Compiled a detailed map of the genome of the new coronavirus

MOSCOW, April 10 – RIA News. Korean microbiologists compiled the first gene map of the new coronavirus. It turned out that the SARS-CoV-2 genome contains many so-called subgenomic RNAs whose functions are not fully understood. But many scientists managed to find out. Research results published in the magazine Cell. Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the group […]

The doctor explained whether measles and chickenpox have immunity to COVID-19

MOSCOW, April 9 – RIA News. The immunologist, Ph.D. Alexei Popovich told in an interview with “Channel Five“whether people with measles or chickenpox have immunity to coronavirus. According to Popovich, the idea that people who have undergone these diseases are less likely to become infected with coronavirus do not have any underlying soil. The doctor […]

Created an artificial virus blocking coronavirus infections

2020-04-08T13: 09 + 0300 2020-04-08T14: 08 + 0300 Created an artificial virus blocking coronavirus infections RIA News RIA News MOSCOW, April 8 – RIA News. American scientists have created a virus in the laboratory that can be used as a vaccine against coronaviruses. So far, tests have been conducted on mice […]

Corona pandemic: recession gives the world an even bigger catastrophe

FAt least 80,000 people worldwide have died of Covid-19, the disease that is caused by the novel corona virus. That is the status of April 7th, and there will surely be many thousands more in the coming weeks, despite the radical measures that are in effect almost everywhere in the world. However, far more people […]

Barbara de Regil’s colleagues “mocked” by exercise videos

Exercise or not with Barbara de Regil in this quarantine it has already passed to second term. At this time of staying home for the Covid-19 coronavirus The actress has used her social networks to do live broadcasts by exercising and inviting her audience to activate every day. But more than following his routines, he […]

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have a family photo shoot

MOSCOW, April 8 – RIA News. Tallulah, the youngest daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore posted on instagram snapshot from a family photo shoot. Together with their parents, another director, Dillon Bass, and a dog, they are posing in the same green striped pajamas. Later, he also posted a similar photograph on Instagram […]

Coronavirus hits Jennifer Lpez and Alex Rodrguez after breaking quarantine

Jennifer LopezHe gave an interview to Ellen Degeneres and was surprised to announce that the coronavirus caused the suspension of her marriage to Alex Rodrguez. The Bronx diva It made headlines in recent days when she was seen with her fiancé leaving a gym in the midst of the quarantine. Related news Hours later it […]