Even before the coronavirus epidemic, fewer traders worked on Wall Street

Jim Maguire was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange when the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed in 1987, when it passed 10,000 in 1999 and when it collapsed in 2008. But while Wall Street fell into its current crisis this month, Mr. Maguire observed market rotations from an office building in Red […]

Online gaming stands ready for casino closure

With casinos closed and many Americans confined to their homes, the online gambling industry is looking to expand in the United States An industry group, iDevelopment & Economic Association, is pushing states to allow online casino games to replace missing revenue from temporarily closed casinos, including exploring how governors can use large emergency powers to […]

Still traveling in the middle of the Coronavirus

Frequent flyers quickly became frequent hand washing machines. And despite everything, some are still cleaning their tray tables and still flying. International travel bans are in effect and warnings against non-essential travel are in place. Companies have issued edicts to scrape travel and cancellations of almost all events and meetings have left few trips in […]

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway stock has been underperforming since 2009

Warren Buffett sought to reassure investors of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s long-term future after a disappointing year for the conglomerate’s performance. 89-year-old Mr. Buffett, President and CEO of Berkshire, is known for his long-term success as a stock investor and agreement maker. But in recent years, Berkshire’s equity performance has failed to beat the market. Berkshire […]