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This Wednesday it was known from the voice of the local health authorities that a volunteer participating in the clinical trials of the covid-19 vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford died in Brazil.

(In context: They report death of a Brazilian volunteer of Oxford vaccine for covid)

It’s about the first death reported in the various vaccine trials against the coronavirus that are carried out throughout the world and for now it has not officially transpired whether the man received the vaccine or the placebo that is used in this type of research.

However, study organizers said an independent review concluded that there are no safety concerns and that testing of the vaccine would continue.

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“All major medical incidents, whether the participants are in the control group or the covid-19 vaccine group, are reviewed independently. After careful evaluation of this case in Brazil, there have been no concerns about the safety of the clinical trial and the independent review coupled with the Brazilian regulatory agency recommended that the study should continue, ”said the University of Oxford in a statement.

According to the local press, the volunteer was a 28-year-old doctor who worked on the front lines of the pandemic and who died of complications from covid-19. The Brazilian health surveillance agency, Anvisa, confirmed that it was “formally notified of the case on October 19.”

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Following an evaluation of this case, there have been no concerns about the safety of the clinical trial.

He D’Or Institute for Teaching and Research (IDOR), which is helping organize the trials in Brazil, said the independent review process “raised no doubts about the safety of the study and recommended that it continue.”

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Oxford Y AstraZeneca they had to suspend trials of the vaccine in September, when a volunteer in the UK developed a “potentially unexplained illness”. The trials were resumed after British regulators and an independent safety review concluded that the disease was not a side effect of the vaccine.

Half of the 8,000 volunteers who have so far participated in the clinical trial in Brazil received placebo, IDOR said.

Study participants must be doctors, nurses, or other healthcare workers who are in regular contact with the virus.

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The Brazilian newspaper O Globo said that the deceased volunteer was a young doctor who had been treating covid-19 patients since March in emergency rooms and the intensive care units of two hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. He graduated from medical school last year and was in good health before contracting the disease, family and friends told the newspaper.



Covid Lombardia, restaurateurs protest: ‘Curfew at 11pm and death’

About fifty restaurateurs in the afternoon met under the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia to ask the policy to meet the sector, guarantee employment and not allow the business to fail

“The curfew at 11 pm it is death. “This was claimed by about fifty Lombard restaurateurs who met in the afternoon under the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia to ask the policy to meet the sector, guarantee employment and not allow the business to fail during the ‘Coronavirus emergency (ALL UPDATES LIVECONTACT MAPS AND GRAPHSTHE SITUATION IN LOMBARDY IT’S AT MILANO).

One of the protesters was fined during the sit-in on May 6

Among the demonstrators there is also Paolo Polli, one of the demonstrators fined during the sit-in on May 6 at the Arco della Pace. Thursday evening at 11 pm, when the curfew should take place, he intends to go and protest with other colleagues at Palazzo Marino and in the Lombardy Region. “Closing at 11pm and not at midnight makes no sense – declares Polli – it’s just a way not to reimburse restaurateurs, while they should patrol and control the nightlife, letting the economy go on”.

On 22 October protest in San Babila

Alfredo Zini of the Al Tronco restaurant, coordinator of other events in the sector, instead made an appointment on Thursday 22 October at 11.30 in Piazza San Babila, explaining that “if an ordinance is issued that prohibits going out, it is impossible for us to demonstrate at 23 “. Zini, together with his colleagues, presented the requests of the sector to the regional councilor Gianmarco Senna of the Lega, who reached the demonstrators under Palazzo Lombardia explaining that it is time to “reconcile the economic and health situations”.

“The curfew at 11pm – says Zini – is devastating, at 10pm we will have to send the customers away, essentially losing the 9.30pm shift, with a further reduction in turnover. Already with the last Dpcm a flurry of cancellations arrived, not we can put a family of eight living together at two different tables and now we fear that the curfew at 11pm has an additional psychological deterrent effect “.


Alarm around Pope Francis for a positive case in Santa Marta

“The patient, currently asymptomatic, was placed in isolation, as were those who came into direct contact with him, and he temporarily left Casa Santa Marta, where

habitually resides “, reported this Saturday the director of the Vatican press office, Matteo Bruni.

“In recent days, the three positive cases among residents and citizens of the Vatican City State have been cured”, he detailed.

“Meanwhile, another case of positivity to Covid-19 has been identified among residents of the state, to which must be added the positives found among the Swiss Guard,” the custody body of the Holy See, Bruni added.

At the Pope’s residence, the spokesperson stressed, “The provisions dictated by the Holy See and the Vatican City State Government continue to be complied with, and the health of all the inhabitants of the Domus is constantly monitored.”

Covid-19 cases in the Pontifical Swiss Guard amount to 11, according to official reports.

“After the verifications carried out last days, seven positives came to light,” in addition to another four that had already been registered, the military body in charge of the security of the Pope and the Holy See pointed out on Thursday.

“Immediately the isolation of the positive cases was ordered and appropriate further controls are being proceeded,” said the source, also specifying that “the most useful measures were adopted, also in terms of planning of the Guard services to exclude any type of risks of contagion in places where the Pontifical Swiss Guard serves.


Despite the Covid and the withdrawals, the Z Event is maintained

Update 12h00:

The streamer MisterMV, of which a member of the entourage is virus positive, has also announced his withdrawal from the event.

Article original:

Planned October 16, 17 and 18, 2020, the 50 hours of live streaming for Amnesty International will be maintained. The organizer and creator of the French event, Zerator, announced on his Twitter last night that the Z Event 2020 would still take place despite some calls for cancellation, and some withdrawals.

An announcement while for a few days, the flagship streamers of the event follow one another to announce their withdrawals, one after the other, following Covid-19 tests.

Doigby announced to withdraw “following the situation which becomes more and more alarming in France”. Squeezie has meanwhile mentioned several contact cases, and cancels his visit pending the results of his test.

And Kameto announced that he had passed his test and was negative, Locklear and Mickalow preferred not to take any risk and cancel their participations.

All 3 were alongside Doigby and Squeezie at an event on NRJ with Flober a few days ago. Squeezie regretted not having worn a mask around and during this gathering, despite the risks.

In the end, despite these withdrawals from the fifty or so participating streamers, the event was therefore maintained last night. We should always count on Alphacast, Jeel, Xari, Sardoche, Kenny, DominGo or even Fred from JDG.

This event should be very special, with very restrictive measures. Participants will be confined for 50 hours in a healthy bubble at the hotel, and no participant will be able to enter without having shown a negative test and having submitted to the control measures.

Despite the disclaimers, Zerator was confident:

The first “Avengers” event gathered 16 people. You can imagine that having 45 streamers motivated for this cause motivates us just as much. (…) From the first euro, it is a success. Going over large amounts is always positive, but that is not the point.

And you, do you understand this decision to maintain the event despite the current situation and the president’s announcements last night, instituted a curfew in several large metropolitan areas in France?

NB: As for the Wankil Corp, still not invited, the withdrawal is also in order.


Covid and school, the data from the Ministry of Education on the infected

The data emerge from a monitoring conducted, up to 10 October, by the Ministry of Education with the collaboration of school managers. The teachers who tested positive are 1,020 (0.133% of the total), while among the non-teaching staff there are 283 cases (0.139% of the total)

0.080% of students have been infected with coronavirus since schools reopened (COVID, LIVE UPDATESSPECIAL). This was announced by the Ministry of Education which conducted a monitoring, until 10 October, with the collaboration of school managers. The data was shared with the Higher Institute of Health. The pupils who tested positive for Sars-Cov2 are 5,793, while the teachers are 1,020 (0.133% of the total), while among the non-teaching staff there are 283 cases (0.139% of the total).

Brusaferro (Iss): “Transmission to school is limited”


Coronavirus, the situation in Italy: charts and maps

“Today’s data confirm that the transmission of the virus at school is limited compared to that which occurs in the community, so it is even more important to monitor and respect the rules even outside the school world”, wrote the president of the Istituto Superiore di Healthcare (Iss), Silvio Brusaferro su Twitter.

Azzolina: “Infections do not happen in schools”

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Covid, schools closed region by region

“The kids are happy to be back at school. And they have to stay there”, he said in recent days the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina. The minister, speaking of the increasing infections throughout the country, underlined: “The numbers and analyzes of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità confirm that infections do not occur inside schools. Attention must instead be directed outside, to activities extracurricular, as we have been saying for some time “.

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Coronavirus, the new CTS rules for quarantine and fiduciary isolation

The Technical Scientific Committee, “in line with international guidelines and adopting the principle of maximum caution”, redefined the rules to be respected to avoid contagion. For positives, it may take 10 days and a single negative swab to end the quarantine period. Close on gatherings and the use of masks


Coronavirus, the effects of the emergency on the incomes of Italians: -1,250 euros per family


Covid Mondo, today’s cases and deaths in the most affected countries

According to the WHO, the new infections in the world have been over 316 thousand. According to data updated as of September 26, the country that recorded the greatest daily increase is still India (over 85 thousand new cases). Followed by the United States (41 thousand) and Brazil (32 thousand). France is in fourth place, Spain in sixth, the United Kingdom in ninth. Argentina, Russia, Colombia and Israel are also of concern