-19 virus.

University of New Haven / UNH

The university suspends in-person lessons leading to spring break, as well as in-person lessons on March 23 and 24.

The athletic events from 9 to 24 March have been canceled.

The halls of the residence are closed from 17:00 on 10 March.

“While there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus, these decisions were made after learning that people on our campus may have been exposed to a confirmed case of the virus after attending an out of state conference. “statement on the university’s website said.

The university has a special website created here.

University of the Sacred Heart

As of March 10, Sacred Heart University has suspended classes in person and is now switching to online instruction starting March 11.

The residences and dining rooms will remain open and students are invited to stay on campus.

International university-sponsored travel and non-essential business travel have been canceled.

The school has created a special website here.

Schools open but with travel restrictions

University of Connecticut / UConn

All UConn campuses work in normal operations. Academic and work schedules have not changed.

UConn has suspended university-sponsored travel to high-risk countries, including China, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. The university asks anyone in the university community who has returned from a trip abroad in the past 14 days or who plans to travel outside the United States in the next three months to fill out a form.

“UConn has also suspended all national and international university-sponsored travel outside the state by faculty and staff until further notice,” according to the university’s website.

UConn has created a special website for the latest information on the coronavirus.

Central Connecticut State University / CCSU

Classes take place as scheduled on campus.

The school canceled all university-sponsored travel outside the state, including lectures and recruitment visits.

Students, faculty and staff are discouraged from personal travel outside the state, especially during the spring break. The school asks people traveling to check with the school before returning to campus. The CCSU requires members of the university community to complete a form prior to travel.

“There are currently no restrictions on employees or students returning to Connecticut from national or international travel (except for those areas designated by the CDC as Level 2 or Level 3), but be aware that they may change at any time”, according to the university website.

For more information, CCSU has created a special website for coronavirus information.

Yale university

Classes and catering activities continue as planned.

The university asked people to record all national and international trips and following the directions CDC and Yale Health.

Find the university’s special website here.


Five pairs of brother inventors and scientists who changed the world



Great inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla or Thomas Alba Edison patented most of his inventions alone. Few of the lucky ones have joined their talent with someone who shares their genetic code to change the world.

In the field of fiction the best known are, without a doubt, Phineas and Ferb, two fun and happening brothers who have Perry the platypus as a pet. These Disney characters design the craziest gadgets that range from a robot dog to an ice cream maker.

A twenty-six meter flight

In the field of non-fiction, the most famous inventor brothers in the whole History of Science are possibly Wilbur and Orville, two Americans named Wright.

These entrepreneurs founded a bicycle company – “Wrighte Cicle Co” – at the end of the nineteenth century. A short time later their fondness for flying artifacts led them to sketch one of the first prototypes of biplane gliders.

The Wright brothers, in an image from 1903, the same year they blew an airplane for the first time in history
The Wright brothers, in an image from 1903, the same year they blew an airplane for the first time in history

In 1903 they adapted an internal combustion engine to an airplane and, in the presence of four witnesses, the Wright brothers performed the first manned flight. That moment of glory was very brief, it only lasted a minute and they flew over a little over twenty-six meters.

The Spanish “W”

In our country there are two brothers who shine with their own light, they are Fausto and Juan José Elhuyar, the discoverers of tungsten or tungsten, the only chemical element isolated in Spain.

The deed took place in the town of Vergara, in the laboratories of the Seminary. After the discovery the discovery was cornered until during the Second World War the Germans proved that it was an excellent material for manufacture projectiles capable of crossing armored vehicles.

In recognition and remembrance of this discovery in one of Vergara’s roundabouts there is a metal sculpture with a schematic atom and a “W” – the symbol of the element.

The seventh art

The french Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier they have passed to the annals of science for inventing the first hot air balloon, known as the Mongolfiera. This gadget consisted basically of a huge globe made of linen and lined with leather with eleven meters in diameter.

In the neighboring country the Montgolfier share popularity with the Lumiere-Auguste and Louis-. Until March 28, 1895 the “arts” were six: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry and dance. That day, thanks to the restlessness of the Lumiere, the seventh flourished, the cinema.

In its beginnings the “big screen” witnessed everyday life, so the first films that saw the light were “The departure of the workers of the Lumiere factory in Lyon” and “The arrival of a train to the station.”

The Nobel of football

Denmark also has its scientific brothers, although it is true that they did not get to work together. The most famous Danish couple in the field of science are Niels and Herrald Bohr.

The first won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and collaborated with Albert Einstein on the Manhattan project. For his part, Harald focused his work on mathematical analysis and developed the famous Bohr-Landau theorem.

In addition to interest in science, the Bohr were great athletes. They combined talent and soccer skill, both played at AB Copenhagen. Niels under the sticks and Harald, with more skill, in the middle of the field. The small Bohr was the holder of the biggest win in history in an Olympic Games: 17-1 against France, in the semifinals.

M. Jara

Pedro Gargantilla is an internist at the Hospital de El Escorial (Madrid) and author of several popular books.


How is South Florida preparing for Coronavirus? – NBC 6 South Florida

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have raised concerns about a possible pandemic epidemic in the United States for coronavirus, which has infected over 800,000 people and killed at least 2,700 worldwide.

According to the agency, only 14 cases of illness have been confirmed in the United States, none of which were in Florida.

However, they are asking the public to prepare.

“We are asking the American public to work with us to prepare for the expectation that this will be negative,” a senior CDC official told reporters in a conference call.

So if the disease reaches South Florida, what do local officials expect to do?


The Florida Department of Health says health care providers are following the strict guidelines of the CDC.

Patients who have a fever, signs of “lower respiratory disease” and have traveled to China in the past two weeks should be tested for the disease. The CDC has specific test kits for coronavirus, but health officials were unable to confirm whether Florida was one of the few states that received them.

Patients diagnosed will be asked to wear a surgical mask and be evaluated in a private room.


Nearly 10 million international passengers arrive at Miami International Airport each year – 2.3 million via Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

MIA claims not to provide projections for coronavirus to anyone who does not come from China.

They say that Americans flying to the United States from China will be diverted to the following airports:

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Illinois
  • San Francisco International Airport (OFS), California
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Washington
  • Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), Hawaii
  • Los Angeles International Airport, (LAX), California
  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), Georgia
  • Dallas / Ft. Of value
  • Detroit
  • Washington Dulles
  • Newark

MIA is also among the 20 U.S. airports that are working with the CDC to strengthen travelers’ projections. The jurisdiction of MIA includes the Bahamas and Aruba, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.


Miami-Dade public school superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced the district plan if coronaviruses were detected in the area.

In order to reduce direct contact between students, the superintendent says that schools will benefit from digital or “tele-education” lessons.

However, electronic lessons are a last resort if a school is to be closed.

Education of the disease will increase for school reasons and electronic services will be installed that will connect school clinics with doctors for instant information.

Carvalho also said that if necessary, alternative layoff times will be implemented, increasing school cleaning cycles.

Florida International University has announced that it would restrict access to students and faculty while canceling study abroad programs to nations dealing with the medical crisis. All trips to Italy, Japan, Singapore and South Korea are limited.

At the same time, the school is asking anyone who has visited countries – as well as China, where thousands have died in the past few weeks from the virus – or have had contact with anyone who has visited to remain in quarantine for 14 days even if they they do not have any symptoms.

Miami-Dade public schools were forced to cancel two trips abroad, including one trip to Italy.

The University of Miami has also canceled overseas study programs in China amid concerns.

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