the data of the Ministry of Health

Total deaths are 34,744. The number of positives since the beginning of the epidemic, including dead and recovered, has increased by 126. 96 ICU patients have been hospitalized, 2 fewer than yesterday. In the last 24 hours 305 people have recovered, in total they are 189,196. On the last day 27,218 swabs were performed

In Italy, the total number of people tested positive for coronavirus, including healed and deceased, is 240,436. The victims, in total, are 34,744, with 6 deaths in the last 24 hours (yesterday 22). The death toll is the lowest since the outbreak. The total of the positives, including dead and recovered, recorded an increase of 126 cases (174 yesterday), of which 78 in Lombardy and 16 in Emilia-Romagna. Only four regions register new victims in the last 24 hours: Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. In the remaining 16 there were no other deaths. In eight regions, however, there were no new positives: Marche, Puglia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta, Calabria and Molise, as well as in the autonomous Province of Trento. This is reported by the data of the daily bulletin released by the Ministry of Health (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL).

Heal and tampons


Coronavirus, the situation in Italy: graphs and maps

305 people recovered in the last 24 hours for a total of 189,196. 96 ICU patients are hospitalized, i.e. 2 fewer than yesterday. There are 1,120 people hospitalized with symptoms (-40). Instead, 15,280 people are in house isolation (-143). Tampons are 5,341,837 so far, up 27,218 compared to yesterday. The cases tested so far are 3,235,504, net of how many swabs they have made.

The data region by region


Coronavirus, from the first case to the infections: the stages. PHOTO

In detail, according to data released by the Ministry of Health, the currently positive people are:

10,823 in Lombardy
1,490 in Piedmont
1,032 in Emilia-Romagna
462 in Veneto
327 in Tuscany
277 in Liguria
840 in Lazio
274 in the Marche
53 in the autonomous province of Trento
162 in Campania
145 in Puglia
36 in Friuli Venezia Giulia
282 in Abruzzo
127 in Sicily
85 in the autonomous province of Bolzano
9 in Umbria
14 in Sardinia
3 in the Aosta Valley
26 in Calabria
26 in Molise
3 in Basilicata.

The victims

As for the victims, the following are recorded:

16,640 in Lombardy
4,087 in Piedmont
4,255 in Emilia-Romagna
2,008 in Veneto
1,104 in Tuscany
1,558 in Liguria
837 in Lazio
991 in the Marche
405 in the autonomous province of Trento
431 in Campania
543 in Puglia
345 in Friuli Venezia Giulia
462 in Abruzzo
281 in Sicily
292 in the autonomous province of Bolzano
80 in Umbria
132 in Sardinia
146 in the Aosta Valley
97 in Calabria
23 in Molise
27 in Basilicata.


Coronavirus, who are the characters who ask for a free vaccine with an appeal. PHOTO

Coronavirus, live updates


Coronavirus, who are the characters who ask for a free vaccine with an appeal. PHOTO

Coronavirus, live updates


Coronavirus, who are the characters who ask for a free vaccine with an appeal. PHOTO

Coronavirus, live updates


School, Azzolina: ‘Safe return, entrance fees for age groups and new single desks’

The Minister of Education returns to the plan for the next school year: “We will ensure the distancing by recovering spaces in the institutes, identifying new premises outside the schools and guaranteeing more teachers and staff”. And on the masks over 6 years: “We will re-evaluate in mid-August”

“The staggered entrances are to avoid overcrowding not only in front of the schools, but also on the means of transport. We will organize ourselves trying to avoid inconveniences as much as possible and by working for age groups”. In an interview with Messaggero, Education Minister Lucia Azzolina returns to school plans for the next school year, which will start on 14 September, after the long stop in the classroom for coronavirus (LIVE UPDATES – SPECIAL) . “There are three things to do to ensure the distance and we will do it: improve and recover space inside the institutes, identify new premises outside the school, have more teachers and ATA staff”, notes Azzolina. The minister also focuses on the spaces, which are fundamental to guarantee safety: “The new generation single desks earn meters and guarantee teaching innovation. I believe they will be the priority of intervention for many institutes”, continues the minister. “The extraordinary commissioner for emergencies will help us with the purchase and distribution.”

“Mask over 6 years old? We will re-evaluate in mid-August “


School Plan 2020-21, the guidelines for returning in September

Azzolina then stresses that “we will put school-to-school solutions into practice together with the regional tables that have already started.” As for the restart, “the first of September the institutes will already be open to teach those who have remained behind and those who want enhance learning. Then the official start of lessons on the 14th. ” As for the possible obligation of the mask for those over 6 years old, “the Ministry of Health has already said that it will re-evaluate the measure in the second half of August”, reiterates the owner of the instruction. On digital teaching, “it will have a regulatory framework, we will define a standard,” says Azzolina. “School directors and teachers will be able to use it in a complementary way. But let’s just talk about second grade secondary schools. ”


Portuguese military man infected with coronavirus in the Central African Republic. 37 paratroopers in quarantine – Africa

Two Portuguese military personnel, seconded to the Central African Republic, are infected with coronavirus.

According to what the CM he found out, one of the soldiers is on duty at MINUSCA Headquarters and the other belongs to the Rapid Reaction Force.

They are both isolated and asymptomatic. One of the soldiers is at home and the other at the QRF Base in Bangui.

There are 37 military personnel from the QRF who are undergoing prophylactic quarantine at the base of the Rapid Reaction Force for having been in contact with one of the infected military personnel.


Covid 19 data today 28 June

So the bulletin: “Of these 44 are positive for the Sars-Cov-2 research buffer, 52 under investigation. Three patients need intensive care”

At Spallanzani in Rome, “96 patients are hospitalized at the moment. Of these 44 are positive for the Sars-Cov-2 research buffer, 52 under investigation. Three patients need intensive care”, says the bulletin. (ALL UPDATES)

17:49 – Rays: “Between Friday and Saturday over 4000 checks”

“Respect for the rules is fundamental especially now that we have gone through the most critical phase of the emergency. This is why we must continue to be responsible and not let our guard down. This weekend too, the Local Police oversaw the nightlife areas: between Friday and on Saturday evening over 4 thousand checks were carried out to ensure compliance with the rules and correct distancing “. So on Facebook the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. “The police investigations continued until late at night with fixed garrisons in the main meeting places to avoid gatherings – he adds – There have been more than 70 penalties for the sale and consumption of alcohol beyond the time allowed in the main squares. to ensure proper respect for distances, the agents temporarily closed some more crowded areas for transit. Timely interventions to limit crowds as much as possible. To protect road safety, the agents detected around 600 offenses, with over seventy vehicles removed for irregular parking and carried out numerous checks to combat dangerous driving behavior. In the Eur area, the mayor points out – there have been over 50 violations ascertained under the Highway Code. I want to address the young people once again: we respect the rules, we are responsible. We must not frustrate what has been done so far. We remain united in facing this emergence nce “.

17:31 – In Lazio 841 positive, 6418 so far discharged

There are 841 positive current cases of Covid 19 in Lazio. Of these 641 are in home isolation, 187 are hospitalized not in intensive care, 13 are hospitalized in intensive care. This is what emerges from the data of the Region. 837 died and 6418 healed.

15:22 – D’Amato: “Fiumicino outbreak under control”

“Today we record a figure of 14 positive cases and zero deaths. In Rome city there are 6 new cases. In the ASL Roma 3 the outbreak in Fiumicino is under control”. So the regional councilor for Health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato. “At the moment they are not positive between the customers of the two catering businesses – added the councilor -. Over 1,100 swabs were made at the drive-in in Casal Bernocchi for the epidemiological investigation and I want to thank the operators for the extraordinary work done in the last few 48 hours. “

“In ASL Roma 1 – continued D’Amato – there are two positive cases relating to two homeless people intercepted in the emergency room of San Giovanni and Santo Spirito. In ASL Roma 2 a positive case of return from Pakistan. International contact tracing procedures have been activated. In the ASL Roma 6 there are 7 new positive cases, all of which refer to a family cluster already known for two other cases that can be considered limited to the close family context between Anzio and Ardea. The epidemiological investigation is underway and contact tracing “.

13:36 – The positives linked to the Fiumicino bistro stop at 8

More than 1100 swabs performed to date by the Casal Bernocchi drive-in on people connected to the case of the employee of the Fiumicino bistro tested positive for coronavirus. The positives in all remain eight. This was announced by the mayor Esterino Montino. “For a few hours, between this night and this morning, it was thought that the number could rise to 10 – explains the mayor – because on the first test performed on two people, the device that analyzes them had given” possible positive “results. that point, as per protocol, the two people, other members of Indispensa staff, underwent two additional verification swabs for each. Both of these new tests gave negative results. So, currently, out of 1100 swabs performed – he continues Montino – 8 positive people remain “. “The drive-in at Casal Bernocchi has been working continuously for 48 hours, night and day – the mayor underlines again – This morning at 5 there were 32 machines lined up for the tampon. A very serious, widespread and tireless work for the which I would like to thank, on behalf of the whole city, the operators and operators of Asl RM3, the extraordinary commissioner Dr. Quintavalle and the health director Dr. Amato. And it is thanks to the timely and immediate intervention of the Councilor for Health of the Region, Alessio d’Amato, in coordination with the Municipality if we have been able to contain the possible outbreak by preventing the infection from spreading like wildfire. The Municipality is in constant contact with the Regional Councilorship and Asl RM3 to monitor the In the meantime, the ASL drive-in remains open even today until 8 pm and, in any case, until all the people present are swabbed. I reiterate the appeal to the managers of the premises and reception facilities of all kinds, to keep the register of customers meticulously to facilitate effective and immediate intervention in such cases “.

13:04 – Fiumicino, closed local owners: “Respect the protocols”

On the case of the positive employee at Covid-19, at the “dispensa” bistrot in Fiumicino, the owners of the business closed by the ASL intervene who, through their lawyer, make it known that “they have respected all the protocols. of the daily register of employee temperatures and customer attendance – said a note from the law firm – made available to the health authorities with over 700 references for contact tracing in the period under review. The problem would instead seem to be linked to an inadequate control, isolation policy and quarantine of citizens coming by plane from Bangladesh. After a first Coronavirus positive traveler, another symptomatic traveler would have been placed in voluntary isolation in a home with other Bangladesh fellow citizens, among whom the dishwasher was tested positive “, he continues the lawyer Massimiliano Gabrielli who is following the case on behalf of the ge local stories. “If from the checks we are carrying out, it is confirmed that a person at risk has been left free to stay in contact with other people who continued to leave the house and work, bringing the infection to the home of the restaurant owners and their family members, we will ask for the very serious responsibility for what happened “. Then: “It is good to specify that the managers had immediately stopped as a precaution also the” Spuma “kiosk which they manage on the Fiumicino seafront, thoroughly sanitizing and reclaiming both premises, resulting in the contagions limited to the two owners of the venue, to the dishwasher of Bangladesh and another employee of the bistrot “dispensa”, not in contact with customers, which in fact, swabs made by the ASL, have so far been all negative “.

12:40 – Crisis Unit: “Seven cases per family cluster”

“In the ASL Roma 6 today there are 7 new positive cases all referable to a family cluster already known for two other cases that can be considered limited to the close family context between Anzio and Ardea”. This was communicated by the Covid 19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region. The Regional Crisis Unit adds that “epidemiological investigation and contact tracing is underway”.

11:55 – Virginia Raggi: “Schools open for children and young people at the start”

“The Schools open in summer project has started to open the doors of inclusive schools in the city to children and adolescents, with activities and workshops, during the holidays”. So on Facebook the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. “The project – he explains – provides for the involvement, based on the possibilities of the schools, not only of the pupils of the participating institutions, but also of those of the area. We strongly wanted it, to offer children and young people more and more opportunities to regain sociality , in complete safety, also helping to help working parents. An action that reinforces the opportunities put in place for the younger ones, after the opening of the Casina di Raffaello as a summer center dedicated to art and creativity and the allocation of funds of about six million euros, for the benefit of the Municipalities, to support the creation of summer camps all over the territory “.

11:26 – Lo Spallanzani: “96 hospitalized, 492 so far discharged”

At the Spallanzani in Rome, 96 patients are hospitalized at the moment. Of these 44 are positive for the Sars-Cov-2 research buffer, 52 underwent investigations. Three patients need intensive care. Patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures are 492 “. This is what emerges from the medical bulletin of the Institute.

10:35 – More checks for SS. Pietro and Paolo on the Fiumicino coast

Checks will be intensified on the Fiumicino coast, on the occasion of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, when traditionally a large influx of Romans is expected towards the beaches of Isola Sacra, Focene, Fregene, Maccarese and Passoscuro and in the dozens of activities of catering. As of today, 10 local police patrols have been on the field as part of an inter-force device. The attendance of volunteers also increased, as they oversee access to 11 kilometers of free beaches, out of a total of 24.

9:59 – Closed bar in Rome, didn’t respect Covid rules

A bar in Piazza Bologna was closed yesterday evening during checks aimed at compliance with the regulations for the epidemiological spread of the Covid-19 virus by the police. During the verification, the agents identified the manager of the room and an employee, results which were not in compliance with the planned training on prevention measures and lacked the suitable body temperature meter. Once the investigations were completed, the precautionary suspension of the activity was ordered for two days in order to allow the restoration of the appropriate preventive measures envisaged.

8:23 – Crisis unit: “800 swabs per Fiumicino cluster”

“Over 800 pads have already been made at the drive-in of the ASL Roma 3 in Casal Bernocchi which has been strengthened with the contribution of the USCA-R mobile units. We will continue uninterruptedly today also to trace and test all the contacts that they have had to deal with the two catering establishments in Fiumicino which have been closed “. This was communicated by the Covid-19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region. “The epidemiological investigation will also be extended to the Bangladesh Embassy in Rome where the employee now hospitalized at Spallanzani went for administrative reasons on 22 June,” concludes the Regional Crisis Unit.


Coronavirus outbreak in Swiss nightclub leaves 300 people quarantined – World

An outbreak of coronavirus in a nightclub in Zurich, Switzerland, forced 300 people to be quarantined, due to the extremely rapid way in which the infection spread to people.

After six men tested positive for covid-19 days after being at the Swiss Flamingo Club on June 21, the 300 people who shared the space with them that night will be confined, as decided by the country’s health authorities.

The information, advanced by the agency Reuters, realizes that that night club was open, like others in Europe, but that the stay in the space was made with some restrictions.

In collaboration with those responsible for the space, the health authorities were able to contact all the actors at that party, including the disco staff. They are all in mandatory 10-day quarantine and are testing covid-19.

“Depending on the evolution and impact of this outbreak, we can admit to shutting down all clubs,” said health officials.


Find out what are the three new symptoms of coronavirus that can appear up to two weeks after infection.

Information was advanced by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are three new symptoms identified by Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States to join the official list.

According to this health authority, a runny or runny nose, nausea and diarrhea can be symptoms of the infection and appear between two to 14 days after exposure to the virus.

These are added to the list of possible symptoms such as cough, fever, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, loss of taste, smell and sore throat.

According to Miriam Stoppard, english doctor do Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, diarrhea can be a common symptom as well as other gastrointestinal problems.


‘Schools open and safe’, demonstrations and protests all over Italy. PHOTOS

From Florence to Rome, from Genoa to Turin, from Milan to Naples have carried out the sit-in at the same time to give life to a “national event”, organized by the committee “Priority School” in the 60 squares, at a distance of little more than a month from the previous mobilization. “Thousands of people all over Italy have participated in the mobilization, – said the Committee – to demand dignity for the public school and the government Count to engage seriously on the reopening of the schools”